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Every fall we begin our watercolor classes with a portrait class.

Ruth Karau

Ruth Karau

Dianna Burt3

Dianna Burt3

We painted people portraiture.

Beth Akey5

Beth Akey5

Cindy Guzik

Cindy Guzik

We painted animal portraits.

Marilyn Bultemeier

Marilyn Bultemeier

Janet Heffley

Janet Heffley

We grunged backgrounds and painted portraits right on that grunged paper.

Discussions included facial features, skin tones and color theory, composition as it relates to portraiture, and two ways to approach a portrait in watercolor.

If you would like to see all the examples of portraits painted by these artists click here or scroll to the top of the blog and click on the page labeled Student Art: Watercolor Portrait 2016.

Thank you to all my students who share their work here!


  1. All are very beautiful! Fell in love with Marilyns work!

  2. Your students are doing splendidly Leslie.

  3. Terrific stuff! Especially love the animals! But that is probably a personal bias. 😀

  4. These are really wonderful. Everyone has their own approach and style. The paintings are such fun to see.

    • I love working with these artists. They all know what it means to put themselves into their paintings. I thank you for noticing that, Linda.

  5. These are wonderful Leslie! A credit to your teaching skills!!

    • Some of us have been together for so long that it feels like we are growing together. I may be the impetus or offer the inspiration in the beginning but it is truly the group that, together, that does the work. I am very lucky. Thank you, Isabelle!

  6. Oh good! It’s that time again when you show us the work done by the students in your class. Each and every one of them have done fantastic paintings. It must be great fun working with such a talented bunch of people.

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