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Sorry for my long absence. I will slowly be getting back to visiting all of you and hope to post more frequently.

The above two paintings were done by using the gouache resist technique that I have outlined for anyone to try by clicking here. I have always enjoyed this process, even though it is lengthy. I like the rustic block print-like look to them. Some of them, I have liked in the black and white stage and choose to not color them in with watercolor.


Another painting I worked on was one that I combined waterproof black ink and watercolor to create. I initially splattered the surface of the watercolor paper with white acrylic gesso and waterproof black ink ( I use india ink). I then drew out my composition and used two separate techniques to lay in the inking. I drew and scraped in the mane on the foreground black and blue horse with a razor blade. I also drew some of the fine lines on the background horses with the tip of the razor blade. The larger black inked lines were drawn with an eye dropper and spritzed with a fine mist from a spray bottle.


The last painting I completed was a self portrait of me with my new rescue dog. This is painted with watercolor, first. Then I added numerous paper collage. The dog is mostly rice paper and watercolor.  The dark creases in my sweater and the bit of blouse under my chin are citrasolv collage papers.

Again, I apologize for my long absence and will be around to play catch up and see what you all have been working on.



  1. Lovely paintings Leslie, I especially like the self portrait with your rescue dog, he’s (she’s?) gorgeous!

    • Thank you, Stephanie. My rescue dog is a he. He is a lhaso apso who was found starving, mostly blind and deaf, on the side of the road last February. The rescue organization that I adopted him from nursed him back to health and I adopted him in May of this year. He is considered a senior dog and is a wonderful companion.

  2. Welcome back Leslie! You have been very busy during your absence. Wonderful artwork and your rescue dog is a sweetie.

    • Hi Susan. Thank you for this comment. I am on my way to your site to catch up on what I have missed.

      • Thank you Leslie. I kept you busy for awhile looking at my site and everything I have been doing. Thanks for taking the time.

  3. Hi Leslie, so glad you’re back and hope you had a nice summer. Love all your paintings. I, too, love the gouache resist but unlike you don’t have the patience to try it. 🙂

    Your turtles and horses are wonderful and I love the dreamy quality of the carousel horses. Love the portrait of you and your new doggie.

    • Thank you, Carol. I know. The gouache resist is time consuming. Usually, when I do them, I have another watercolor I am working on at the same time and go back and forth so I can work on something while the stages are drying.
      I like seeing what you are doing in your oil painting class!

  4. Wonderful to see you again Leslie, you art has been missed. Beautiful paintings – love the turtles and horse, colorful and filled with life. But you and your rescue dog, well that just touched my heart.

  5. Each painting is individually stunning – mixed media at its best! Your varied marks used with the ink, together with the watercolour on the carousel are my particular favorite. Ah! Your little senior rescue dog looks so, so cute – poor little mite, he’svery fortunate to have found you…what have you named him?

    • Thank you, June. I named him “Teddy” because he is super soft and has feet that look just like those big, soft teddy bears for children.

  6. Wonderful work, Leslie. I especially like the turtles. I have a “pet” box turtle I see every year. Spring has arrived when I see him in my flowerbeds. We have kind of gotten to know one another over the years and he no longer hides if i walk past. He still doesn’t like me to pick him up to move him if I want his photo, but now he comes right back out when I put him down.

    The carousel horses are delightful. And congratulations on the new dog. We got something new just under 2 weeks ago – but it was our first grandchild!! A lovely baby boy.

    • I remember your box turtle! When you first spoke of him, it brought back memories of the one my Grandmother had in her yard and garden in Wilmette, Illinois years ago.
      Congratulations on your first grandbaby! I so enjoy mine and they all visit and stay with me and we have great times together, especially now that they are older and we can do so many activities.
      Thank you for your comments on my work!

  7. Looking forward to trying this technique, appreciate the tutorial. I recently completed a portrait of our dear rescue Scottie. It was my first dog painting and it was fun bringing her back to life on paper.

    • Was he or she named Murphy? I really liked the soft pastel colors you chose for that portrait and the one you did of a lama in your watercolor gallery. Thank you for your comment !

  8. Good posts, beautiful blog.
    Welcome to see my creations:

  9. Hi Leslie, Like you I am glad to be back. BUT I am not nearly as productive as you. This is wonderful work and I admire your diversity and creativity. Its good to be back isn’t it?

    • Thank you for letting me know you are back, Linda. I am having trouble juggling everything I am involved with. I paint but get very little posted. Thank you for this comment!

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