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The second technique we worked on in Watercolor Plus class was painting on Masa Paper. This is one of my favorite surfaces to work on. I have a tendency to be very edgy and the toned paper seems to help break that up a bit. If you would like to try this technique, I have a tutorial here.  …or type masa into search box below and view many more examples of this type of painting.


  1. Hi Leslie, I love the texture and depth in this painting. The masa paper works so well with with your foliage.

  2. What a beautiful example. I need to try this paper!

  3. This is beautiful Leslie!

  4. There’s ao much detail in this. I like the effect of a map in the bottom left corner

  5. This is fantastic! I need to look into this because the love the textural quality of this painting.

  6. Wow, I love the tree. I love how it’s leaning forward. I can imagine walking right through that place.

  7. Beautiful colors and texture!!

  8. Your trees are always magical and this is no exception – I could sit and look at this for ages…actually I did! Well done Leslie, another stunning winner.

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