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The above painting was  created by using colored collage papers that I made by treating National Geographic photos with a solution called Citrasolv. I have a tutorial on how to create one of these here.

I felt the initial painting of these cows looked a bit washed out and wanted to deepen the darks in the cows and connect them a little better; allow them to stand out.

The original painting can be viewed here.



  1. So interesting! I agree the darker tones make a big difference, but also the texture that solution created, so neat! They are such sweet cows!

    • Thank you, Cindy. Good eye on that texture it ads. The background trees were so dark that the foreground light cows in the original appeared washed out to me. Sometimes it is just fun to see what can be done with and old painting.

  2. Fascinating process. I do like the second version of the cows with the added texture and color. Thank you for sharing Leslie.

  3. Really, this is amazing work, Leslie. Seriously wonderful! Love the original painting, but this does take it up another notch!

    • Thank you, Laura. …and thankyou for taking a look at the “before” version. I think, if anything, it did balance the background darks and brought more attention to the subject of the painting (the three cows in front).
      Really like what you are doing with your acrylics!

      • Thanks! Yes, I do think you accomplished your goal with the collage but I’m wowed by them both! I recently discovered acrylics and really enjoying the differences between it and wc after trying with wc for a little over a year. Working more on my painting this year, I think. Your work really inspires me to paint more, as much as I enjoy drawing!

  4. I really like what you did to the cows. The center one with its citrasolv design really stands out. He looks like he’s wearing his Sunday best! ☺️

    • Ha! I think you are right. Thank you for introducing me to Citrasolv a few years back, Carol.

  5. It is always a lovely creative time redesigning an old painting. I certainly see the difference you have attributed to it and they look lovely!

  6. Yes, I agree, looking at the before and after side-by-side the latest version definitely improves the painting – which was a very good painting to begin with. Such a good idea going back to old work and seeing what needs doing with fresh eyes.

    • It is fun to get to that point that not everything we create is either precious or a mistake and to let go and experiment a bit. Thank you, June.

  7. Mighty fine cows!

  8. The reworking has given them extra solidity. I love the detail around the necks, makes them look majestic. Having been chased by cows, I agree, a gentler handling doesn’t do them justice

    • Ha! I guess you would have a dim view of them, then, outside authority. Thank you for this comment. I was trying for the shadow play around their legs bellies and necks.

  9. Yahoo! Nice work.

  10. I definitely see the difference and like what you did. So many times we see our work differently after a period of time – sometimes it seems better and sometime it’s not so good. Makes everything more interesting.

    • Thank you, Ruth. I never see my work the same way as another. If there is one thing I have learned is that I am a poor judge of my own work. It was a relief when I learned it, too. I am having more fun creating now that I have toned the inner critic down a bit.

      • I know it took me until my 50’s to realize it was okay to use the “circular file”. It was very freeing. Now I can have more fun experimenting with whatever I want to. It doesn’t mean I am no longer critical of what I do, but that a failure of the work isn’t a personal failure – just a step along the way.

      • Ha! Me too!

  11. Great cows, and you have a beautiful style.

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