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The above painting was created for an assignment I gave for my composition class. I asked them to create a flower like they have never seen before and ad a number and word or letters. It was designed to get them ready for our watercolor and collage class that began last week. I designed my flower from Fuschia and added things and decided to go giant with it. I need to do more of this. Those of you who follow my site might remember we had an assignment last year that was to create a tree like you have never seen before. You can view that here.


  1. I can attest that this picture is even more spectacular in person!

  2. Beautiful colours, plus I love the fact that there are so many things to look at. The more you look, the more you see!

    • Thank you, bloomcarousel! Do you have a blog? Your link says that there is no wordpress site named this.
      Correction. I just found you and changed your URL, here.

  3. This is an eye popper, lovely and very creative. I like the selection of colors and flowing lines in the composition.

    • Thank you, bilomathews! I had a great time playing in the paint with this one. 🙂

  4. Magical! and a great idea too. (K)

  5. This is a stunning work, Leslie! Wow! Just love it!

  6. What a flower. Beautiful colors. I had to enlarge it to really look at the figures and animals in the painting. Fantastic. Did you collage the images into the painting? I love the bird looking out at the viewer.

    • Yes. You guessed it. Collage. I wanted most of them small enough to look like little bugs in the petals. Like the guy reaching up at the bottom? Caterpillar? Walking stick? etc. Oh, the bird? Is he or she hatching? I had so much fun with this and would probably spend more time with this kind of creating, if I had that time, Carol. Thank you for your comment, Carol.

  7. Love, love, love this painting. Love the people living here.

  8. Fun fantasy flower painting, Leslie. I saw the flower first and only then did I see the figures hidden among the petals.

    • Ha! That is pretty cool that you took in the flower, first, Ruth. Thank you!

  9. Wow Leslie, what a beautiful work. Yes. I have never seen a flower like this, it is a great thought to push our creativity to such an extent that we come up with something so unique like this one.

  10. Everything else apart, this is a lovely watercolour painting of a gorgeous flower; the colours sing, very pleasing on the eye. Haha! This is such fun – you have a good imagination and are very creative. Everything works so well together. Brilliant Leslie!

    • Thank you, June. I chuckle when looking at this, also. I have so much fun when we get to this section of my classes where we sort of let ourselves go and begin to allow some other mediums to help us create. Thank you!

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