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The above painting required some planning. I had a photographic reference sent to me from my daughter of this cat laying on his back, his favorite pose. I tried to lay it out and come up with some way to paint him that might be interesting, other than just him in paint. I finally decided on using another reference photo where there were a large assortment of overlapping grasses and combined the two. I also decided to use a sheet of masa paper to enhance the texture and maybe create more interest. I have a tutorial on how to prepare and use masa paper with watercolor here.


The above is my take on a lunar landscape.


The above painting is a gouache resist. I was attempting to create a composition using shapes. I describe how to create a gouache resist here.


  1. I love the dogs’ faces on the last one. Priceless!

    • I had so much fun trying to create a scene with figures using just geometric shapes. Thank you for that Outside Authority!


  3. Leslie….what a wonderment of creative juices!! You continue to inspire. I know. I know. I keep saying that. Only because you inspire and energize. Thanks for that!!! Raye

  4. Lovely medley Leslie!
    The moon landscape is brilliant, the last one is a sure example of your out of the box creative flow, just amazing!

    • I think you are the one that inspires me to be brave about color, Padmaja. I so admire what you create. Thank you for this! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I love your experiment of the cat on his back and the scenery of rising moon. My cat that is rag doll and Maine coon mix also is comfortable on her back most of the time. She’s huge as it is and being on her back with legs stretched makes her look even larger.

    • It must be common to “big cats” because this is a big tom cat. I don’t know what breed but probably mixed. Thank you for this comment. I knew what a Maine coon looks like but not the rag doll. They are gorgeous!!!!

  6. The last one would make a fabulous stained glass window!

    • Thank you, designsweet. I thought the same thing when I finished it. My daughter is a dog groomer so think I might have been channeling that when I designed this.

  7. Wow, I love the lunar landscape especially! But these are all really cool and so different! The composition with all the little beasts and the shapes is so interesting and so different than things you usually post. So wonderful that you continue to practice and learn new techniques!

    • You inspire me to be creative, Cindy. That is your power as you create your incredible creatures. Thank you for this comment.

  8. All great Leslie and all such different styles. I don’t think I can pick one favorite but the lunar landscape is cool! Thanks for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Love the kitty on masa paper. It gives it such nice texture. My daughter’s cat Gizmo loves to view the world from upside down too – at least until something scares him right side up.

    I like the primary colors of the lunar landscape.

    The gouache painting has a stained glass look to it especially with it’s bright colors.

    • Thank you for this, Ruth. I especially like working on masa paper. One of my favorite supports.

  10. Hi Leslie – these are all special – I love the stained-glass effect – you could well do more of those. (o:

    • I will be doing some more of the gouache resists this spring, later on. We do them in class every year and have more fun sharing what we all come up with. Thank you for visiting and commenting!

  11. woo hoo. Three paintings in one post! Our win. I love, love, love all the textures in the cat lying in the grasses. It feels like a tapestry. The cat’s fluffy tail caught my attention along with the depth of the grasses and the dirt below. This is a fave, Leslie. The lunar landscape is very cool and the gouache resist reminds me of a stained glass with the black lines.

    I must admit, no matter how many times I read your directions for a gouache resist, I just don’t get it. I like the look, just can’t get the directions.

    • Hi Carol,
      Thank you for your comments to all three. The gouache. is a four step process. Do the drawing. Paint all the areas that you wish to paint color into with a thick layer of white gouache and allow it to dry all the way. With a flat brush, paint over your gouached drawing with a layer of waterproof black ink and allow it to thoroughly dry. While the painting is still stapled or taped down, rinse it under running water either in the hose or bathtub faucet and the ink will peel away from the gouched areas and stick to the ungouached areas. Wait for this to dry all the way and paint the white areas.

  12. I agree with Carol about the (really) fluffy cat – the painting looks as if it could be a tapestry – and on my screen, the cat appears to be pink (!) which is super-cute. The middle painting looks suitable for a sci-fi book cover and the last one with the dark edgings does, as most have said, have the appearance of a stained glass window.

    Thanks for the treat of three paintings in one post.

    • The cat is really pinkish under all that dense white fur. Thank you so much!

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