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We just finished our 2015 class on Watercolor Landscape.

Ruth Karau4

Ruth Karau4

We discussed elements of composition as they relate to composition. We discussed how so many landscape paintings are devoid of little people or animals making the scene look empty. We all designed our paintings to include little people or animals.

Sue Joseph3

Sue Joseph3

Melissa Scare2

Melissa Scare2

The next week, we discussed value changes in the landscape and how the artist can control that. The whole class crated paintings using the Elegant Writer for this assignment.

Cherie Droege2

Cherie Droege2

We talked about buildings and man-made objects in a landscape and created landscapes with man-made objects or buildings in them.

Henn Laidroo2

Henn Laidroo2

Jan Reche4

Jan Reche4

We spent a session on  big sky, water or snow paintings and techniques for making clouds, waves and snow.

Cindy Guzik

Cindy Guzik

For the last week, everyone painted a landscape that could be on the front of a Christmas card.

If yu would like to view any of the above paintings in a larger form, just click on it twice. All the students’ paintings can be viewed by clicking here or by scrolling to the top of the page and clicking on the Student Art: Watercolor Landscape tab. There are over 70 student paintings in that gallery.

Thank you to all my students for their hard work as well as contributions to making this class experience so enjoyable…and for sharing your work so others can view it.


  1. I vote for Sue Joseph3 🙂

  2. How wonderful! Such extremely well done work by your students. I love reading and seeing what your students are learning from you. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you for that Sand Salt Moon. It is fun to post them. Now that there are two classes taking the same subject, it also allows them to see the other artists class work.

  3. Once again, your students’ work blows me away. I love it all. I know they are an extremely talented group of students taught by an outstanding teacher!

    • You are so kind to go in and comment to each artist’s paintings, Carol. I hope they know how to click to get your messages to them in the gallery. Thank you. Thank you.

  4. Stunning as always. So fresh and lots of individuality coming through

    • Thank you, Outside Authority. That comment about individuality is so true. Each and every one of them get that about expressing themselves through their work. They are so refreshing! It is so important, to me, that they take the tools and techniques they learn about in class and make them their own.

  5. These are spectacular. Great work. (K)

  6. Thank you for letting me in to your classroom Leslie, each one if them looks amazing!

    • It is so much fun to post all these creative paintings from the class. Thank you, Padmaja.

  7. Such great paintings. You must enjoy these students.

    • Oh, I do! When we break for winter and summer break, the return is so sweet: all of us getting back together to share our creations and try new things. Thank you Gretchen!

  8. These are brilliant! I wish your class were near me so I could join 🙂

    • I do too. I have met so many creative artists through this blog, like yourself, who I would like to meet and share ideas with! Thank you, Nicola.

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    • Thank you for doing that!

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        Your most welcome!!;)

  10. Wow! They are all really, really good. Any one of them would make excellent Christmas cards – what a fun task! Their styles are all so different, but all are so well done. They’re inspiring and your teaching is inspirational – I know, because you’ve helped me out from time to time.

    • Thank you, June. You just commented to their work like I feel about their work and said to them at the end of this class. I am blown away by their talent and creativity and that they all have embraced their own styles. Sometimes it’s the suggestion of a technique, or changing the surface of the paper or a new idea for a theme that is tossed out and they are off and running. They help and encourage one another, now, too! I am so lucky to be able to be around these creative people!

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