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I experimented, here. I liked the sky in the reference for this scene and added the horses.

I see the snow has begun to fall for our Holiday posts and this one is going to look a little funny with the snow coming down. Sorry about that. I know I can turn it off but kind of like that we get this treat once a year.


  1. After some cold days and waking up to serious fog this morning, it is nice to look back on a summer scene. The horses just seem to complete the picture.

    • Thank you Ruth. I know what you mean. So, there was fog almost statewide today. I do believe the el nino is carving it’s signature this year!

  2. I’m looking at a lot of that right here in FLA now, so looks just about right to me – in fact, looks great!

    • Ha! You got me. Reminding me that there are places, right now, even, moving into summer and more tropical areas that can enjoy weather like this right now. Thank you Sand Salt Moon! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. nice pasture painting

  4. This is a really pleasant scene and well done. It reminds me of scenes seen in the country on a warm summer day. I would love to be walking in that field beyond the horse or just sit there at sketch the scene. Thanks for sharing.

    • I want to know what is behind the viewer. Imagining and re-making the surroundings is always fun for the artist in us, don’t you think? Thank you for this comment!

  5. I always get a kick when the blog “snow” begins. Leslie you nailed it with every aspect of this painting – the trees, of course, are wonderfully painted but it just has a great, sunny afternoon feel to it, I can almost smell the grass and hear the horses pulling at it. This goes on my list of favourites.

  6. Beautiful

  7. Nice to see a warm sunny scene. Rain rain go away! That being said we need the moisture and in my world rain wins out over piles of snow any day!!

  8. What a beautiful departure from the dark and cold December night, Lesley. The execution and vibrancy of the leaves is especially captivating. Love it!

    • Thank you for that about the leaves, Jacob. I used liquid frisket to shape them in so the white of the paper could be saved while I glazed in the sky colors in layers. Then I modeled the leaves in the foreground which gave it that different look. That’s the first time I’ve tried that.

  9. Amazing details and depth Leslie, I love it an extra bit with the baby horse keeping together with his mother( my story:-)), they literally bring one whole lot of life to the lovely work!

    • I am constantly not including people or animals in my landscapes and am hoping to turn over a new leaf in that respect. Thank you Padmaja.

  10. Hi Leslie, What a beautiful, bucolic painting. It’s been so mild here and in NY that I wouldn’t be surprised to still find a scene like this somewhere. It’s so summery. I can feel the heat, the grass! And the snow on your blogsite makes it all a little disconcerting. But it makes it fun, too.

    • Thank you Carol! I like that word bucolic for it. I know what you are saying about mild. When the cold does hit, I’m certainly not going to be ready for it. I have had to shovel one time, though. Tomorrow it is going to be 60 degrees, here! That is practically unheard of this time of year. I like the blog snow each year. It does look funny against this scene, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Beautiful, and I love the horses! Looks like a wonderful, peaceful spot to spend the afternoon. Meanwhile, holy cow it’s been ages since I took some time for blog visiting. Not sure where all the time goes, though I am pretty sure everyone I know is sick of my complaining about it. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • I have slowed down, too, Cindy. Just can’t seem to manage the amount of time I spent here, initially. I’m teaching more, so that may be it. Thank you for visiting and for the comment. It is great to hear from you again! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Leslie, this is really beautiful! I’m in love with the trunk of the tree and the shadows of the foliage. great depth perspective and foliage too. This is definitely one of my favorites of yours….and there are many!

    • Thank you for that comment about the trunk of the tree. I wasnโ€™t quite sure if I captured that. I tried something different with the foreground foliage which I think made it look closer to the viewer and more tactile? I used frisket so I could get that background sky in in rich washes. Painted the tree and leaves last.

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