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I am still working with the elegant writer calligraphy pen. I introduced this pen as a drawing medium, recently, to my last beginning drawing class. I think it is excellent as a drawing tool as well as fun to use with watercolor. Here, I have used it to draw a still life of clear glass items.

Click here for an explanation of how you can use this pen for drawings and watercolors.



  1. Leslie,
    The fluidity in the lines and the transparency of the glass is remarkable, so is this water proof ink? Can it be used with oils? Loved it!

    • Hi Padmaja,
      I don’t think this can be used with oils.The oils would cover it right up. Then again, I know nothing about oils. Artists create very interesting pieces with mixed medias today. Thank you for this comment!

  2. The pen is really suited to the subject, always a tricky one. Like it

    • I do think I am just in the beginning phases of exploring this pen, outside authority. The lady who teaches the technique on You Tube, Karlyn Holman combines the use of this pen with watercolors and watercolor crayons and gets very interesting mixed media paintings. Thank you for your comment!

  3. So nice….looks like it was fun. I just added a silver and a gold pen to my arsenil. They are for writing notes during the holidays and on new red envelopes. I’m excited. These pens are Pentel. Metalic pens are not created equal. I have bins of what I consider duds but I keep trying. I think these will be perfect.

    • It is fun, Gretchen, working with this pen. Thank you for the tip on the Pentel brand gold and silver pens. I occasionally use metallic watercolor in some paintings. Hmmm. Wonder what a pen might do? Thank you for your comment.

  4. You’ve inspired me and I may have to try a still life with bottles and glasses. This is way cool.

    • Hi Carol,
      I thank you for introducing this technique to me through your blog. I continue to find interesting ways to use it in my watercolors. It is also a great pen to use in teaching drawing and as a lead up skill to watercolor. Thank you for this comment.

  5. Leslie, I just love the work you do with this pen. The composition on this is also really interesting, with the gap between the three on one side and the one on the other. It creates a bit of tension that is really appealing. And the different shapes are so cool! Thanks for the link to Ruth’s artwork too. lovely images!

    • Thank you, so much, Rachel. I try to concentrate a little with compositions I choose, varying shapes in height and value. I separated those bottles a little to create some negative space above and behind the glass in the foreground and you caught that! Thank you!

  6. I like the way the washes from the elegant writer make lovely shadows for the glassware.

    • It has been fun to work with you and experiment with the “Elegant Writer”, Ruth. Thank you for this comment!

  7. This is a very attractive still life study. After the great pictures you’ve posted using this marker and especially seeing the wonderful paintings done by your grand daughters using it, I assumed that it would be easy-peasy. My own attempt was pitiful so, it’s not as easy as you make it look lesley.

    • Keep trying. This will work very nicely with your cards you are designing. Maybe, when I describe the fun I have with new techniques, I make it sound easy. Use of this pen does sort of draw on drawing skills, first, and painting skills second.
      Love your cards! Thank you for visiting and the comment, June!

  8. Fun fun…. very nice!

  9. Do you remember when I did the elephants? That came out of a “ooops” when I discovered that the pen bled.. 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment, Isabelle. Yes! I remember your elephants! These pens are fun!

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