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lion cubs

lion mama

Thank you to wet canvas for the reference photos for these lions. The cubs were fun to draw with their big paws and  all that loose skin.  I think I worked the hardest on trying to get that gaze that the lioness had.



  1. how wonderful. Those cubs are the cutest and you did a great job capturing the lioness’ stare. I want to give them a big squeeze. but i know better!

  2. You’ve nailed the gaze Leslie, like the backgrounds too

    • Thank you, outside authority. I practiced on scrap paper before I painted her face but it is never a guarantee that it will work out when I do it again.

  3. Spectacular Leslie! The first one just touches anyone’s soul and the second one arrests our eye with her gaze!

  4. The Cubs are so sweet! Love the lioness and her gaze!

    • They look like they have all that loose skin that a golden has when they are pups, don’t you think? Thank you, Caroline!

        • Carol cordell
        • Posted September 27, 2015 at 10:15 am
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        I agree!

  5. You did capture that lion gaze. It’s so intense is it not.

    • I know. I totally agree. The gazes you get when you paint your animal portraits are so expressive and I just know they are so wise, Gretchen. Thank you!

      • I don’t know that they are so wise but they don’t carry all the stories about who they are like we humans do. So there is a purity there…..that’s the way I see it.😊

  6. Love them both, they are gonna look so good in my art gallery of yours:)

    • Hopefully they are just the right size to balance that male lion on the mantle. Thank you, Corey!

  7. I like the feeling of movement with the cubs

    • I had more fun drawing them. Thank you for that comment, Graham, because I drew them in a continuous line drawing and I always think that leads to drawings and paintings that have a lot of movement. You verified that for me and I thank you!

  8. You so have a way with wildlife. Those little cats are so tender. I can almost feel their paws.

  9. Wonderful!! Loose skin and all. I particularly like the lioness’s expression. As always I am in awe.

  10. sweet emotion captured!

  11. the cubs are adorable. so well done, and I love the mother lioness and the background is superb to show her off. GREAT!

  12. wow! These are amazing! Found you from the reference Carol King made to your site and SOOO glad! Look forward to following your beautiful ART!

  13. Very cute. I think I like the lioness best. It seems as though she is looking at something far away but is very relaxed.

    • She did come through with a bit more personality than the cubs. Thank you, so much, Ruth.

  14. Your animal paintings are always more than a mere paint on paper, they embody the spirit of each individual creature. The thousand yard stare of the lioness is perfect…she’s probably just spied her lunch!

    • Perhaps that is it…. and deciding if she needs to rise from her resting place. Ha! Thank you for this really kind comment to my animal paintings, June. I think I could be content just painting animal after animal.

  15. I like that you made the colors of the lioness soft and interesting: a contrast with her wild self… she looks at peace and content! Wonderful!

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