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This one makes me chuckle. This is my little dog, Payton. He is FIFTEEN!!!  I had fun with this painting and let it sit and sit for the longest time. I wanted to add more…. and more… and more, so it just sat. I finally decided that everything I wanted to add was not in how he looked but who he is and I hope I captured enough of him that you know what I mean when I say this falls short. Many of you share your homes with pets that are dear for all sorts of reasons.  Pictures and words just fall a bit short.  So, I decided this was finished.

So you could see how I added the watercolor, this is my initial drawing and wash with the Elegant Writer:


This pen will become part of the tools I use in the future.  Here was my tutorial on how the Elegant Writer can be used.


  1. Awesome picture of little Payton, looks just like him love it as usual 🙂

  2. You captured him perfectly! Love it!

    • Thank you, Caroline! He’s so little with all that hair and whiteness to deal with….. Thanks again for following what I post, Caroline! 🙂

  3. This is really lovely. Excellent work.

  4. Wonderful energy, Leslie! You knocked it out of the ballpark again. I can just feel his wiggly little vibrations! 🙂 (What a sweet little guy!)

    • Thank you for saying what you did did about the wiggly vibrations. That is exactly why I chose to leave ticks of white around him. And that you got sweet out of it is the icing on the cake. I was afraid I hadn’t said enough, so thank you!

  5. Each line over there built his character, Payton looks awesome Leslie, love that look with a mixture of curiosity and love!

    • Thank you, Padmaja! Oh yes, he is loving. Doesn’t let me out of his sight, anymore. Thank you, Padmaja.

  6. Oh, I’ve missed a lot of your posts so glad to see this one – adorable. I love how you talk about new materials, etc.

    • I’ve missed a lot of everyone’s posts this summer and trying to get back to seeing what everyone is doing. Thank you for this comment, Sand Salt Moon.

  7. He is adorable.

  8. Good that you added the additional watercolor to Payton. The color makes his eyes sparkle, which I am sure they do in the real, plus the composition pops out. The first sketch is great but Payton looks a little washed-out and eyes do not sparkle as in the finished painting. Really a cute dog making his portrait very nice.

    • I like the color, too, bilomatthews. Thank you for saying that. I think, if I were to not use color, I’d have to do several layers of the ink to have a finished drawing and wash. I hope to expose my drawing students to this pen this session, too, and that is what they will need to do with it I think. Thank you, so much!

  9. Aloha Payton…looking good!

    • Hi Maxwell!
      Ha! Another maltese ! I think it is so cool that you get to go so many places. I do get to go to the daughter’s farm and the friends’ homes but, most places are just not dog friendly, here. Thank you for your comment!

  10. Payton is a cutie. I love how you used the elegant writer to make a line drawing and then enhance it with watercolor. This painting of him is so lively he looks like he may run off to chase a ball.

    • He has little tiny tennis balls, and believe me, they are HIS! Once in a great while, he will roll one to me with his nose, but most of the time, it is one roll and then lord over it just so he can say, “It’s mine.” I’m a terrible disciplinarian. I just agree with him and roll another for him later. Thank you!

  11. Oh my goodness, 15! So cute and ruffly and scruffly. 😀

  12. Payton is a cutie and looks like he must have a lot of character. Elegant writers certainly are fun!

    • Thank you, Susan. Oh yes he is fun and cuddly and thinks he’s our protector.

  13. How cute he is!! I like the way you didn’t overdo the water wash. It allowed for so much more expression with the watercolors.

    • I agree, Ruth. I don’t mind the different look of these when I pair the ink from this pen with watercolor. Thank you!

  14. Saving a bit of the white of the paper certainly helps keep the image fresh. Very nice Leslie!

    • Fancy you saying that, Al. I was just talking about that with my students this week. Thank you!

  15. Oh WOW…what a sweet heart! Love how you captured him.

  16. Well no question – you certainly captured his ‘essence’ here – his cheeky personality is very clear. Carol is right, you are the queen of the elegant writer! It’s great when you get so much enjoyment from painting an image – and it is clear that you love this guy.

    • Oh yes, I love love love him. He is who I come home to and talk to each day. He accompanies me on visits to friends’ and families’ homes where he is welcome. What a dog! Thank you for this thoughtful comment.

  17. I tried to paint a white dog before, but gave up… too hard. But after seeing this, I will try again! You did such a fantastic job on this little guy! So cute! I do use these pens in my outdoor sketching, I love them too!

    • I spent some time a few years back working in black and white and it taught me that there is a lot of color in both when I paint. I don’t know if that helps. Definitely, I leave more white of the paper when I paint something white but have added colors in the shaded areas many times. Thank you for this comment Isabelle.

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