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This is Abner, my daughter’s beloved weimaraner. I keep returning to a reference photo I took of him quite a few years back. There are many versions of him within this blog. I seem to gravitate to this image when I am trying new techniques. This is my attempt with the “Elegant Writer”.


This is what I came up with following my initial drawing and wetting of the ink lines. I felt I did not achieve enough darks. I went back in a second time and re-inked the lines where I wanted the image to appear darker.


After re-inking the drawing, I re-activated those lines with a brush and water and came up with the above.  I think an artist could keep going and developing the ink drawing if they are not anticipating painting with watercolor. I have yet to experiment with this technique and collage, wax resist or some of the other things I create with, but am convinced it is a very versatile medium.

Hope you give it a try!


  1. It does look very cool and I wish I had time to try everything! But I will have to continue to come here and enjoy all the things you try and with your terrific skills!

    • Thank you, Cindy. I certainly know how time can get away from us. I wanted to try two more things by now and have not found a span of time to dedicate to that. I will, though.

      • You will! I am going to do some new things also. We can do it! 😀

  2. This turned out great. The elegant writer technique adds to Abner’s beautiful face.

  3. Those eyes are so appealing.

    • Thank you, bilomatthews. He always looks so wise, like he knows all the secrets of the universe.

  4. Love it Leslie – turned out beautifully. Your creativity is amazing!

  5. WOW!!! I really need to get one of those Elegant Writer pens. I hear amazing things. This painting is really a stunner, Leslie!!

    • You have an art journal, Laura. I think this would be an excellent pen to carry with your supplies just for that. I am surprised more journal artists aren’t using it. Thank you for this comment!

  6. The initial drawing itself looks so strong and perfect, no wonder the painting looks amazing!

    • I need to introduce this to my drawing classes. I think they will like learning to work with a pen like this. I want to take some time and play around with a fairly detailed drawing with this pen. …and I like the different look this pen brings to a watercolor. I can see incorporating all kinds of mixed media with it. Thank you, so much, Padmaja!

  7. Wonderful dog.

  8. I agree, wonderful face. You’ve captured a lot of personality.

    • Thank you for that. It is not hard, though, with Abner. He is just like that, this soul.

  9. Awesome work.

  10. This is so lovely. Your initial drawing looks like a contour drawing which softens with the wash. when I get bored with the architecturals, I’m going to have to try this with pets too. It’s good inspiration.

    • You are so correct. I use a lot of continuous line contour when I draw, Ruth. I would think it would be a very noticeable part of my unconscious style. I think that is why I feel hindered a bit when I draw or paint something architectural. There is something to our interests that guides us in our visions and creations, don’t you? Thank you for this comment.

  11. Nice and engaging portrait of a dog and good catching up with you again! Glad to learn about “Elegant Writer” which is something I wasn’t familiar with.

  12. I love that bluish-black of your ink! It goes so well with your colors. This is a wonderful piece!

    • Thank you, Isabelle! This pen is fascinating. I love the colors that bleed from the ink.

  13. I’ll bet your daughter is thrilled with this painting. You’ve definitely demonstrated the elegant writer to it’s best advantage – it glows! Love your colour choices.

    • It has not made its way to the framer, yet. But will. It has received the stamp of approval from my daughter. Thank you, so much, June!

  14. I keep coming back to look at Abner. What a handsome devil. And I love the use of the elegant writer technique.

    • You are super kind to revisit and comment again on this one, Carol. Thank you, BUNCHES!

  15. Love it, the elegant writer is one of my fav purchases of the year, I have used it a number of times, with great effect. A great fun little tool, I think it leaves a subtle marbled look. Your dog looks beautiful, I do love the breed. The pen worked well for his portrait. And your grandchildren so paintings look fantastic, you must have felt v proud.

    • Thank you for this, Rebecca. I will continue to use it, also. Thank you for sharing, Here. I will continue to visit your blog. Your work is beautiful!

  16. Lovely use of colour

    • Thank you, Graham. I had a lot of fun choosing the colors for this one. He’s quite the dog and just gray doesn’t say enough about him. 🙂

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