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curlydog   This is another ink and watercolor. I used frisket and inked lines with a #4 round brush this time, prior to spritzing it with water as in the elephant. After all that dried, I washed in the colors. I then removed the friskit and went back in with watercolor and ink. The last thing I did was splatter with a small rigger. Thank you to wet canvas for the beautiful reference image of this dog.


  1. Great work! I love all the different colors you use.

  2. That is one gorgeous dog! Love how you used the frisket to capture his curls. My eye goes right to his. Beautiful.

    • Thank you for saying that about the eye, Carol. That was what I was shooting for.

  3. Love !

  4. I had a similar looking dog as a child but a chestnut brown. You’ve captured the charm and the cheek

    • Thank you, Outside Authority. I had so much fun with the frisket and ink in this one. The reference of this guy just drew me in. I’ve had little dogs that look like him. For some reason, this guy looks bigger. Was yours a big dog or a little one?

  5. He’s just adorable!

  6. This is beautiful work! Well done!

  7. Wow, feel his curls, fabulous job Leslie!

  8. Great dog. You captured his spunk. Not to get too close when they have this look because they sometimes give a nip to your nose. Sometimes.

  9. Wonderful Leslie – the dog has great personality!

  10. Makes me smile! Must be a character!!

    • Me too! I found this on wet canvas and couldn’t resist! Thank you, Susan!

  11. So fluffy and cute! Great job on those nose, wow!

  12. I love this! The eye is fabulous! And I adore the nose, the head posture and the doggy fur/hair. Just great!!

    • Thank you, Marian. 🙂 He was just too neat an image and I had to give him a try when I found the reference on wet canvas.

  13. For a nano-second I thought I saw the nose twitch – you’ve made him/her almost 3-D. Excellent capture of a gorgeous doggie with loads of personality. Thanks for the description of your technique – the ink works brilliantly with the watercolour.

    • I love ink and watercolor, June. I don’t often think to use it until I get to this class where we all work with other things that we can use with watercolor. Just visited your blog and saw you changed your website around again. Looks awesome! Thank you for your visit and comment!

      • Haha! Thanks Leslie – had to change my website theme as my eyesight has deteriorated so much that I had to continually zoom the screen in to read my own stuff.

  14. What a cutie! I’ve often wondered how to render dog’s fur…

    • Just one way fur can be rendered. This was so much fun to use the frisket on this one. Thank you, Isabelle!

  15. I just adore this dog. I shared him on FB I hope you don’t mind. he is SPECTACULAR!

    • Thank you, Rachel. Don’t mind at all. Thank you for honoring my work by sharing.

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