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Laura Lyndsay

Laura Lyndsay

Henn Laidroo3

Henn Laidroo3

Cindy Guzik3

Cindy Guzik3

The artwork, above, are three of the paintings created by students who just finished a class on working with painting on masa paper and using rice paper collage with watercolor.

If you would like to view many more of these paintings you can click here or scroll to the top of the page and click on Student Art: Masa and Rice Papers and Watercolor in order to access the page.


  1. Beautiful works Leslie, Laura’s composition is very interesting and Henn’s Landscape intriguing, Cindy’s whimsical. Enjoyed them much!

  2. What fun (creative adventures) you and your students enjoy together. Wonderful!

    • We do have adventures, Jots. I like that you call it that. Thank you!

  3. As usual your students’ work is fabulous. What fun you must have had with them this term. Great work.

    • I think this and the next class, where we use watercolor with other things, are the most challenging classes. Thank you, Carol!

  4. Such wonderful art. Good students. Great teacher.

  5. Great stuff! 🙂

  6. WOW! Great pieces!

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