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Melissa Scare

Melissa Scare

Sue Mendenhall3

Sue Mendenhall3

Linda Flatley3

Linda Flatley3

Anita Trick

Anita Trick

Joel Alwine4

                Joel Alwine 4

The above paintings were created by some of the students who just finished the six week composition class. We discussed center of interest and where to place it, value and contrast, how to attract attention, how best to divide a page. Three of their assignments required that they be extra creative. If you would like to view more of the paintings from this session, I have devoted a page to their beautiful work here.

Thank you to all my students!


  1. Amazing works, loved Joel’s Bonsai an extra bit!

  2. Talented students. Their learning shows. Congratulations to you and your class for this lovely gallery of work.

    • Inese Poga Art Gallery
    • Posted March 22, 2015 at 1:22 am
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    They are really talented, but these works show also that they have a very good teacher!

  3. Love seeing your talented students work – very inspiring.

  4. Beautiful works!❤️

  5. I always look forward to viewing the work done by your talented students – quite a difficult task this time, but very well carried out by all, which speaks volumes for their tutor!

    • Oh, thank you, so much, June. These artists have just grown and grown. I think we begin to learn from each other and it is that hunger to explore more that drives us forward.

  6. Great work by your students. Love the rusty cogs. Is that colored pencil?

    • Good question, Carol. Yes, that is colored pencil. I open this class to any medium since what is studied is composition and not media technique. Thank you for your comment to their good work!

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