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paytonsabner    6 yr

sedonashorses  7 yr

polarbear 8 yr

The above paintings were painted by my three Granddaughters this past weekend. Yes, I have created watercolors and drawings with them since they were little. Their Mothers have also encouraged them with their art. One thing I did not do, however, was purchase less expensive paints, brushes and paper for them to use. I find many of the student grade papers and paints uninspiring, often resulting in dull colors, brush hairs falling out into paintings and paper that tears or won’t hold up to multiple glazes or layers.

All three of them begged me to be able to paint and helped me to tape their paper to the board. The oldest ran for my pile of photo references. They used to select pictures from their coloring books that were easier to draw but would have none of that this time. The 6 chose a portrait of Abner, my daughter’s dog, the 7 chose a photo of my daughters three horses and mini donkey, and the 8 chose a photo of a polar bear! I said, “Are you sure you can do these?”  The 8 said, “Yes. We can draw them by feeling the edges of the lines while we draw!”  They have all practiced drawing with a continuous line, before. I helped a little, but not a lot! Mostly just to point out an angle of a line or a bump on a horse knee or jaw. The drawing of the polar bear was totally unassisted! I cautioned them about rinsing their brushes before they went back into the palettes for their colors and that was all she wrote. They were off and painting!

Insert, here, praise for their art teachers. The conversation around the table started to revolve around what their art teachers had taught them in school. One Granddaughter stating that her teacher taught her that a painting was just lines, shapes and then add color! Another said her teacher had told her to use bright color and another talked about her teacher teaching them to use the whole page.

And they didn’t get bored! Thank you to all those Moms and Art Teachers out there who recognize the value of creativity for our children.  They may never make a living creating art, but they are learning skills that will stick with them a lifetime about exploring, creating and making choices. Plus! They will have one more thing they can enjoy doing in their free time!





  1. It is so much fun drawing and painting with grandchildren. Watching them learn. I enjoyed the same with my boys while they were growing up. Thank you for sharing and well done to your Grandchildren!

  2. I can’t believe how talented they are! Wonderful young artists!

    • Oh Caroline, thank you for supporting the girls! Yes…. they have so much fun drawing and painting!

  3. Fantastic! You must have been in Heaven painting with them. They all are budding artists.

    • With all three of them working on a painting, there is no room for Grandma’s board, so I enjoy watching, for sure. Thank you for supporting them with your praise!

    • Inese Poga Art Gallery
    • Posted November 12, 2014 at 9:08 pm
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    Exactly, and these are not only drawing or painting skills, that’s a whole new way of perception. Some students told they immediately started to notice all shapes of leaves and colors of tree trunks, and so on. It opens eyes and it opens one’s mind, and it really sticks to them all life long! We are on the same page, Leslie, I hope more people will pay attention how much art creation can mean!

    • I know exactly what you are talking about. We all “see” more and differently when we begin to create. Simple shapes and forms take on new meaning. I think that goes along with feeling, too, don’t you, Inese? I think we can see an apple and paint it one way and then we can touch that apple and hold it and our drawing or painting of that apple changes to include contours and weight. Thank you for your insightful comment, Inese. 🙂

  4. These are wonderful – love them all! So talented – some of it has be be genetic!

  5. Marvelous paintings. I love kid art. It is always free. It is a grand thing to paint and you have passed your love of it and your aptitude on to your grandchildren. Hooray!

    • I remember you said you like to share creating your art with your Granddaughter, is it? …but can’t get together with her that frequent because of distance? It really is something to be able to pass it on. Thank you!

  6. Love these paintings and their creativity.

  7. Wonderful!

  8. Clever girls! I love all three

  9. Love these! They have such wonderful, fresh energy. Lovely paint handling, too! All three of these girls ‘get’ watercolor!

  10. Inspirational!! They all show great talent – I would be proud of all these paintings had I done them myself.

    • Thank you. Thank you! The girls, I hope are reading these comments. Thank you for encouraging them, June!

  11. These are THE BEST! They made me smile and feel happy. They are all so talented! And with the guidance of Grandma and their parents and teachers it’s clear they are not afraid to draw and paint, use the whole page and use bold colors. Each painting is exceptional in its own way. The dog has such a personality. I want to pet him and play with him. I can feel the movement of the horses and donkey’s heads and the curiosity of the polar bear.
    I hope each one will be framed and hung in their homes. Fantastic work!

    • Oh my goodness! Thank you! I am definitely showing the girls these comments that you and other bloggers are posting to them! They will be thrilled and encouraged by your support!

  12. Wow! So impressive and such spirited paintings. There’s a lesson here.

  13. Congrats, Leslie, your grandaughters are really lucky to have a talented Gram. Their work is terrific, filled with a budding knowledge of shapes and how they relate to one another. I adore their bold & pleasing use of color.

  14. Also amusing how the genes get going!! :)… Great colors and feelings!!… (I recently got these gold mission colors very vibrant, have u tried them?)

    • Ha! Thank you for that, about the genes, Divya! I know nothing about gold mission colors. I’ll research it and see what I find. Thank you!

  15. Love your granddaughters fresh approach to the medium. I’m sure the memories made in the process will last a lifetime.

    • Oh yes. The memories. I am so glad I have taken the time to share my favorite pastimes with them. Thank you!

  16. Ohhh… these are such fun! So joyous!

  17. I often do it also Leslie with mine, that is such great fun and so much better then running in the rainand wind. Thank you for sharing your experience, I loved it nanny Leslie, and the result are so beautiful, I am sure they are proud 🙂 xx

    • Oh, they are so proud to be able to draw and paint, Doron. Thank you! 🙂

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