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The last thing we practiced in watercolor portraits was rendering hands in a way that they are believable. One of the most common mistakes in portraiture are hands that are too small, proportionately. Another mistake is the artist not rendering the parts of the hands that bend by using properly placed cross contour lines to delineate the joints of the fingers and thumbs. Hands without joints always appear gloved and stiff.


  1. Nice studies

  2. Well done.

  3. Just love them both, but that pouting child pic takes my heart 🙂

    • I think that one is a stitch, too, since I told her to pose as though she was pouting or angry. She’s such an actress! Thank you! 🙂

  4. Joy and Concentration! Charming, both of them, Leslie.

    • I was thinking the same thing when I posted this, Jamie. I was going to do one more but time got away, once again. Thank you!

  5. Love, love them, just adorable!

  6. Lovely paintings!

  7. Love the facial expressions!

  8. hands are super hard. When I go to figure drawing I try to avoid them, but most time I can’t. These are super!

    • I agree. It has taken me forever to learn to draw them, but worth the effort, as you point out, Carol. They so often appear as important in portraits we want to paint. Thank you!

  9. I always learn so much by looking at your posts!

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