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Another watercolor portrait class has ended and I have posted up to two paintings by each artist who took one of the two sessions of this class. Some of the artists have been painting for years. Several have only had one year experience and have come to this class from beginning watercolor, so it is very diverse. They also have very different interests and make different choices about the techniques and references for their creations.



Sue Joseph2

Sue Joseph2

Barbara Steinkamp2

Barbara Steinkamp2

They studied face parts by painting eyes, noses, hands, mouths and ears, individually. They learned work from the use of a grid for proportion and to work toward a likeness. They studied composition and how to design a portrait that would be more pleasing. They studied skin color and

Leslie Vrchota

Leslie Vrchota

how to create a rich and colorful black using yellow red and blue.

This class was not limited to the human face and included figures in landscapes and animal portraiture.  I also handed out a list of watercolor ideas  to challenge them to reach.

Henn Laidroo2

Henn Laidroo2

John Kelty2

John Kelty2

The above portraits show people doing something and suggest a story for the viewer.

Kathleen Smierciak

Kathleen Smierciak

One artist challenged herself to paint white on white.

Mary Smierciak

Mary Smierciak

Another artist created a colorful gouache resist of her son in his winter bicycle gear.

If you would like to view the entire gallery of this fall’s watercolor portrait class, click here. You can also access this page by clicking the link to the Student Art: Watercolor Portraits at the top of this blog page.

Thank you to all of you very talented artists for continuing to take these classes and share your work here. I continue to be inspired by your talent and creativity!


  1. Amazing and inspiring!

  2. Ohhh Leslie! You must be so proud! These are fabulous! I know you are a fantastic teacher! I want to take your class!!

    • Thank you, so much, Isabelle. I, as the teacher, attempt to assist where I can and introduce ideas and techniques, but the real good fortune that happens with these artists is the sharing of ideas and techniques that they all engage in. I, like you, am amazed by the creativity and skills of the artists who participate.

  3. what wonderful work! All so different and all so creative. You must be so proud of your students. And what a wonderful teacher to allow them all the room to work on what they are interested in. Kudos all around.

    • You are correct. This group just continues to inspire both themselves and me, Carol. I do think it does have something to do with that allowance for “what they are interested in”. Thank you, so much!

  4. Carol K. [above] said it all……

  5. The different aspects of portraiture and the control over the medium is obvious in all these works, absolutely loved the story telling pieces, I could feel their action and thoughts. Wonderful teacher and students!

  6. Wonderful to see these paintings – it has to be so rewarding for you to be an agent of growth for these artists, whether new or experienced. Love being able to celebrate their work with you.

  7. I enjoyed seeing these paintings. Isn’t it so pleasant to paint what is inside you?

  8. Terrific range with these! Fellow with the pipe is my favorite. 😀

  9. They are all so good – but I like best the man writing/drawing…

    • I like that one, too. You have opened my mind to a new story. I never considered that he might be drawing. I like that! Thank you!

  10. It’s so much fun to celebrate the differences in student work and wonderful to observe each student’s remarkable growth. Each portrait is unique, interesting, and painterly. Thanks so much for sharing this work. Congratulations on your success with your students!

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