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It has been so long since I’ve posted. I don’t know where the time has gone. I did start my 2014-2015 art classes, so perhaps I am just a bit slower this year.

The above is a repeat attempt on a pony team I first painted here. I wanted to paint it in color. Thank you to wet canvas for the photo reference.


  1. Gorgeous ponies, wow! The color is so rich and the brighter colors make a great frame for their heads. Their faces are so pretty. And what an update! The first one is still great but this one looks much more polished.

    • I certainly enjoyed painting this one more. I had all that luscious color in cart and background to play around in and I even had fun with the wet in wet play for the ponies’ coats. Thank you, Cindy!

  2. Every painting you finsih, just blow me away…. You are one talented lady! This is so amazing. You captured the horses feeling of “chomping at the bit”!

    • Thank you, Isabelle. I was thinking that the pony on the left might be a bit of a hand full. The one on the right reminds me of my daughter’s shetland pony, years ago. The special challenge for me, this time, was trying to capture all the reds and browns of a sun burnt black coat. Horses that are black tend to look reddish brown with black, as the summer wears on, if they spend hours in the sunlight.

  3. You’ve managed all the detail in this composition very well. Very nice.

    • Thank you, Bilomathews. The detail can get overpowering with all that leather and hardware, in these. I want to slowly do a series of horse teams. It seems, I only take time once a year to do one but have several references of horse teams waiting in my reference material.

  4. Wow, what gorgeous ponies and a beautiful rendition! I’m glad to see you back. I don’t visit ALL the time, but I sure enjoy your posts in my inbox! Thanks for this one, Leslie!

    • Thank you, Kate! I must come over to your blog right away. I don’t think I am getting lazy, just seems that I don’t get as much accomplished as I used to….. :).

  5. Just amazing !

  6. Fabulous couple, the details are mind blowing! I was missing your posts Leslie πŸ™‚

    • I like it that you call them a couple, Padmaja. That gives me a whole different thought about them. Very cool. Thank you!

  7. Wonderful– this is a really nice style you have! πŸ™‚

  8. I love their noses and the red tassels. Very alive and energetic.

    • Those red tassles really caught my eye, too, Gretchen. The browband on the pony on the left was falling apart in the reference photo. It bothered me, so I fixed it in the painting just because I could. πŸ™‚ Thank you!

  9. Unbelievable detail! Just beautiful!

    • Thank you, Caroline. I love doing the details on the harnesses. I know horse people will know what it’s all about. Thank you for continuing to visit and view what I post! πŸ™‚

  10. Beautiful work, Leslie. The details are incredible.

    • Thank you, Deb. I clicked over to your site tonight and WOW! I was so pleased to see a watercolor!

  11. Gorgeous is all I can say πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Corey, for continuing to visit me and comment on what I do!

  12. Both ponies paintings are gorgeous. What I like about this one is that it is in a “setting”. You can see the cart on the right and the trees and street and it puts the ponies in a context of a small town. Beautiful work, as usual!

    • Oh, thank you for that about the cart, especially, Carol. It was just such a little blurb in the far right side, but I thought it was interesting. I like this one better, too. I want to paint more teams of horses. Thank you for that insight!

  13. Oh wow Leslie – what a gorgeous painting! I really like the brilliance of the piece. Your understanding of color and techniques is awesome as is shown in this special piece.

    • Thank you, Mary. Those brow bands and tassels really caught my eye in the reference. Plus those ponies were just too cute.

  14. Fantastic! It makes me think that they are a couple of frisky ponies!

    • I’ll bet the one on the left is frisky for sure! πŸ™‚ Thank you, Susan.

  15. Beautiful Leslie

  16. Hi Leslie

    Your colours are so rich and bold – and you have carefully captured the detail in bridles – you are a master watercolourist and a great inspiration to me

    • Wow! Thank you for that, Stephen. I admire your work so much, this comment makes me feel good. I know. I know, about the harness and bridle work. Because I have spent so much time with horses I just can’t resist spending time on things like that. This was fun for me because it is subject matter I just love. Thanks again for making my day, Stephen!

  17. Your ponies are beautiful. I feel like they are so alive I could reach out to touch them. The detail is mind bloggeling. Congratulations! You are so talented!

    • Thank you for that about feeling as though you could reach out and touch them, Marian. That means so much in these paintings of horses.

  18. I hear you about not posting quite as much as you once did. I think that many bloggers I regularly follow took time off this year for one reason or another. I did the same thing myself and strangely my “stats” remained the same or improved slightly for not posting!!! Always a pleasure to see what you and your students are working on.

    • Thank you, Al. I have just somehow lost some of the free time I seemed to have for a few years there. OR???? I’m slowing down and it just feels like my time is still filled! πŸ™‚

    • Inese Poga Art Gallery
    • Posted October 15, 2014 at 10:42 pm
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    You Pony team has come out really great! I was thinking the other day, it’s tough with art blogs if you want to keep them mostly art, not photos, because any painting takes quite a while, can be 2 weeks to 2 months or even more. Plus classes take a lot of preparation and time, as well. I have the same problem: time goes by faster than I am able to post any new pics of paintings. I always enjoy seeing your new, revisited or demo works! It doesn’t really matter whether it has been 1 or 2 weeks without posting. I am actually believer in less but better, rather than every day, but not that good, because it’s impossible to give classes, do any other necessary things, paint your own paintings and still post every day a picture of the daily painting. It is possible to make tiny works, but I don’t see much use out of them. I like so much your fantastically elaborated watercolors and experiments with new materials and surfaces.

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