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by Nancy Longmate

by Nancy Longmate



There is not much more I can say about this project than my friend and I are still experimenting with splatter paintings, described here and here. We have always started with a monochromatic study of our reference and then splattered or dripped clear water and color on them, before refining and adding more color. We have branched out to experiment with figures in a landscape and adding more color.

My photo, above, is a  street scene of Pirates Alley from wet canvas and a figure I found in another wet canvas reference photo. I made the dog up (fashioned it after my maltese dogs but a little larger). I will probably continue to use this figure. He is so versatile!

I was fascinated with all the abstract color in Nancy’s elephants! This is a truly adaptable technique that opens all sorts of possibilities with your personal style. It is also underscoring that about anything is possible with watercolor. It is really hard to wreck them.


  1. Both are fantastic watercolors Leslie. My compliments to you both. I love the way you captured the light in the street scene.

    • Thank you for saying that about the light, Tim? That was one of my challenges while trying this scene. I have only done two other paintings depicting a night scene.

  2. Both are excellent. Amazing that something that seems like so much fun has such stunning results! 🙂

    • Thank you, Susan. Most of the time, trying something new is fun. For me? Experimenting with something new often takes the pressure off of having to have that “end-all” painting when I finish. Where do we get that idea that everything has to be something fantastic?

      • Wish I could answer that. I do try to have fun. Painting is an escape for me. Or rather I try to make it so. I don’t need added pressure that is certain!

  3. Geez…I do so wish we were neighbours! Raye

    • Me too! I have been checking your site for something new. I love both your writing and your art! Thank you for this comment, Jots. Whoops!, I mean Raye. I like that title of your blog so much, I got in the habit of referring to you as Jots.

      • No worries, Leslie, about the name thing Jots/Raye. Either/Or. Something new? I have a teeny-tiny spatter watercolour that is just waiting for me to lay in the detail. Call it fear. What I need is a “neighbour” to kick me in the bum and say, “Just get on with it!” she said smiling. Thank you in any event for the kind words about my writing and art. Means a lot coming from a personage of refined accomplishments…such as yourself…R.

  4. I love this technique and am amazed at the quality of texture and color.

    • I think you are right about that texture idea you comment about. The splatter adds that I think. Thank you!

  5. Wow….both paintings are eye catchers. I love the rich dark blacks in your painting and the feel of the man walking the streets at night. The elephant’s head in your friends painting is full of beautiful rich colors. Great results

    • Thank you so much. My jaw dropped when I saw Nancy’s finished elephants. I loved all that color in the head of that elephant contrasting with the dark shadowed side.

  6. splatter away, it’s working!

  7. Love the elephant herd and the shadows they created, so also the light play in what you created, i didnt know splattering can be so much fun and so interesing!

    • Splattering makes us see more, I think. It also changes the scene and asks us to do something with it. Thank you, so much, Padmaja!

  8. Both pieces are stellar works of art, Leslie!

  9. Beautiful pieces Leslie! The street scene is incredible ~

  10. Leslie and Nancy, boy, you took this technique and RAN with it. Both paintings are beautiful. Nancy, I love the use of color in your painting and Leslie, the light in yours is fantastic. The splashes give both an interesting sense of push and pull, making my eyes go into the painting to look at the images and then onto the paper and back and forth.

    I’m so happy you made this your summer project.

  11. This looks like so much fun. I may try it when I get caught up.

    The night street scene seems to adapt well to this technique. The splotchy effect adds to the scattered light form the lamp posts and store signs.

  12. Beautiful sketch Leslie! I love it!

  13. What a colorful elephant scene! I love it!

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