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The above painting was created from a crop of a photo reference from wet canvas. It cracked me up when I noticed the satellite dish on the roof of the cottage. Just had to crop and paint. I imagined that the fish were caught and cleaned, the wash done and it was time for their favorite show!

This was fun to paint. It is small (9″x 7.75″). I gave myself a two hour block of time, scribbled a few guidelines on the format and painted, wet-in-wet, mostly.




  1. Wow!! The painting reminds me of my trips to the Caribbean. πŸ™‚
    The colors are amazing, Leslie! And Love how you painted the water!!! It makes me wanna paint more landscapes like I used to a few years ago. xx

  2. Sure looks like a relaxing outdoor nature setting I’d rather be than indoors watching TV. Nice work.

    • I know you would be painting the flora and fauna and doing a right good job of it, too! Thank you.

  3. Wonderful painting, Leslie. Even on the islands I’ve been to, no matter how poor or remote, people gotta have their TV! I love the roof and the especially love the hanging laundry!

    • I have heard that what you say is true, Carol. I just got to chuckling when I saw the reference. Note the little table off to the right that I assume someone cleans fish on; maybe. The whole scene made me start making up a story. I’ll have to do the full reference photo, at some point. Thank you!

  4. Wow, it’s so charming! Beautiful contrast of land against water.

  5. Lovely job Leslie! The dish has, of course, taken over even the smallest hut in India!

    • I learned that in the book I just read titled “The Beautiful Forevers”, Padmaja. They had TV but could scrounge barely enough money to eat. Thank you!

  6. I absolutely love how you painted the water, Leslie! I can get lost in it for quite awhile. To be on the shore of sea and have all the trees surrounding you…sigh…my dream cottage right here (and especially knowing I can get satellite tv!)…

    • Ha! It could be a cottage, Sherry. That’s what I love about images like this. Everyone can write their own story from them. Thank you for sharing yours!

  7. Love the tropical colors!

  8. Very nice and fresh!

  9. Lovely quick piece!

    • You are correct! Quick. I rarely practice painting quickly, so this was fun. Thank you, Mary!

  10. What fun. If the fish aren’t biting but the bugs are, an inside activity would be great.

  11. Love it!

  12. I love it too, a colorful and peaceful setting with a decor that inspires you stories πŸ™‚ First I did not understand the meaning of “dish”, I looked for a plate ;)! wrong translation from the French. See how slow I am in the morning.

    • Ha! Of course I didn’t think of that, me, who only speaks one language. So sorry, Isa. I imagine one would wonder about dish and the plates we eat from. Thank you for this comment! πŸ™‚

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