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The above painting is a project I have been working on for about a month. Phew!  It is finally finished or as much as I can think to put into it.  I ventured into this via an assignment I gave to my composition class the last week of class. That was to do a painting of signs. They could approach it from a reference of street signs or design something abstract. My painting came from a photo my sister took quite a few years ago from her trip to Times Square in New York. She aimed her camera upward and snapped a photo that included the “Wicked” sign. I had just finished reading the book. I had to use a lot of liquid frisket to save the whites of lettering and light bulbs, etc. I had to approach each sign as if they were separate paintings and then push and pull my darks and lights to help it to read effectively. All the whites are saved whites, not paint.

Thankyou to my sister for continually challenging me and believing in my ability.  🙂


  1. Ten stars for this project you completed. It would be a challenge and you did very well.

  2. I absolutely love this painting, the colors are so eye catching 🙂

    • Thankyou for supporting me and encouraging me through this one, Corey! 🙂

  3. Love this realistic and attractive piece you created Leslie!

  4. Spectacular, Leslie!

  5. Wow, amazingly vibrant! Very cool collection of signs. And a terrific project!

    • I think that vibrancy comes from the color play of all those signs. They kins of work off each other. Thankyou, Cindy!

  6. Beautiful painting, Leslie!! My favorite of all of the signs you’ve captured is the Young Frankenstein. Great detail within and I love the man in the top hat!

    • Oh thankyou!!!!! I thought the most difficult one was going to be “The Dark Knight” one, Sherry, but not so. The “Young Frankenstein” was the most challenging in color, lettering, and imagery! Painting the man in the top hat cracked me up and all that white and blue and opera color gave me fits! So thankyou over and over again. I found your new blog, finally. Took me awhile.

  7. An amazing piece of work – your creativity and eye see things that take your paintings to an incredible level. I love it!

  8. The Challenge was met, full on, Leslie, for the finished watercolour is fantastic. I bow to your mastership of the brush.. xPenx

  9. Great job Leslie. I felt like I was transported right into Times Square. You did a wonderful job with the signs, managing to do each one as an individual piece but also make it all work together. ( I saw Wicked and Hairspray, missed Young Frankenstein!)

    How time consuming to have to spend all that time with the frisket, but it was worth it in the end.

    • Thankyou, Carol. You are exactly correct about that frisketing; time consuming. I really did view this as a collection of separate paintings and then tried to make them read right. I assumed that “Palace” sign was for a real place. Is that true? Is it a theatre there or showplace? The whole thing was so realistic yet so much pieces and parts that gave it an abstract feeling too. I was fascinated and intimidated, both. I think that is how I might feel if I ever stood there taking it all in.

      • Hi Leslie, yes, there is a Palace theatre on Broadway. One of these days you will have to come and visit Times Square in person. Then you can take all the reference photos you will need to paint some more of these lovely works. (Don’t worry, I will protect you from crazy Elmo characters and the like.)

    • Thankyou, Carol. I should have just gone in search for myself. Thankyou for the link. Yes, New York would be fun…..

  10. What an eclectic group of theater signs. You kept all of the uniqueness in each one and joined them well.

  11. Great painting, Leslie!

  12. Oh my! What patience you have!! My hat to you!

    • Oh, thankyou, Isabelle! That means a lot. I had to work on this one in shifts. It took more patience than I usually have, but, in spurts, it wasn’t that bad.

  13. Love your new project,Leslie ! Really beautiful ❤️

    • Thank you, so much, Violet!

      Oh…and I can always fix typos! No problem! 🙂

  14. This is fantastic and such a great challenge with all that lettering! It reminds me of our trip to New York to get married as we went to see Wicked the night before our wedding!

    Leslie I wanted to thank you so much for you comment on my last blog post about the fox. You really gave me a different perspective on what was really troubling me with ‘style’ and technique’ – you’re so right I was looking at it in completely the wrong way and it has really helped unfog my brain and just let me get on with using what paints and technique I feel like without worrying about having a signature style. I liked it so much I’ve put it in my most recent post!

    • Hi Nicola,
      Thank you, so much, for the thank you. I was just passing on the info I learned from an instructor years ago because I know how frustrating it can become when we get tangled up with self doubt. I always feel a little sad for the artist who gets caught up in a technique and thinks that is his style and never goes on to explore more of what his hand and heart can render.
      I had a blast with this painting once I figured out I had to concentrate on one sign at a time and be mindful of how I was going to tie them together at the end. The light bulbs seemed to be the constant that fed one scene into the next but it took me some time to figure that out. Thank you.

  15. Wow, wonderful wonderful work, Leslie.

    • I have to get caught up on your story, visit your blog etc, etc, Eva. It has been all I can do to keep up with art sites and home stuff and classes for months, it seems. Thank you for your visit and comment!

      • Hey, no problem, Leslie. There’s only so much time in every day. I’m just glad your art is here to relish.

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