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The above paintings were both from reference photos that my daughter brought to me years ago. They are both from a zoo outing in Florida.

I was totally drawn to the shapes and the value contrasts in both of them. The top one,  rocks and water, had a fascinating abstract quality to it. The second one was interesting because of the shapes of the birds; one leading into the next.

Masa paper continues to be one of my favorite surfaces.



  1. Love the exotic flamingoes you have captured so well!

    • Thankyou, so much, for that about the flamingoes. Like watching a group of people; I want to know what they are talking about. 🙂

      • That would be interesting indeed!

  2. Wow, fantastically gorgeous. The light and color in the landscape is amazing, but I do love animals and those flamingos are really cool! Such great sunlight and shadow!

    • I think you could always spot what I choose to work on in any given painting, Cindy. These were exercises in shapes and values, for me. Thankyou!

  3. I love these paintings on masa paper. As you know, it is in my todo list to experiment with it. Maybe the flamingoes are most interesting but the landscape is a great composition and has a really nice contrast.

    • I think this is my favorite surface to work on, Nuno. Thankyou, so much!

  4. With intriguing shapes and colors, you have said a lot Leslie, both are gorgeous works!

  5. Amazing eye for this wonderful collage of paintings. It’s great how you brought a unique flavor to these pieces – love them!

  6. Before I could even read the description you had written, I had it in my mind that I love the vibrancy, and contrast in the pieces… And your’e right the second one, birds beaks lend so much interesting character and shape to an otherwise harmonious landscape…

    • Ha! You caught that with the beaks, Divya. Such fun. They were the only things that stuck out in any way in the whole scene. Everything else just fit and flowed. Thankyou!

  7. I don’t like pink but I love the flamingo’s 🙂

    • You make me laugh, Corey. 🙂 I do know you don’t like pink. Thankyou for visiting and commenting!

  8. Beautiful. The birds are perfect and reflecting quietude.

  9. Love the top abstract

  10. For some reason, your masa paper paintings are my absolute favorites, Leslie. I’ve also bookmarked your two posts with explanations so I can re-read them. I have a huge new frame that may just go on masa. Well, it is new to me but I picked it up in an antique shop. Not sure it is really antique but it is rather neat looking! These two paintings are beautiful and I love that little kitty below too!

    • Thankyou, so much, Sherry. I took a trip over to your sight and there is nothing there? Did you discontinue blogging? Have you changed your link? Let me know as I can’t find you!

  11. I dub thee “Queen of the Masa”! No one can paint on Masa paper like you do. The water and rocks are gorgeous and those flamingos make me just smile. The blue green shadows under the flamingos are a nice contrast to the pink/orange.

    • You are too kind. Most of the time I feel as though I am the hungry student of this masa surface. I just love seeing what it does to a painted image or scene. Thankyou, Carol!

  12. Stunning colors and wonderful lines for the flamingos!

  13. What a stunning piece!!

    • Thankyou for both comments, Isabelle. I was very intrigued with the shapes and values in that top one.

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