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The above painting is a portrait of my sister’s cat, Little Bear. I have always wanted to paint her just to see if I could capture the look of her tabby marked coat. I used frisket for the spindly white in the grasses, whiskers, and highlights in the eyes.

A post about frisket is found here.

My sister’s other cat can be found here.



  1. Super cat. I think cats are so paintable because of their mystery.

    • I need to paint more of them. Their eyes, their coats and the positions they get their bodies into are so very interesting. Thankyou for that about their mystery. That will help me to remember that when I try another cat, Gretchen.

  2. Stunningly beautiful job on her skin Leslie , the foreground plants look lovely, on the whole I felt like looking at a National geography photography! And what a cute name she has..

    • Oh, I like her name, too, Padmaja. Thankyou for your comment about the skin. I had set the reference for this aside for quite some time because I was not sure I could paint that coat.

  3. Geez Leslie…you’ve done it again! I’m moving house at the moment and have packed all my art supplies. It might be easier, just might, rather than unpack them…just move closer to you so I can take lessons!! You inspire me so….Raye

    • Oh my goodness. Moving?!?! I send you well wishes for unpacking with ease, Jots. Thankyou for your wonderful comments!

  4. Beautiful dapple texture on the coat and I love those botanical details in the foreground. Sweet face too!

  5. great kitty! yes, it’s fun to experiment with how to paint stripes. your stripes plus your great background make for an eye catching portrait.

    • Thankyou, so much, Mimi. I did actually try to repeat the shapes I saw in her coat in the light and dark patterns of the background foliage. My sister’s cats think they are hiding when they look out from the foliage. Mostly? They can be seen readily.

  6. You definitey captured Little Bear! The composition is stunning with the soft green against his fur. Beautiful Les!

    • I had to use that green in the background that I used in her eyes. I definitely wanted her to look as though she was a part of it all. 🙂 Thankyou, Nancy!

  7. Love the eyes 🙂

    • Thankyou, Corey. I tried to get more and more detailed as I painted toward them. Good eye you have! 🙂

  8. Love Little Bear’s expression. 🙂

  9. Such an expressive face! great job!

  10. Great painting and lovely cat, Leslie 😃❤️

  11. Adorable, Nice painting!

  12. What an enigmatic expression on her face. I can’t tell if she is annoyed at being found out in the grass or taking a break from watching something interesting. Cat thoughts are so mysterious. LOL

    • I think she may be annoyed at being found. My sister said she has a hard time getting photos of her that do her justice. You are the second person that mentioned a cat’s mystery, this post. Food for thought. Thankyou for this comment, Ruth.

  13. Very nice Leslie…such a fresh, little cat!

  14. It’s always interesting to read about these techniques and to observe the results, I remember your other post about frisket. And I love the eyes, too!

  15. I tend to like this concept of using a few colors and achieving what you did here… Would be my next goal… Also, would you agree if I said we lend some of our own personality to the pets we draw? 🙂

    • Most definitely. I have always thought a little bit of us ends up in everything we create….. Thankyou, Divya! 🙂

  16. Excellent – looks like fabulous markings – a delicate touch!

  17. I was immediately drawn to the cat’s eyes and cheeks. I feel like I could almost reach in and pinch those kitty cheeks! you did a great job with the tabby markings along with the white of the whiskers and foliage. I love the touch of purple in the background.

    • Thankyou, Carol. Yay! I did it right to get you to look at the face. It took me so long to learn not to detail the heck out of a background and every litle hair and that detail such as that is better left to the super realists. Thankyou! Thankyou!

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