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Henn Laidroo2

Henn Laidroo2


Cherie Droege

Cherie Droege

Our watercolor landscape class just ended this week. The artists that take my classes are kind enough to allow me to photograph their work and post it to share with all of you.

We broke the subject of landscape into five parts. In order, we studied landscape composition, trees, bushes and snow in the landscape, sky and water, buildings or man-made objects in the landscape, and little people in the landscape. On the last night of class, I gave everyone the same photo reference to paint from. It is always amazing to see the different renditions of the same reference.

If you would like to see more examples of art by these artists, click here or above on the title Student Art: Watercolor Landscape page .






  1. Leslie, you are clearly an excellent teacher, because these watercolors are excellent.

    • These artists are all so good and I do not think it’s me. They grasp everything and face each new challenge. It is a good group and they also learn new things from each other. Thank you for this comment, Tim.

  2. Marvelous…almost too marvelous for words!!

  3. Fantastic! So many great landscapes and barns and cities. And people. What a great group!

  4. Amazing focal points in both the works, the trains just grab our attention, very beautiful work, a teachers pride indeed!

  5. I love the way Henn drew in the tree trunks in white, and highlighted the rr tracks! Both of these train views are very talented. I’ll go to your site to see if there are more landscapes!

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  6. Very nice. Thank you.

  7. So agree with ForesterArtist’s comment. That locomotive by Henn literally took my breath away. I’m off to see what all the students did!

  8. Wow! your students wow me each semester. They get better and better. These two artists’ paintings are magnificent. I’m off to look at the others. (it’s snowing on your blog again, too!)

    • Ha! I love that wordpress adds that snow for a time every year. I think they should somehow figure out a way for it to collect and build up at the bottom of the page and then have some little digital guy come through and shovel it off.

      Carol, thank you for this comment and for taking the time to comment on each artist’s paintings on the student page. That is so cool that you did that! I answered some of the questions you had on some of them on the page.

  9. Really enjoy seeing your students work – these are beautiful paintings, I can see the care taken for technical and releasing the artist inside.

  10. Lovely use of color

  11. Love the more earthy colors in this! :)… It’s more the palette I would gravitate towards, and try to achieve….

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