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The above painting ended up as  total experiment in painting more monochromatically  and including some white paint. Ohmy! There are parts of it I like and other parts I can’t stand.  I was totally inspired by an artist featured in the Watercolor Artist Magazine this month by the name of Anni Crouter.

Unfortunately, the article only gives a summary of how she uses the medium so off I go exploring. I was not brave enough to black out the background for fear I’d lose the whole image, so opted for dribbling white and sepia through it. I think I needed to use more colors to achieve the deep browns and blacks in these ponies. I did like that I had to concentrate on shape and form and the twist and turns of the leather on them.  I even enjoyed frisketing the buckles and bits and other hardware on the bridles and harnesses.

Anni Coulter works on that new Arches Oil paper called Huile. I ordered some of that but have not tried it as yet. Will let you know what I think of it when I do.

One of these days, I’m going to get brave enough to black out a background and just leave hints of the shape.  I thank Watercolor Artist Magazine for the subtle pushes it offers to try something new.

Thank you to Wet Canvas for the image of the pony team.

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  1. Fabulous work in coloring and details.

    • Thank you, Mary. I’m looking forward to seeing your waterfall piece coming up.

      • Thank you so much – only 30 minutes once/week means slow progress, but I’m feeling pretty good about the direction to take this drawing. Hopefully it works out as I’m envisioning. Thanks so much Leslie!

      • I know you will do it. 🙂

  2. Incredible! Fascinating to watch the slideshow.. Beautiful work!

    • Thank you, Scott. It took me awhile to locate that slideshow option in the gallery settings. I knew I’d used it once before.

  3. Oh my goodness, what sweet ponies! Stunning detail with the hair and leather bits. A slideshow – terrific idea! And it really looks great! ;D Maybe try something smaller for your black background experiment. Or even just something quick so you can try the technique and see what happens!

    • Excellent suggestion, Cindy, about something smaller. I’m also going to do these ponies again sometime. Thankyou for this comment.

  4. I like the gradation on the background. They seem to move out of it. I also enjoyed seen the slideshow shots. Interesting to see the color progressions

    • I see that, too, about the background. It helps push them forward. Thank you, Ruth!

  5. Leslie, Have you ever tried to paint horses like those seen in cave art? Hmm? Random thought that wandered in while I am admiring your bright lovelies here.

    • You have asked me that before, about the cave drawings. No. I think my very first horses I drew, years ago, look very similar to cave art. 🙂 Thanks, Eva.

  6. Mind blowing to watch the evolving of the final piece ,the colors and details are remarkable!

  7. I think that the ponies are very sweet and I mean that energetically not hearts and flowers. You have conveyed that well.

    • Oh yes, Gretchen, you see the same thing in them that I did; especially that little dear one in the foreground. Thank you!

  8. I just find your work so beautiful, and these two beauties are no exception. What gorgeous horses!

  9. On the Reader, I saw the photos of the painting and knew immediately it was you! How’s that for you having developed your “paintprint”! XO

    • Thank you for making my day, Amy! I can not see my “paintprint” but can recognize others’, both students and bloggers.

  10. You are always willing to try a new technique or use different kinds of paper and then share it with us. These two ponies are really good. I love the line work in the manes and the monochromatic palette.

    I also really like the metal work on the horses bridles. Thanks for showing us that there’s always a new technique to try.

    • I just see so many neat things that watercolorists do. I want to try it all. I guess it is that forever student in me.
      Thankyou on the ponies. …and thankyou for the comment about the linework, Carol. That makes me feel good. A love of line hooked me to drawing years ago.

  11. Great post and terrific painting, Leslie. Thank you very much.

  12. this is nice! As you know I love horses, therefore I enjoy looking at your rendition. Very good, Leslie!

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