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The above art is a gouache resist.

PLEASE take a trip over to Artist at Exit O Riverblog found by clicking here. His blog is being featured in an art show at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft in Louisville.   The show is titled Seven Borders and curated by Joey Yates. A desk top computer is set up on a white table in this show and Al’s blog is on it!  Viewers can scroll around on his blog and find out what he is doing. They can also click on YOURS! by visiting the comment section (that is, if you leave a comment).  The show is up and running from now until September 1st. What a great way to let people know what we artists are sharing here on WordPress!

Al recycles trash and other things he finds washed up on the banks of the river at the Falls of Ohio. He has been posting his work for several years, now. He includes educational posts about the environment and always has a creative story to go along with what he does.  His sculptures are always interesting and come complete with a personality.

What a wonderful way to include a wide view of art in a show! Clapping for you, Al!


  1. Checking it out, Leslie. Thank you!
    And I love this piece. I can almost see that horse’s muscles ripple … Full of life and very, very lively. 🙂

    • Thank you for this, Jamie! …and thankyou for taking a trip over to Al’s blog and leaving encouragement for him. There is more to art than what we do with 2D painting and drawing and sculpture. Your writing is an incredible art form that pushes imagery into my mind always! That is what is so wonderful about the inclusion of his blog. It introduces the viewer to endless possibilities of creating!

  2. I like the motion to this one, Leslie!

  3. You GO! Leslie!!!!!!
    Love the race horse too!

    • Thank you for the comment to the racehorse, Eva. …Al’s entry, via computer and blog, is a great thing, methinks. It is an introduction to what he does as well as what other creative people do here to share their work through writing, music, 2D and 3D. It had me thinking about endless possibilities. I hope everyone who visits here will reinforce what he is doing and lead their viewers there to share.

      • I agree, Leslie. His blog and his art are totally interwined and it makes perfect sense for an exhibition. How else could he get so many people to even think about his river studio and all the creative work he does there? Much less seriously consider the pollution and trash issues in the water itself?
        What a wonderful world of possibiliites this computer, cyberspace medium has yet to explore!

      • There’s so much more to art than what we often assume. It’s a good thing.

      • Art is creative energy in motion, manifesting in a multitiude of ways that go beyond paint and paper. Yeah, it is a GOOD thing, Leslie. It’s a great thing. Creativity is hope for everyone.

  4. Thanks Les for directing me over to such interesting recycled art! Love your horse and rider as they canter on.

    • I hope I have encouraged others to check out Al’s blog and how he creates.
      Thank you for your comment on the racehorse! 🙂

  5. I like the solid quality of your resists. Lots of energy in this one. Thanks for the turn on to the art/junk creations. Amazing. i love to see what other artists are creating and this one is a doosy.

    • Thank you for that, Gretchen. I agree that the ink gives a solid look to these creations. By the time the artist gets to the painting phase, half the work is done. Thank you for visiting Al’s blog!

  6. Spectacular work Leslie, every bit of this piece is racing and energizing the viewer! Let me check the link now…

    • Thank you, Padmaja! …and thank you for checking Al’s blog out. 🙂

  7. Such a strong and beautiful piece! I’m in awe, as usual.

  8. I’m on my way to Al’s now! thanks for letting us know about it – I love this piece – it’s so vibrant and both realistic and slightly whimsical at the same time!

    • Thank you for both the comment and especially for the trip on over to Al’s, Nicola! 🙂

  9. poetry in motion Leslie, and creating anything from recycled rubbish is a bonus to my mind. Art can be amusing and environmentally sound at the same time. Works for me 🙂 xPenx

    • Thank you for your comment and the trip to Al’s, Pen. I love it that Al recycles while he is creating. More than that, his stories work the same way. Recycling common sense environmentally. 🙂

  10. Lots of energy here. I like the pop of red for his shirt.

    • Thank you for that, Ruth. His shirt just had to be red to make this work. Excellent eye! Originally, it was just red across the shoulder and wrist and I decided it wasn’t enough. Artistic license is wonderful when we realise we can control what we create. 🙂

  11. Strong design. I like the look of this gouache resist.

  12. Thank you Leslie for directing people to my blog. You are a true teacher, open minded, and encouraging! I have received several nice comments which are greatly appreciated. I like that any blog is a potential portal to others. I truly believe that everyone’s creativity is that great mostly untapped resource and the key to our future as a species. Here’s to art for life’s sake.

    • You are welcome. Al. I think what you do is both creative and informative. Thank you for this comment.

  13. How did I miss this post? I get all your post notifications. I really like this painting. It has a sort of poster-like quality, which I guess comes from the gouache resist. Someone should buy this painting from you and use it for one of the big horse races like the Belmont stakes!

    Thanks also for the link the the artist at exit O blog. I enjoyed the posts.

    • Yes. I think the technique looks a lot like a print.
      What a cool compliment to my work. I’d probably faint right out if I was contacted for artwork for a venue like that! Thank you, so much.
      Thank you for taking a trip over to Al’s sight. Anything that promotes creative art is a great thing and what a unique talent he has relating environmental education to the interesting recycle art he creates. Thanks again, Carol!

  14. You are such a master when it comes to animals!! (actually with all subjects!); I really like the power, the movement, the energy in this! And the tinge of black throughout the painting…

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