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Nancy Longmate Nancy Longmate

watercolor, ink and Citra-solv collage

Sue Mendenhall2

Sue Mendenhall

watercolor on masa paper

Dorette Hess2 Dorette Hess

watercolor and ink; barn siding drawn with ink and razor blade

The above paintings are just a sneak peak of what I have posted on the “Student Art 2” page found by clicking here. My students just finished a class I title Watercolor Plus. In this class, I introduce several ways that watercolor can be used with other media. This time they painted on a gesso juice surface, learned to prepare and paint on masa paper, created a gouache resist, used ink with watercolor in several different ways, and created a watercolor and Citra-solv collage.

Thank you to all my fellow artists who agree to share their work on this blog. I know they inspire others to try what they have tried by doing so.


  1. All very beautiful art!

  2. I am absolutely enthralled of Nancy’s landscape. A little abstract, but only enough to be fascinating!

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

    • Nancy paints like that. She is a master with COLOR!!! …and my favorite contemporary impressionist. That’s what I call her. I can see something new in every single one. I learn from my students. Thank you, Kate!

  3. Those first two have so much beautiful color! The water reflections in the first one, and the mountainside in the second, are really nicely done! And I like the weathered look of that barn and windmill, too. I guess you must be a pretty awesome teacher!

    Lots more wonderful landscapes on the other page, too. I really love that black and white meeting place above the city with the two women talking. And the dog that Nancy did is great! And the boats. Dang, I want to join. 🙂

    • I don’t know about awesome teacher, Cindy. I hope that what I do is bring ideas for them to soar from. They are a very good group of artists, creating from within. They don’t like every technique, but they always rise to the challenge. With each class, I see them expressing themselves more freely and adapting to the medium, becoming more comfortable with the expression at hand. This was a difficult class and the techniques were very time consuming, but they always brought their attempts. I think their efforts speak for themselves. Thank you, so much.

  4. Wow! Such talent! 🙂

  5. I love seeing your students’ work, Leslie. Every one of them did a beautiful job and I think any one of them could teach me a thing or three.

    • Oh Sherry, I learn so much from this group. I learn what inspires them and see, from their work, where I need to venture with my own. They are a true gift and I am lucky they return to work with each other in this class. Thank you!

  6. Always appreciate that you support and encourage your students, Leslie. A lot of pleasure in these three piece and something rather endearing about that little goat.

    • My goodness. Sue worked so hard to get that goat to look the way she wanted. Thank you for commenting on that!

  7. lovely to have a chance to view student artists, Leslie, learning their craft, and showing such talent. All definitely look to be of a very high calibre, making their teacher proud methinks. xPenx

    • These are artists, Pen. Many of them come because they love this group and the gifts they have to share with each other. They try new things here and re-practice old visions. There is something of comraderie going on here. I remember reading, somewhere that Mary Shelley was inspired to write “Frankenstein” by a group of writers that gathered at she and her husband’s home? Was it that they set the challenge to write a scarey story or something like that? That’s kind of like this class. There is a “what if” we do this and a demo of what “this” is and everyone sets to work creating. We have the artist who prefers old school, the artist who could illustrate childrens’books with ease, the artist who creates impressionistically and the artist who brings a new vision each and every time. When a new artist comes on board we are refreshed with yet another new vision. I love sharing these artists’ visions. I am proud to be associated with this group. I view my role as just the person who introduces a challenge, so to speak. I can help them as an extra set of eyes, but they all know they can take or leave my advice. Sometimes it gets so quiet in the room, everyone working on their vision and I wonder why I’m there…… Thank you for your insightful comment.

  8. glorious stunning colours

  9. Fantastic. What a great group of students you have.

    • Thank you, so much for saying that. These artists are the best and I am so lucky to share time and space with them.

  10. Fantastic work by your students once again. I love seeing their work. And I can see your influence on them.

    • They just take off with every assignment brought to them and I know they have grown. I like to listen to them comment on each other’s work every week when they share these gifts. I hear very little of a defeatest attitude from any of them, EVER!, anymore. That fills me with joy! It is always about what they are going to do NEXT! 🙂

  11. These are all lovely Leslie! Im having to teach myself watercolor, its a bit hard going… But watercolor art is one of my favorite kind, thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you, so much, for your comment, Cindy. I think you can learn watercolor on your own with the aid of the internet and great books on the subject. The best teacher is an interested student, so there you have it.
      I still can’t comment on your blog. I think you need to go to your dashboard page and scroll down to where it says Settings and click on that. Then go to Discussion and click on that. In the very top box that says default article settings? click all three. Then read that whole page and check the boxes as to how you want your comment settings. Don’ forget to go to the very bottom of that page and click on “SAVE CHANGES”. Hope that helps. Right now, all I can do is read your blog I can’t even click on likes.

      • Hi Leslie I changed some things and also I changed my theme, if you would like to try again and if it doesnt work, please let me know, because I dont get much feedback. Thank you so very much. Cindy

      • Hi Cindy,

        You have the “Like” button working but not your comments. All that is done from your “discussion” page in “Settings” on your dashboard page.

  12. LOVE the Goat! Or Mountain Ram–whatever ti precisely be–great colors for energy and the expression on its face–oooo priceless.
    O btw, not the Ed Sullivan show…I’ll check though. Hi. Have you had your bath bubbles today, Leslie? hmm? LOL.

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