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Just got in from shoveling and blowing heavy wet snow around, hopefully, for the last time until next winter. Seasons are like interludes. Hope this storm was the final scene of the act of winter.

Reference photo from Paint My Photo.


  1. This is lovely and funny enough I’ve painted the exact same scene here! I used a photo from paint my photo website!

    • Love your take on this, NIcola. Thank you for giving me the heads up. I thought this was from wet canvas. Phew! Just posted it to Paint My Photo.

  2. hope your right, here in nyc, we have wet snow/rain. nothing is sticking. thanks for sharing your beautiful painting. have a wonderful week.

    • I wonder if this will track through to you? I think it will be more south, though. I am trying to be very patient as we track into spring due to last year’s freak 80 degree weather, at this time. It seemed to spark that horrible drought we suffered later. I have heard reports that we are back up to normal amounts of precipitation, now, which is a good thing. Thank you for commentt on my painting ssgt leslie.

      • glad all the back up to normal with the water situation. i enjoy and it is a pleasure to for me to appreciate fine art work.

  3. Les, I love, love, love this! It captured the mood of so many sunsets over water that we were so fortunate to share.

    • I think that’s what really caught my eye, Nancy, with the reference photo. This could have been a scene right from our front porch overlooking the lake. That huge tree looks very much like the big old cottonwood that sat on the left of our view from that porch! Thank you!!!!!!!

  4. I’m ready for the real spring.

  5. The contrasts are so well brought that the glow from the sun emanates out to give us a visual treat, beautiful Leslie!

    • Than you, Padmaja. I haven’t spent time with simple washes and something “backlit” for a long while. It was fun creating those foreground darks and watch the sun set.

  6. This is just beautiful, Leslie! There is a serenity to it that I just love.

  7. I hear you. Its been a long winter up int the great white north.

    • Oh boy. I don’t think I could take all the cold and snow you must get up there, Richard.

  8. Wow! I just love that delicate and so subtle blue-green in the water. Beautiful silhouette!

    • I think that blue-green was one of those “happy accidents” we watercolorists are always talking about. It was the continuation of the wash from the sky and my brush began running light on pigment; the yellow bled into the blue. Thank you, Cindy! πŸ™‚

  9. I love the purple tones here. Puts me in the mind of dusk. We lucked out on the snow down here. We got a little over 4″ but it mostly melted on the concrete so we never shoveled.

    • You still got that wet stuff, though! πŸ™‚ Thank you for the comment on those purples, Ruth.

  10. I sat and stared at this watercolour for simply ages Leslie, ’tis a feast for the eyes…. instead of the whiteness that shows through my window… We’ve been visited by Monsieur Winter again…and it’s nearly time for us to put our clocks forward to establish British Summer Time… I think this has been the harshest Spring for 50 years… Fingers crossed for your wish that it be the final scene, Hear that Winter? we want this to be the finale’… I wonder, will ‘He’ take note… πŸ˜‰ xPenx

    • Thank you for the comment on my painting, Pen. Yes…. Winter needs to take a break. They say we are going to warm up some come Saturday. Sure hope it stays.

  11. I wish you a long and colourful spring, Leslie. With warm sunlight, like in your beautiful painting.

  12. Hi Leslie, I love the transparencies of the different colors in the leaves and the beautiful sunset. Whew, am I glad that snowstorm missed us! Finally 50 degrees this weekend for Easter. I’ll take it. Happy Easter to you and your family.

    • Thank you, Carol. I painted this, primarily, to shpw my beginning students how to create a dark by allowing the pigments to mix and mingle wet-in-wet on the paper; rather than mixing them on the palette. The sky and sun was done to show them how to retain white space in a wash of color and to soften an edge.
      We are to get to 50, Saturday. I hope that is the beginning of warmer days. Not “hot”, though! Happy Easter!

  13. I keep hoping we have seen the last of winter too! That’s the nice thing about painting landscapes is that your mind can inhabit the places you create.

  14. How peaceful! Thank you for bringing serenity into my day!

  15. Love this! And I’m right there with you…ready for Spring. I still have one small pile of snow from the last big snow. I had around 10″ in my yard.

    • Oh my goodness, Linda. I know you were hit hard by that last snowstorm because my sister lives in Indy. The piles stayed here for quite a few days,also. I think we are going to have spring, now. 62 predicted for Monday, I think they said. Thank you!

  16. you captured the colours so lovely, as the shades are never really black and the sun is never really yellow

  17. I love this – it’s so deceptively simple but has depth. πŸ™‚

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