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Henn Laidroo2     by Henn Laidroo


Nancy Longmate2  by Nancy Longmate

The above paintings were done as part of assignments for a six week course in composition.

We studied creating a center of interest and learning where to  place it on our format.  The students created different formats to paint on such as squares and long and narrow rectangles. They explored emphasizing one or more elements in their paintings to attract a viewer’s attention. These elements included simplification, exaggeration, repetition, emphasizing the focal point, movement and contrast. They created paintings by combining two or three photographs. They also created portraits or figures utilizing the guidelines of composition.

Please check out the results of our class by visiting the “Student Art 2” page  here.

Thank you, once again, to all my students for a great class!


  1. Well done Nancy!

  2. The light play in Henn’s work is amazing, it is a treat to teach such talented students, Leslie, you are an incredible teacher! Nancy’s composition is very beautiful too!

    • I hear you, Padmaja. These artists mean a great deal to me. Their paintings are memories in my mind and I love seeing what they create each and every week. I was totally into the light in Henn’s painting, also. That is why I featured it here. Thank you!

  3. “New” students? I’m guessing new to you? The top piece reminds me a bit of Marie Theron’s work. The colors are beautiful in both pieces and oh to have those skills!

    • Hi Sherry,
      No. They are not new to me. The title “new” means I’m sharing new creations that they have painted. I see how that could be read or interpreted differently. Sorry. Thank you for your praise of their work.

  4. both Watercolours have a life stamped as purely their own, Leslie, drawing the eye here and there, discovering differing plays of light and texture. Totally opposite in the stories told, but each as good as the other . Thank you for sharing … xPenx

    • Hi Pen,
      Thank you for commenting about the textures and light in both these pieces.

  5. dear leslie,

    i just love this. i just hope to learn watercolor painting from you, first-hand. you are such a prolific artist. now i am so inspired. all the best from your friend. 🙂

  6. I don’t know which is more impressive…your students’ work or your ability to teach!

    • I really think it is my students’ work. I offer up suggestions and expose them to new techniques, make assignments, that sort of thing. The real growth and the real patience and dedication has to come from them. They are such a good group! Thank you, Carol!

  7. It’s great to see the community you are building through art and the love of watercolors in particular.

    • Perfectly stated, Al, and I thank you. We are a community of artists coming together and growing together.

  8. Thanks for sharing, Leslie. It’s always a joy seeing your students work.

  9. Wonderful and colorful! I really love the simple bench with all the light and shadow and leaves surrounding it, and the very colorfully dressed woman with bright makeup too. So many lovely paintings! Makes me want to do paintings. Haha, I think your student posts always make me want to 1. take your class, 2. do some painting. ;D

    • Seeing these artists’ paintings always make me want to paint. I want to try what they try . I want to find more for them to try. It is like one big circle of see, relate, create etc. Thank you, Cindy.

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