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Painting by John Kelty

Painting by Robert Einhaus

The above paintings are two examples of masa paper paintings that were created by students who recently completed my watercolor on masa paper class. There are more examples of their incredible work on the Student Art 2 Page (click here). Everyone did an incredible job! Thank you to all of you who participated. I hope to see you again in the future.



  1. Yeesh! Your students could teach me so much! Beautiful work, Leslie! How are you fixing your masa to another sheet of paper? Do you use a spray adhesive? Will it ultimately come away from each other (the two papers, I mean)?

    • My students teach me, too! I use 3 parts acrylic matte medium with one part water and stir it up to make a runny glue. I spread it on the backside of my toned masa paper with a large “soft” brush that I purchased just for this as the bristles get somewhat stiff even with good washing. Then I flatten the piece by stroking the front surface with the same brush (stroking from the center outwards so as to encourage any air bubbles out the sides. I also fold over any large crinkles so they don’t appear like air bubbles underneath). This also applies acrylic matte medium to the top surface. I like this because it allows for some lifting. Always mark one corner of the front side or shiny side with a waterproof ink dot. No. It will not peel away. It is adhered for good. Here are my two posts that share the most about “how to”, Sherry. and I hope this helps! Have fun! Thank you.

  2. Wow! Totally gorgeous!!!

  3. Thank you, Leslie! Our masa paper paintings are brilliant (if I do say so, ha!). Your’re helping us create and keeping me, especially, up to doing our best and having fun, too! God bless you! See you in September…Sheryl

  4. I am so totally impressed with your students’ work. What beautiful, imaginative, creative pieces. I still need to try this and am hanging my head in shame that I haven’t done so yet. I think this post and your last post will finally push me to do something on Masa paper.

    • This is such an interesting surface to work on. Kind of like drawing with a brush when you do. I think the thing that slows me down is the amount of prep time, but have gotten around this some by toning several sheets of the masa paper on one evening and storing them for future use. Thank you for the comment to my students’ work. They are a fascinating group of artists and we share and learn from each other, so much.

  5. Wow, you certainly steer your students toward great things! These are both really terrific. I also totally love the little girl with the frog on her shoulder, and also the little house with the wall of purple stones. Oh, and that fountain. Really, all of them are great. I would totally take your class! ;D

    • Thank you, Cindy! I can cot take credit for all these students do, as they have taken workshops and painted under many instructors. They are dedicated and come together to create and learn more through what I may have to offer and learn from each other as we go.

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