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I found the above image in a reference photo book for artists. I wanted to try a silhouetted image on masa and this one caught my eye.  The most difficult phase of the piece was the drawing. The rest was just a study in painting believeable values. The light is the original tone of the masa paper I selected for this. As I painted around that area, it became lighter and lighter.

The above image is the drawing on the toned masa paper prior to my painting on it.


  1. Leslie, I would not know where to begin. Your talent is really amazing. Wait a minute…I could draw the lanes. Yep, I could do that. 😀

    • Do you mean the lanes on the roadway or is that a misspelled word for lines? 🙂 I didn’t attempt the lanes after I tried to figure out all those lines. That was truly the worst of this for me. ..and I think I “lied” a little on some of them. I opted for believeable. Thank you, Amy!

  2. Very good.


  3. This is just gorgeous. Another one I’d love to see on my wall.

    • Thank you, so much, Yousei. This would be neat in a study or an office?

      • I agree. It has a warmth and elegance to it. I wouldn’t mind it in a family room either…ooooo, a library (those lucky enough to have one). 😉

      • I turned my dining room into a reading/library space. I’m lucky. 🙂

  4. Wow

  5. I have seen several bridges, this one stands out because of the back ground texture. True, the drawing must have been the toughest part. but your skill is just amazing, you did it so perfect!

    • That’s what I like so much about this surface, Padmaja. Some of those “happy accidents” we refer to in watercolor are already there in the texture of the toned paper. Thank you!

  6. Leslie, I think this is so beautiful! You’ve inspired me with the masa paper and I actually purchased about 8 sheets recently. Haven’t tried it yet but hope to begin working on a piece by this weekend.

  7. This is wonderful. I do wish i could say more but I can’t think of anything to quite put my thoughts across. There is so much to it

  8. I was confused! When you said “I found the above image in a reference photo book for artists” I thought you meant the same exact image. But you must have meant a photograph with a similar scene? That makes sense so I am going with it. 🙂

    The colors and values are amazing! Maybe a sunrise? And of course there is no indication you had any trouble whatsoever in the drawing stage. The structures and the lattice-work of lines looks stunning!

    • You are correct. A photo of the scene, above from a reference book for artists. I had wanted to try something that was back lit on the masa paper surface. Thank you, Cindy! 🙂

  9. Incredible work! I’d buy this!

  10. Leslie, this is STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL! I really like the light and I love that you used Masa paper for this. It gives it so much depth and with the light you’ve created it really works. A masterpiece.

    • This was so simply done that I wish I had discovered this earlier. Duh! We learn as we go. Thank you for this comment, Carol.

  11. So beautiful, Leslie. I love the glow coming through the bridge and highlighting it It looks like a scene as the sun is coming up.

    • I don’t know if this is sunrise or sunset which makes it whatever the viewer wants it to be, which is a treat, I think. Thank you for commetning on this. as I admire your exactness in architecture and this was incredibly difficult for me to draw.

  12. Beautiful bridge Leslie!

  13. Scintillating!!!!!

  14. This is stunning! Almost as if the paper created the painting. The rich colors and textures make me want to be in the midst of what is transpiring on that bridge.

    • I know it is not the skyway in Chicago but it sure made me think of going across that bridge when we were little ones, doesn’t it? Thank you for the comment, Nancy!

  15. This is beautiful! The colors are perfect for the image.

  16. The colors are so beautiful, Leslie, and the masa paper makes it so, so, Oh I don’t know what to say – I just really, really like this one, the colors, the structure, the bridge – everything!

  17. Leslie, you are the most constant life long experiemental- learner artist I know! Wonderful!

  18. What a gorgeous scenery, Leslie! The light is wonderful and the color soooo warm, I love it! I really like this technique that you used to make the batik look. Great work!

    • Thank you, Anne. I’m with you on liking this surface to work on. If I was not such an experimentalist, I think most of my paintings would be on masa or incorporating rice papers into collage and watercolor paintings.

  19. This crinkled techniques works so well for this piece! I love the lines and the colors. Such a mood!

    • I often tell my students that the nice thing about working on masa paper is that the “happy accident” we always look for in watercolor is already there for you. I love that about this surface. Thank you, Isabelle!

  20. It’s really great to be back visiting your lovely paintings Leslie. This post reminds me of our own Tyne Bridge in Newcastle. Neat clean colours-so beautiful.

    • I took the time to google the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle, Keith. This does look somewhat like that but this one was longer. The arch that you see, here, is just the beginning section of this bridge. The reference book did not have where this was and I would really like to know. Many of the British bridges I have viewed have this look to them. Perhaps it is in the UK. Thank you for this comment!

  21. Leslie, this is amazing! Really! 🙂

  22. I stopped by your blog since I’ve been out of touch, and I am so inspired by your enthusiasm to your craft and your skill! What beautiful paintings, and such peaceful scenes. Thank you.

    • Hi Jennifer!
      Thank you for letting me know you are back to posting your poetry as I enjoy it so much.
      Thank you, also for this comment about my enthusiasm. That makes my day!

  23. That sure turned out very impressive Leslie.. The light you’ve created is amazing..

  24. Stunning work Leslie !! I love this……a lot !!! All the best to you.

  25. This is wonderfully beautiful. The light you painted is incredible.

    • The headache with this one was all that line work, Amber. The experiment with the light was really fun as I layered the darks. So often it is not that easy. Thank you.

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