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My sister has recently joined our blogging community here on WordPress.  I announced here, the release of her book on yoga for the special needs child in 2009. She has continued to offer workshops, lectures and demonstrations for educators, physical and speech therapists, doctors and parents of special children. She also shares with her private clients, helping them to grow and experience the gifts that Yoga can offer them. I find her work fascinating and her perceptions new and innovating. She brings a breath of fresh air to everything she does and an element of the spiritual always comes through.   One post I really liked was when she wrote of her daughter and the rescue of a little dog, Bella. You can visit her new blog here.

Welcome to WordPress, Nancy!   🙂



  1. I loved the Bella story! Your sister’s writing is very spiritual and engaging! Great painting, too, I might add! I am reminded of the rear view of a white flamingo walking on storm clouds. 🙂

    • Thank you for taking a trip over to my sister’s blog, Beth. Bella has become a loved member of their family. I get a “Bella” story everytime I talk with her. 🙂
      Love your take on the flamingo. Those drips do come through as looking like very long legs. For me, that orb you saw as a flamingo’s rear end was something trying to be born. I don’t know if it is an idea, a new planet, a soul or just what. I agree that the surrounding shapes look like some kind of sky or vast expanse of loose shapes coming together to push reality forward? That is what I felt, as the artist, anyway. I never know if these are finished but enjoy working on them. Thank you for making me smile with the flamingo. I love that perception! 🙂

  2. Your sisters work is just fabulous Leslie, I will forward her link to my sister who is a special educator.

    • Oh. Thank you so much Padmaja! I knew some of my viewers are interested in Yoga and gravitate toward the spiritual as well as interested in educating toward that end. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Great to have another WP blogger! Welcome!

    Beautiful painting, Leslie! What are those hairs/bristles? Love the texture they make.

  4. Reblogged this on Yoga Therapy for Children and commented:
    Thank you Leslie for welcoming me to the family of Word Press as you have always incuded me as your sister. Those that follow the blog will be happy to know they now can access your artwork, which is your passion. You are the exceptional illustrator of “Yoga Therapy for Every Special Child”.

  5. Hi fellow yogi,

    Do you have a story of healing or transformation through yoga that you’d like to share with the world? The Yoga Diaries is now accepting submissions and we’d love to hear stories from all over the world!

    Please spread the word and help us to spread the light.

    The Yoga Diaries

    • Thank you for the invite, Yoga Diaries. I am not the yogi, though. My sister is.

  6. Gorgeous colors in this piece, Leslie. I am reminded of “da Bears.” I’m off to visit your sister’s blog now.

    • 🙂 and 🙂 !What a riot. I never thought of “da Bears” and I’m a fan!. Thankyou! Thank you also for visiting my sister’s blog.

  7. Hi Leslie, I just went over and welcomed your sister to wordpress. I will add her to my blogroll too. I like the piece “birth” that you selected to announce her new blog. You are a good sister. 🙂

    • Thank you, Carol! I think her blog will be well received by the Yogis that blog on wordpress. Thank you for including her in your blogroll. What an awesome friend you are!

  8. These colors are stunning! Filled with power and energy ! I love this piece !

    • You are one of the artists that inspired me to explore more with color and the abstract Isabelle! I have discovered a new joy in painting! Thank you! 🙂

  9. Hooray and congratulations on your sister’s new blog. (And it was a very sweet dog story!) I think my one year blog anniversary passed with little fanfare a few weeks back. It’s crazy how time goes by! She’ll be an old hat at it in no time.

    This is a very strange and interesting painting! I see the orb as the head of an otherworldly chicken (or insect) with dark blue wings, or an alien with long spindly legs making its way through a primordial swamp. Or perhaps a gathering storm in the clouds. I can see a flamingo butt too! But I suppose my natural inclination is to find slightly stranger stories unfolding. 🙂

    • Congratulations on one year blogging, Cindy! You do a great! job with it, sharing your step-by-step applications. Thank you for visiting my sister!
      How very cool that you shared your perception of this painting. I love it when viewers do that. I don’t mind strange stories at all! The fact that an abstract can make the viewer see and feel very different things than the artist may have is a plus factor I think. Perhaps that is one reason many artists continue to explore this form of painting. I, personally, find it refreshing and exploratory. Thank you!

  10. Hey Leslie! So glad your sister is now on wordpress too. Love your painting! 🙂

    • Hi Eva! Thank you! I think my sister is appreciating the freedom and ease of using wordpress. Thank you for taking the time to visit her! 🙂

  11. I love the rich color in this abstract. Full of energy and life. Congrats to Sis. I will check out her blog. The deep breathing that goes with Yoga and Tai Chi is very soothing and beneficial to me. I am just starting to practice both again. Feel like a stiff, old beginner!

    • Thank you, Linda! I admire what you do in the abstract and have wanted to learn to express myself better in this form. Thank you, also, for taking the time to visit my sister’s blog. 🙂

  12. I’ll visit her blog. It seems very interesting! Thanks for the link.

    • Thank you for taking time to visit my sister’s new blog. Also, thank you for sending viewers my way through a link from your site.

  13. Beautiful colors in this piece, Leslie.

    I will visit her page….. Thanks for the link. 🙂

  14. When I put my mouse over your painting I see the title “birth,” but what was born in my imagination when I first glimpsed (and still glimpse) the image is a flight of birds in a colorful landscape.

    Steve Schwartzman

    • Thank you, Steve. It is amazing to me that so many of these comments leaned toward seeing birds in some fashion or another. Your perception took me to viewing this differently and I see what you see. That is fascinating that a painting can depict so many things to different viewers. I like painting in the abstract more and more. When I began painting, I could not “let go” enough to explore painting like this. Thank you, again.

  15. Lumps can be so hard to swallow, but these are welcome ones, Leslie. I just read your sister’s blog about finding Bella. Oh Bella, you chose the perfect time to be seen! What a great story.

    • I am so glad you dropped by Nancy’s site. She was the one who passed on Carolyn Myss, Gary Zukav and James Van Praagh and opened my soul and heart. Bella is great little dog! You are right about the perfect timing. I think she and Nancy’s family were meant to be together. Thank you!

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