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Jennifer Parks

Judy Notestine

David Hess

The above gouache resists were created by students in my watercolor plus class. This class has just ended. I have posted one example of each of the students’ work on the Student Art 2 Page.

In this class we explored rice paper collage with watercolor, painting on gesso, gouache resist, and ink and watercolor. We explored the effects of splattering, creating texture with saran wrap, and the use of frisket.

I want to personally thank all my students for their hard work and extra input and sharing during this class. I am always sorry to see them end.



  1. fantastic Leslie! There is so much personal style and vision in each of these. It shows what an excellent teacher you must be!

    • Thank you, Kirsty. I wish I could take credit. With this class, it is a matter of throwing an idea out to them and showing them a few techniques and answering questions as we go. Many of them return to take the next class and I think they grow leaps and bounds because of it.

  2. I agree with Kirsty, all of them have their own style, excellent work!

    • Oh Anne, thank you for backing that up about their personal style. It is the number one thing I don’t wish to do and that is to teach “my style”. If I stick to techniques and elements of composition that seems to help avoid that. Thank you!

  3. These paintings are wonderful, Leslie! Your students are lucky to have you as a teacher. 🙂

  4. These are great. The water in the first one is so beautiful. And I love this zebra. The one with the web intrigues me, it’s so full of symbols. I love the lights in it.

    • Thank you for spotlighting each one Hannekekoop. My students will be so pleased.

  5. The different styles, subjects, messages…the welcome uniqueness of each person’s gift. Love combing through them – hoping to see at least some aspect of what the artist wants to say. But then…I can hear some artists saying, “It’s what you see!”

    Today, I would enjoy a chat with David Hess. He’s picked one of my fascinations…what would it be like to sit on a spider’s web? What would I be doing there?

    • I am smiling about your comment, Amy. Each artist would say it is what you see as the viewer, but it is interesting to know the story or the technique or the challenge behind a specific artist’s work and if their thoughts change and develop mid painting. David’s painting was inspired by a special vision and thought. That is “the light” shining on the man in the web. It is what you see. I am not surprised you were drawn to that one. 🙂

  6. Your credibility as a teacher shows in your students’ works.. hats off Leslie.. they are fortunate to be in such good hands!

  7. Wonderful work by your students…thanks for sharing, Leslie. I love the man fishing…

  8. I love these paintings. It makes me want to get my paints out. I have a long way to go.

  9. Oh my what an awesome teacher you are, Leslie! These works are wonderful. I checked out the link to view the rest and they are incredible!…Thank you, and your students as well, for sharing.

    • My students and I thank you for checking all of these out, Deb. 🙂

  10. Some great work inspired by a clever teacher. They’ve done you proud.

  11. You sure do have some talented students there Leslie…

  12. Great art work from students who learn from their great teacher. Their work are amazing. You must be really proud. Their imagination and details are great. Keep up the good work Leslie.

    • I am very pleased with what this group does, Francis. They always bring something new and ideas abound. They are a great group. Thank you!

  13. Leslie,
    These are great, thanks to you and the students for allowing these to be posted. Two quick comments.
    I think Jennifer’s painting may have a poem in it, I’ll have to visit it again. The texture, shape, color of the hat – including the holes is excellent! I love the position of his body and the way it fills out the chair at the bottom. The flow and ripple with wake in the water and the lighting makes me want to be there. Please e-mail me if you’re still in touch with her.
    I think David should try poetry if he doesn’t already. He can start with his painting and go from there 😀



    • Jennifer will be so pleased to read your comment. That is a portrait of her husband fishing. I like the idea that she captured so much personality in a view of his back. 🙂
      I could envision David as a poet. He is an awesome photographer, also!
      Thank you!

  14. what talented students! Again, let me say I would love to take your classes.

  15. Beautiful work Leslie, You are an excellent teacher 🙂


  16. Love the variety of approaches your students are using. They are obviously learning a lot from you!

    • This group understands how to be themselves with their art, I think. I introduce ideas and teach techniques and they grab them and dig in. Thank you for this comment, Al.

  17. I am always amazed at the beautiful work you are able to inspire in your students, Leslie. I just shared this on Facebook. Wonderful. I’m tickled with the subjects they chose as well.

    • Thank you for sharing this, elsewhere, Jamie! These students are so talented.

  18. Vibrant…

  19. My art teacher is great!

    • Thank you so much, Tammy! Happy New Year to you! See you again soon! 🙂

  20. Whenever I look at your students’ art, I am so very impressed. What exceptional work they create. Each student obviously enjoys painting and experiment with various techniques you demonstrate. I think you must inspire great confidence with your supportive teaching. Thanks for sharing their work, Leslie. I think they and their teacher are terrific artists! 🙂

    • You honor us, Nanina. I hope each student’s work shows their individuality and that what I offer up to them is used with their own take on it. We talk about that a lot in our critiques of each other’s work. I think any of these students could be the instructor. I learn a lot from them. Thank you, so much. 🙂

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