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I am beginning to see some similarities in my work, especially in portraiture, animals and figures.  The top lion was painted this week. Bill is from a post in 2009.

I leave you with a sing-a-long.  I have probably sung this song more than any other and have never tired of it. Sometimes carrying it through a day with me, not able to get the tune out of my head.

Thank you to LittleUkeleleMonster for these lyrics!

Have a GREAT weekend Everyone!


  1. I see the peaceful, yet stately quality in both paintings and the beautiful display of shadows in color. The lioness is almost touchable! A realism blended with a touch of magic.
    Can’t wait to get the pictures of Albert to you, the black bear Kim and I took in our yard in New Hampshire!!!!!

    • Hi You! Oh my! …a bear? and you have pictures?…for moi to share? Hurray! Pray tell, how close did you get? You and Kim are so adventurous.
      Thank you for the comment, Nancy. Enjoy the remainder of your vacation. 🙂

  2. Great colors as always, I especially like the way you are rendering the shade area, works great with the brown of the lions. Great paintings!

    • Thank you, Sandrine. I am seeing how I use color from painting to painting as a similarity and also something about the line I create. How long before you began to see similarities in your own work? I see your style from painting to painting, even when you use a different technique or medium. It has taken me a long time to visualise this, in any form, in my work. Is this the same for many artists, I wonder?

  3. I love this song too Leslie, … just made for us to singalong, (all together now… Hah!! not likely!! I’ll just hum to myself. 😀 ) … and your Watercolours are wonderfully done, you’ve captured the grandeur, as in the grace of the Animal by sheer mastery of brush strokes methinks, and the muscle tone especially springs out at you. Most of all though? The Lionesses expression, makes me want to weep, as I’ve seen it hundreds of times… in My Girls face when she was lying at my feet. I repeat myself and say again, wonderfully done Leslie…. xPenx

    • I hope everyone sings it at least once, Pen! Thank you for taking the plunge in song!
      I need to grab a tissue again, for I saw the same as you in the lioness. Thank you so much, because I had to go over the drawing of the eyes several time to capture that. Somehow I think there is greatness behind that expression when they happen to let us see it. Thanks, Pen.

  4. Your painting appears to me as though, when you paint, you are nothing less than tranquil in mind and heart, especially in these two. The lioness has got to be one of my most favorite animal paintings that you have done, or that I have seen you do. Once again you bring a smile to my face with these wonderful creatures. Excellent work, Leslie!

    • I almost forgot…thank you for sharing this beautiful song; I recall it well now.

      • Thank you for that tip about tranquility. I was wondering about that very thing as I try to find relevance to what I do. I can assuredly tell you that I am not a rushed painter trying to capture all I see “spit-spot” but settle myself into a “zone”. That may come through. How very kind of you , Debbie, to share that. I became very intrigued with the flow and form of that female lion, the look on her face and the lift of her paw. Thank you for making my day!
        Oh, please sing it once! It feels great. I even did some of the wailing right along with the wailer! 🙂

      • I sang it, and enjoyed every second of it. Now it’s playing in my head. 🙂

      • …..and it feels good, too!

  5. This lion is so beautiful! I remember the older one, too. You have such a way with animals…. like calming them with your paintbrush! Does that make sense?

    • Perfect sense! Thank you so much, Beth!!!! I did feel like I was stroking them.

  6. You are so sensible when it comes to color and placement. I am so eager sometimes, my color schemes and how intensely I choose to render then comes off… Irrational. Lol I am learning patience from you.

    • Hi Ronny,
      Ran over to your new site and must go back and read. Thank you for this comment on color. Sometimes I feel like I stretch the envelope on color, a bit. I sort of follow the main color combinations and then explore from there. Because of the exploration, I sometimes get muddy, just like in real life! 🙂 I did not notice I was becoming more patient until I realized I was working on the same group of paintings day after day. It sort of happened that way while I was having fun. You will begin to do the same thing. Someday you will wake up and certain pieces you thought were done won’tlook so, anymore. Paintings talk, don’t you think? Your exuberance and love for art is shining through in all you write about and do. I remember that. Fast is not bad and you probably have just the right amount of patience for your vision at any given time. I assure you, none of us, as artists will ever think we have finally created that end-all painting, drawing or sculpture. It is not in our blood. There will ALWAYS be something more to create and some new medium to PLAY with. 🙂 Thank you for your kind words.

  7. Your paintings read like a masterclass, I learn so much from what you post. I’m always in awe of your colour work and brush strokes. These two are epic, they remind the rest of us where we’d all like to be someday. You our mentor.

    • Thank you, Keith. These two are good examples of when I just sit down and draw and paint as though I am feeling the subject’s form or contours with my brush. It is my very favorite way to work and the least challenging. I am honored that you call me mentor for that is the way I feel about all of you!

  8. I think I can recognize a Leslie painting 🙂 I mean you have developed a great style and both the paintings are so very alive!

    • Wow, Padmaja, really? I thank you for that. I have the most difficult time visualising my own work and wonder if other artists have felt the same about theirs. Recognizing other artists work, after a time, comes really quickly for me. This week, seeing this lioness and paging back through my figures and portraits, I began to see similarities in line and the way I use my brush, finally! Thank you for this comment.

  9. I love cats. I love the feel of these two. The lion on the bottom (Bill) seems aged–older, and the lioness seems like a young one. Beautifully done, Leslie–their powerful bodies are so apparent in these paintings.

    I want to share this with my own lioness, Sita, the fierce tabby!

    • 🙂 Are our domestic cats smaller versionsof the “big” cats. I have heard there are some differences other than sizebut they all seem to have that supple fluid movement that I think is justgorgeous. I do think I made “Bill” look older thanhe is. Thank you for pointing that out. I like it that you are giving them life through your vision. Thank you, Gayle.

  10. Seems you’ve caught these two being so “just themselves”. Their paws speak gracefully of their peace and contentment. Both have obviously been well fed. You have such a way of bringing out the soul of animals, Leslie. I was interested in your comment about trying to find relevance to what you do. Oh, it’s such a process! It’s so fleeting and, if you are like me, it’s easy to forget that we are not alone. I love your work, the presence you present and your willingness to share so much of you in the process.

    • I love those paws of the “big cats”. They are so huge! You are so right about this being a process, Amy. Everything seems to flow together after a time and then we are off on the next adventure ! Thank you, Amy. Alone? Yep, I forget that from time to time…..

  11. I like both the old, and the new Leslie,
    but I can certainly see the likeness that
    you are talking about… I do favour the
    Lioness but that is not taking anything
    away from the King of the Jungle, he
    too is a very nice painting…

    The Pride and the Proud as it were…

    Androgoth Xx

    • I like how you put that, Andro. I think the lioness reflects, perhaps a little growth on my part in something, maybe layers of paint, that gives her body more volume. Perhaps that is what two more years of practice has done for my work. Thank you, Andro. Have a great rest of the weekend!

        • Androgoth
        • Posted July 31, 2011 at 4:36 pm
        • Permalink

        Yes and practice really does make perfect,
        as your work clearly shows here my friend

        Androgoth Xx

  12. These are both Gorgeous! The newer one has such lovely dark rich shades. I like the almost graphic nature of the second one. Very nice.
    I have that song stuck in my head now, I love it though so it’s all good. La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la…….:)

    • Yay! You sang along. How come I am not surprised as you always manage to post something fun on your blog. Thank you for pointing out the almost graphic nature of the second one. I think I was searching for the form with the first one, two years ago, and with the second one, it looks like I am finding it…. Cool observation, Virginia. Thank you! 🙂

  13. Aw, your lioness is a beauty. I would love to just sit and pet her, but she would probably maul me to death with that giant paw. Nevertheless, she has a wonderful sleepiness to her. Love the way her eyes are looking towards the left. I once read that lions sleep approximately 22 hrs a day and they only awaken to eat. I must have been a lion in a previous life.

    Thanks for the Tokens’ The Lion sleeps tonight. That has always been a favorite.

    • I agree. I can only stroke her with my brush, I’m sure she would not appear so peaceful if I entered her territory. I think you are right about that sleep thing and the big cats. I watched a documentary on the cheetah last week and heard they do the same. But! I know you go to work and paint and comment on blogs so sleeping and eating, only is just wishful thinking. 🙂 Thank you, Carol.

  14. Leslie,

    I had to visit your blog. Thank you stopping by mine, because I’m not sure when I would have tripped across your wonderful blog! Later today I plan to spend time going through entries. Your lions are brilliant – expressive and alive with energy.


  15. Wow, i’m mesmerizesd by your paintings. Really brilliant. Thanks for stopping by my blog, i really appreciate. I thought i’d pay back the favor just this once, but i think i’ll be doing that more often ;), checking on your blog. It’s really refreshing, the things you paint, and how you paint them.

    • Thank you, very much Debi. You are welcome here whenever the spirit moves you.

  16. OMG! These are simply GORGEOUS! Wonderful job, Leslie!

  17. Such beautiful work, Leslie! Love the curves, and the lion looks so natural.

    • Those curves was what attracted me to the reference for these. Thank youso much!

  18. I think I’d recognize your art anywhere, Leslie. It has a distinctive quality. I’d have to mull it over for awhile to describe it.

    I love both of these. They’re so different in mood: one peaceful and the other? … not sure if he’s angry or grumpy! 🙂

    Enjoyed much and love the colors.

    • It is comforting to know that there are people who might be able to recognize my work. I think Bill looks grumpy because I chose to emphasize his wrinkly face. It was rather scrunched when I snapped this shot. He lays by the window in his outdoor habitat. In this picture his shoulder is actually resting on the glass. I learned from one of the volunteers I know that there is heat there and he comes to lay there near that. Thank you, Jamie!

  19. my kids are yelling “turn it up!!!” as i comment here… we love this song 🙂 and these lions. they are flow. as they rest there. love it…

    • I’m laughing. 🙂 Everybody gets hooked by this song or at least makes fun of it. Thank you for the comment in regards to them, JRuth. Just had to add that song.

  20. These beautiful lines give me such a calm and peaceful feeling…

    • Thank you! When I finished the lioness, I held it next to the male and had the same feeling of repose, Isabelle. I wish I could transfer this kind of flow to my landscapes. Still working on that. Most of my landscapes are still a little choppy.

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