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The above became this with the help of photoshop:

The little dog on the bottom is my little Maltese, “Tucker”. I could not resist.

If you would like a closer look at the above paintings,  just click on them.  Have a great week-end!  🙂


  1. Ah ha! This cat person was the first to discover this. It pays to stay up late. I have clicked on them and I will be going back for more. They are great! I’m off to see them individually. Brave little Tucker deserves a closer look. Til later…

    • 🙂 I must spend some time painting cats this year. They are fun to try and capture. Sorry some of these aren’t as clear. I had to scan photos of a couple of them because they were painted prior to the purchase of my digital camera. Tucker is actually afraid of cats! Thank-you, Amy!

  2. I have studied the details in all of these beauties, enlarging and enjoying every bit of it!

  3. Fantastic results.
    What exactly did you do in photoshop?
    Is it a painting, digital mix

    • Thank-you, Richard! I first loaded all the original images of house and cats and dog into photoshop along the bottom so I would have them there to work with. I selected the house, first, and cropped the steps and lower part of the door and used that as my first layer. Then with each painting, I’d crop the cat out using the eraser tool and copied and pasted it onto the steps. I had to select the cat image and shrink it in size to fit the step on the first layer. So, I guess that is a digital mix? all created in layers in photoshop using the tools there. When I had the final image I wanted, I titled it and filed it as a jpeg image.

  4. Makes me want to pick up a brush! You make it look so inviting! Lovely, lovely blog… I have not yet been blessed with a grandchild however do get the chance to work with children with art therapy. They are such naturals! Hmmmm…. you’ve inspired me to break out my pastels!

    • Oh do that! I think the reason I draw and paint is just that; THERAPY! Children have a way of happily creating whatever they fancy. 🙂 Thank-you for the visit and the comment, Soulstrand!

  5. Oh my gosh, Leslie! I love cats and I love these pieces. These would make a beautiful calendar. If you make it I’ll buy it!! Wonderful work.

    • Thank-you, Kathleen! That is a super compliment to my work! I don’t have 12 cat paintings. 😦 I do need to paint some more cats. I will keep that in mind.

  6. aloha Leslie – these are all fun. and especially fun on your photoshop play. be careful – photoshop is gonna get way too fun… if it hasnt already. i especially like the lighting and feel of the upper right house image – house and stairway. something about that images just makes me want to be there in that light – it has a magical sense to it that i could spend time in for close to forever. once in a while i encounter that kind of lighting.. . and wow. way cool. way fun. oh. you selected with your eraser tool? sheesh, i havnt tried that. i might use the lasso or the magnetic lasso tool to slecct these cats. may be with a feathering of pixels… 2 to 5 pixels possibly… and then in the layers may be playing with the multiply or screening, color burning things you can apply. there is so much you can do with those – way cool. aloha.

    • Hi Rick,
      The painting of the front of that lake home was one of those that come along once in about twenty for me. It is the front entrance of my sister’s favorite vacation home and is located way up north in Michigan. The name of the place is “The Hum” because its previous owner was a music teacher.
      I must admit I am not very good with photoshop. I learned what I needed to know to create some gift cards for friends and family from my paintings. I do have the lasso tool but it is really difficult for me to get the hang of that with my paintings. Thus I erase very tediously around the images I want to use. I don’t even know what feathering is. 🙂 I just have the bare essentials of Adobe Photoshop 6 and purchased it primarily to resolute my digital images of my work for submission to juried shows. I have not been hooked as these compositions take me a great deal of time to create, but I like making images for special cards. Thank-you for your comment!

      • aloha Leslie – yeah,i see. cool. just in case you’re interested…

        the lasso tool probably has 3 kinds of lasso. one you more or less draw the shape you want – or around the shape you want. one is a straight line from each point to the next point you click. then there is the Magnetic Lasso – which may be the one to use in the cat case, as it will follow the edge of a line or shape or color. sometimes it will jump off the edge when it’s not sure where the edge is, but you can back the line up with your back delete key and you can go slow and lock down the line as you go when it’s in the right place. after you have it basically selected, you can add to or take away from what you’ve selected with something like what you did with your eraser tool. it might take you less time this way. it does take a little getting used to to think in these ways of selecting and to gain in the skill of it.

        feathering is a way to make the edge start to become transparent. that way it blends into what you are placing your cat (or what ever else you’re working with) onto – like the steps. by doing that it usually will have less of a cut out and pasted feel to the over all look of the image. in the case of your cats that’s not a big issue, but it might be at some point with something else.

        yeah. it takes some time to get to know how to work with all of this stuff – when it starts becoming second nature it really gets fun (imo). it’s a lot like knowing which brush you’re going to pick up and use for a given area in a painting. selecting is a big part of photoshoping – for some things. getting to know how the selection tools work can make things a lot easier and a lot quicker. no worries if this stuff doesnt interest you. i know you have a lot going on all the time. if you ever do have a question, or a “how to” issue… let me know. i may (or may not) be able to help with it in photoshop. aloha.

      • OK, I must have feathering as I remember something about making a line soft.The lasso tool, when I played with it was so FRUSTRATING!!!! Yes, it is very much like learning to handle brushes the first time. You are so kind to offer to help me if I run into a problem. I must really make another gift card soon or I will forget what skills I did learn. Thanks a bunch, Rick! 🙂

  7. This is great, Leslie! Love that house and the porch stairs. Adding all the cats (and your Tucker) was a stroke of genius. Photo shop is amazing, but this must have taken you forever!

    • FOREVER IS RIGHT!!!! Especially since I am not that good at it. Couldn’t help but add little Tucker just for fun! Thanks, Kate!

  8. What fun Leslie! I’ve enjoyed enlarging each painting. You certainly handle animal subjects with empathy. Keep up the fine work!

    • Thank-you, Al. I so enjoy painting animals, probably more than any other subject. I remember when I first read “Jungle Book” and devoured every single Walter Farley Black Stallion books as well as all of Marguerite Henry’s books on animals. Your comment and use of the word empathy made my day! Thank-you so much.

    • Sandrine Pelissier
    • Posted February 4, 2011 at 12:32 pm
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    Hello Leslie, I always enjoy looking at your watercolors! There is something about your use of complementary colors that just create a wonderful light in those paintings. Also they always look fresh and transparent! Great work!

    • Thank-you Sandrine! I just went back and looked at these and I see what you mean about complimentary color. I had not noticed that before. I usually use violet with greens and oranges and yellows and blues with reds, oranges and yellows but they do have a complimentary feel to them. So, thank-you for helping me see something. I am the worst when it comes to “seeing” with my own work. I have often wondered if other artists feel the same about their work.

  9. What a difference to enlarge them. I enjoyed each one of them.
    Great job, Leslie!

    • I’m only sorry that at the time that I created them, I did not have my digital camera. I had to scan these images from photos that I took with my old camera. Thus the fuzziness. That is why I had not posted them previously. Creating this card was so whimsical that I wanted to share. Thank-you, Debbie!

  10. I LOVE cats! And these are great Leslie 🙂 I clicked on each one – and my favorites are semicat and boandumbrella! I also like the little houses on the umbrella, it set me thinking of the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy and the tornado for some reason 🙂 Home is where the heart is – that black cat looks very much at home on those dappled boards 🙂

    • True cat lover, Lynda? The semicat was a devoted best friend of a semi driver and lived with her in the semi and traveled with her everywhere! Boo is my sister’s cat and she snapped this photo of him sitting next to her umbrella she had set on the porch to dry. His head is turned looking up the driveway. The painting on the umbrealla is actually a famous painting of a windmill. I think it is the Monet one minus the tulips in the foreground. That is what prompted my sister to ask me if I would like to try to paint it. I like “Home is Where the Heart Is” for a title for this. I believe my sister would, also. Thank-you, Lynda! 🙂

  11. I like the little cats a lot!Are soo sweet!
    I wait next watercolors! 😉

    Take care! 🙂

    • Thank-you, Alina! I keep painting, so there will be more. 🙂 Have a great week-end!

      • I’m glad then! 😉

        Have a great weekend too,dear friend!

  12. Great job with PS Leslie. Very nice capture of their expression. They all look so sweet and even Tucker looks like he didn’t mind being surrounded by a bunch of felines.

    • Ha! I’m chuckling because I drew little Tucker with no cats surrounding him. He probably would still be running if I had tried to get him to sit with these cats. Thank-you, Emily!

  13. Another cat person here, I thoroughly enjoyed this compilation. The critters are a way too cute :). BTW, the black cat, the one with the umbrella, looks exactly like my Kissicca. And Kissicca is very attracted to umbrellas… So I am wondering when did you sneak up here and paint her without my knowing… 😆

    • Kissicca looks like Boo and is attracted to umbrellas? I wonder if it is a black cat thing? Thank-you, Alex. I have neglected painting cats the last few years and must get back to doing a few. 🙂

  14. Fun! I love the compositions you have created.

  15. meow! these are all lovely but i have to say the umbrella/cat image is special… 🙂

    • Thank-you, JRuth. My sister will be so pleased. She was the one who rushed around looking for a camera to capture this scene of her Boo and the umbrella. 🙂

  16. Wow! Leslie this is great fun! I didn’t know you had photoshop (there’s a surprise – a nice one, too).
    A suggestion for something you might enjoy. If you have a printer that prints with ordinary inkjet ink, in other words, water soluble ink, then print the end result painting onto a sheet of fairly heavy paper (you’ll know from your own printer what is the maximum weight of paper you can use, mine’s about 250 gsm, I think), art paper if it’ll take it, and then when it’s dry, use watercolour paints on top of it. That way you’ll be able to continue working in watercolour on a print you’ve already done. You can also use guache or acrylic (if it’s waterproof ink, you might only be able to work on it in acrylic).


    • Thank-you for this tip. If it is my original art, I can see doing that even on the notecards I make on my printer. Sort of like making an original on an original! 🙂 Yes. I have the very basic photoshop and know that I can do more with it than what I do. I love the feel of pencil or brush on paper or canvas so I doubt if I’ll get hooked, but I certainly appreciate what you, Rick and others create digitally. Plus, for having played around a little with it, I know the skill and time you put into your work. Truly amazing! Thanks, Val!

  17. By the way, apropos what Rick was saying and your replies, the lasso tool is, in my opinion, one of the most frustrating tools in photoshop and I’ve been using the program for years! The straight line lasso (called the polygonal lasso tool, in my version of photoshop) is easier than the other options, and ironically I don’t use the magnetic lasso unless something has very straight edges. The thing about the straight line lasso is that if you zoom in very close to the image you want to use, you can use this tool with ease as it places only straight lines. So, for instance, if you have a circular form, you just place shorter lines.

    For feathering, you might find an easier way to do this. Have a look at your program to see if you can find ‘Defringe Layer’. If you can (mine lives in a submenu of the colour adjustments menu) then when you have your layer ready, before you merge it with the layer beneath, choose ‘defringe layer’. Set it to 1 or 2 pixels (you can experiment, if your first choice doesn’t look good enough, just click the back button to go back to where you were before and do it again with a higher or lower number) and when zoomed in, you should see the edges blur very slighly by the number of pixels you chose.

    Leslie – the advice I always give people about photoshop is this: experiment! As long as you never work on your original copy and only ever work on copies of the original, there is no way you can make mistakes!

    • aloha Val & Leslie – way cool on this info, Val. yeah, i’ve learned which lasso tool i want to use by – as you say – experimenting – over time on lots of different things. mostly i use the magnetic lasso when a shape has lots of twits and turns and ins and outs – or strangely enough, when it’s a simple shape but it shifts just slightly in and out in odd ways. what i didnt know about was what that “defringe layer” was for or did! i’m very excited to play with that now. bwahahahahaha. i agree with you on the “do all work on a copy of your original image” what ever that is, just make a duplicate and work on the duplicate – then it’s way fun to explore and you dont mess anything up. i end up saving a duplicate when i’ve worked on it for a while and making a new duplicate of that. i try not to do that too often (because there is some slight pixel changes with each duplicate – but not really that noticeable – to me – unless i make way too many duplicates) – several times seems to be okay. sometimes i end up with quite a few variations and that’s fun too. i dont always keep them all but i like to think about which i do want to keep. thanks Val for the info.

      • Wow. Love this discussion about what you two do so well. …and it happened here with the lady who just plays with making some cards. See? This is what happens to an artist. New interests siphon in constantly. Thanks Rick! Thanks Val!

    • Thank-you for saying how frustrating the lasso tool is. I’ll have to see if I have the polygonal lasso tool. I know I have the magnetic. Yes. I have ‘Defringe Layer’! That sounds really possible. Thanks, Val. I have just left hard edges. I am going to have to find some time to play. 🙂

  18. These are fabulous Leslie. I particularly like the cat with the umbrella. The colours you’ve used paint a very realistic picture The cat on the second left is almost recognisable! Great post and as usual very accomplished technique.

    • That cat with the umbrella has received quite a bit of attention. My sister “rocks” knowing that scene would be fun in paint! Thank-you, Keith. 🙂

  19. Oh my goodness, Leslie. This is fabulous. The best cat paintings ever. Pardon me while I go email the link to friends.

    Blessings … Happy Sunday ….


    • I am going to have to go and eat some “HUMBLE PIE” as I’m blushing. Thank-you, Jamie! You just made my day!

  20. How fun! The black cat under the umbrella is my favorite!

    • Thanks, Jay! This would not have even been possible without your excellent tutelage. Thank-you for that, too!

  21. These are all superb, Leslie. I’m a little biased as a cat lover, especially when it comes to the black cat and the umbrella. I have a quite similar looking black cat. It captures so much of the cat personality, especially the nonchalant demeanor. —!

    • Thanks, Bbrasseaux. Everybody seems to like that one. Maybe that nonchalant attitude is a black cat thing.

  22. WOW Leslie, do you really have all these cats with you ?? How wonderful! Do they get along ?? You have a way with animals. I do not know where to start with fur… but these are fabulous !

    • No! These are from several different families of cats that I have painted for their owners over the years. After the passing of my 13 year long companion (a gorgeous black and white) several years ago, I have not had another cat roomie. Thank-you, Isabelle!

  23. Leslie, I love the one with the umbrella – great umbrella!! The black cat is also great, but the umbrella is very great!
    How are you?
    I was absent again!
    Enjoy your week.

    • Hi Jan! I must run over and visit. I thought you weren’t blogging on your own site any longer. I am fine and still blogging away and painting and drawing. Thank-you for the visit and the comment!

  24. These are just beautiful work, my favourite…. the cat with the umbrella … very, very well done, Leslie
    Love your work 🙂

    • Thank-you, Marinela. 🙂 The black cat with the umbrella seems to have won over many this posting.

  25. Hello there Leslie,
    as usual a wonderful display of your work, so much to catch up on, and it seems ages since my last visit. I think most people can relate to cats. Somehow if someone says they hate cats I find I look at them a different way…as what’s to dislike? They try so hard to be loved I think… and alright they’re very self orientated…but that’s a part of their charm.
    and this feeling, the charm and the love they bestow, just leaps from your watercolours…You feel you could step into the painting and they’d be wrapping themselves around your legs, purring away like mad.. many thanks for this chance to see them. and as everyone else says, the cat with the umbrella is a treat to the eyes… xPenx

    • Thank-you for the way you expressed that about “what’s not to like”, Pen. Cats are entertaining. loving, fun to watch, and eat less than most dogs. I miss my cat. Can you tell?
      Thank-you for this beautiful comment. To think I may have captured some of a cat’s charm makes me very pleased indeed. Grinning like the “Cheshire cat”, I am.

  26. How fun is that? You just never stop having adventures, do you? 😀

    • Well, since I cannot fly an airplane, I have to find some way of challenging myself! 🙂 Perhaps you will get to fly again soon? Thanks for the comment, Beth!

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