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Gone is that chance to go to the Super Bowl.  Oh my……  so SAD.

But, thank-you, Bears, for entertaining me all season and climbing for your goal. I will be watching next year, “GO BEARS!”


  1. aww, sorry about Da Bears! NEXT YEAR!

    • I got to work on this right after the loss as I watched the Jets go down, too. “The Husband” (yours) sent a comment through on my other post and boosted my spirits as I began to feel “SAD” for his team. Game sorrow is so much easier in the company of others! Thanks, Carol! Great post, yesterday, on SAD, by the way. That’s why I included the link.

  2. Awwww, I can tell this bear is disappointed, Leslie! It’s a wonderful painting! Better luck next year on the Superbowl.

    • I rarely draw and paint from a mental image, but this one just had to be after I put myself out there by painting the previous “roaring” post. Thank-you for the comment, Beth, and the well wishes for next year!

  3. My son is a Bears fan and hates to see them loose. I have to give him pep talks to lift him back up about it. Guys sure can take it personal about their teams. lol.
    You have captured the perfect expression for this Bear! I love it!

    • For me it is like, “What was that? Did that just happen? Oh no! Help, someone help!” My son gets more emotionally involved than I do, also. Probably a guy thing. I actually sat like this in front of my portrait mirror to get the bend in the paws and the look in the eyes. Wish I could have pulled it along a little furthur but couldn’t think of anymore to do with it. Thank-you, Debbie!

  4. Two thumbs up!

    • Thank-you, Raji! Working without reference material takes some getting used to.

  5. Oh dear… That’s quite the dramatic change… but what a great expression you’ve captured so perfectly…

    • HA! Love it Brian! You caught my “funny”. I knew I had to do something like this after I put myself out there, Saturday about the BEARS. Still chuckling about your “Oh dear”. Thanks for that!

  6. Sorry about da Bears, I was hoping they would be there this year. Any team other than the Steelers.
    Sad Sad bear, but great painting!

  7. Yea, da Bears… So sorry! The expression is too cute :)!

    • I heard you have a cold via Carol’s blog! Get rid of that thing, dear Alex. They are absolutely a horrid strain this year, these 20010-11 viruses. Yep, they lost. I was a little surprised by their foibles…although we have had that kind of day before. Have you ever tried to draw something from your mind’s picture, Alex? Oi! I sat in front of the mirror trying different expressions, then tried putting shapes together that were bear-like etc, etc, etc. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  8. Just like him we are so sad and so blue…really nice painting and don’t worry Lovie will have the boys whipped into prime shape by next year!

    • At the beginning of the season they looked horrible. I saw so much improvement and their plays get better. I don’t know what yesterday was. Looked like they were flustered the entire game. Oh well. As you say, they will be ready to go next year and that spirit that brought us to watch this year will pull us to watch once again. I go through the same thing with the Cubs. Thanks, Linda!

  9. Awwwe, I can sense the sadness.. Even after moving out of Pittsburgh almost 6 years ago, my heart has been pounding unusually happily since yesterday night.. Of course, we are not even talking about how Falcons (DID NOT) play couple of weeks ago!! 😦
    Cheer up now, love the cuddly bear.. 🙂 My two year old is peering without blinking as I type this.. Ha ha..

    • Thanks for the happy wishes, Rachana! It thrills me to know your two year old was studying this bear’s face. My daughter and I were saying just last night that I need a happy face of this bear so the two could hang as a pair in a child’s room. Thank-you as there is no higher praise than a child taking interest in one’s work. 🙂

  10. Good one, Leslie!

  11. Sorry your BEARS lost Leslie – but this one is a winner anyway 🙂 I can see why you’ve put those ‘blues’ in there (and they really work!)

    • You are totally perceptive and on to this one, Lynda. Also left it rather plain and downward streaky about the shoulders trying to emphasize the feeling. Thank-you!!!!

  12. Nice to see all the latest animal themed work you have been engaged with. I’m glad the Bears were at least able to rally and make a game of it.

    • I really enjoy painting animal portraits, Al. Thanks for what you say about the rallying, but I think they popped in with a few fantastic miracles. They really didn’t get going. Do other teams do this? I haven’t noticed but the Bears can be so good and then one week they can’t do a thing…… I think that’s what kills us. Hey, though, I have days like that. 🙂

  13. Aww… this is one sad looking bear. I love your animal paintings. You have an amazing ability to capture their emotions.

    I’ve always liked Chicago Bears even if I do live in Seattle. Never been a Seaslug… I mean, Seahawks’ fan.

    • They actually call them “Seaslugs”? The Seattle looked great that first game of the play-offs. Thanks for the comments. That bear is doing alright today. She is wearing a Bears T-shirt even!!! Thank-you, Emily!!!

      • Don’t know if anyone else calls them that. I came up with that nickname years ago when I thought they played like slugs. Hope there are no Seahawk fans here. 😉

      • You are totally creative with your nicknames!!!! 🙂

  14. Growing up on the south side of Chicago I had no escape from watching football a la the Bears. There were several seasons of long losing streaks. It got to the point that folks watched for the crazy antics of the defence and the Hail Mary plays of the offence–without any hopes for the outcome–just how whacky could that field get full of kamaikazie players.
    What a pair your fierce and sad bears make, Leslie. I wonder if you could sell t-shirts with one on the front and the other on the back.
    Oh and NO I do not miss football mania at all! To be honest, 22 guys running around constantly wearing shorts and chasing a round ball–read as soccer–now “the beautiful game” can capture my interest with two well matched sets of players.

    • Oh losing streaks…….the best teams suffer from these, too. Only two teams win the conference and one to win the whole thing…… I am pleased with how far the Bears came. I enjoy watching soccer. I tend to get more tense with that game waiting for the ball to get in that net! 🙂
      The t-shirt idea is so FUN! Maybe the WIN side on the front and the LOSE side on the back? Better yet, have it reverse, the win on the outside and the lose on the inside. Ha! What fun!!!!! Thanks, Eva!

      • LOL. Leslie, I seriously think the t-shirt Bears could sell well in Chi-town. You’ve got the art and the expressive bears!!! Why don’t you do a some marketing research? Hmm?

      • You are too kind. 🙂

  15. Aww, a very sad, and despondent Bear, but there’s always hope next time.
    (my ex follows the ‘Stealers’ so he’s smiling !!)
    Wonderful watercolour, Leslie, makes me want to say ‘Go Bears’ too…

    • Perfect, Pen….. I think that is all we can say, “Just wait until next year.” Interesting perspective, xPenx, about the ‘Go Bears’. Perhaps this bear would immediately crack a smile?! Thank-you!

  16. That’s a shame about the bears
    What’s the superbowl? lol
    We dont play it in england
    On the other hand your bear.
    I like it.
    Even the devastated expression, lol

    • Finally something created off the top of my head. Thank-you, Richard! 🙂

      The Superbowl is the Final game, the championship game for the top team. The teams play all season to produce the best records of games won. There are 12 teams that go to the playoffs. In the playoffs, if you lose, you’re out. The team that wins the super bowl is the team from the original twelve that is the “last team standing”. Pretty much “sudden death” playoffs.

  17. Leslie, love this painting. I believe you captured exactly how I felt on Sunday!
    Will definitely follow your creative genius.

    • Hi Natalie! Thank-you for taking a trip over and commenting. I was glad I found your blog. I will follow you, for sure.

  18. Love this amazing painting, so cute 🙂 🙂

    • This one just had to get painted and fast, after I made such a big deal about them on the previous post! Ha! Thanks, Marinela!

  19. Sorry Bears. Come on Leslie, cheer me up with a landscape! 🙂

    • As a matter of fact, a landscape was made today! Will post very shortly! 🙂 How did you know?

  20. Poor sad bear. Beatifully executed. Love him. Want to hug. Lovely “teddy.”

    • Thank-you for this comment, Jamie. I did not make the connection. I drew this from my mind’s eye creating the shapes and working it out in graphite on paper, first. I think I might have been pulling up visions of my old “teddy”. So thank-you for prompting that thought with your comment!

  21. Awwww I love this followup to the big growling tough bear. So sad… poor bear… too bad they lost. Love the expression you painted on his face! He sure looks like he needs a hug.

    • Ha! Thank-you, Amber. Had to do up something really fast to get the ferocious one pushed back after getting beat.

  22. These are great illustrations – I don’t the know the sport or the team but as a South African I know the emotions. Well! (o:
    Nice work Leslie

    • Hi Stephen! Good to hear from you. 🙂 Well, I thought if I spent some time creating that ferocious Bear, my energies expended would be rewarded with a win. ): Not so. The emotions cross over to any sport, for sure! Thank-you!

  23. Sad maybe, but you have two adorable paintings out of this season.

    • You rock, Yousei! I sure do! They inspired me to do something with myself while I sat and waited for that play-off game. When they lost, I had to hurry up and paint this. Couldn’t leave that ferocious one as the first post aftere the loss. Ha. Thank you! 🙂

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