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Everything I know of football, I learned from my son who has followed the Chicago Bears since he first knew about the game.  This has been a marvelous season watching the Bears face their challenges and it has brought with it much conversation between my son and myself. This week has been horrendous as we  wait for them to face their rivals. The only way I could see through to quieting my anxiety was to paint something to honor tomorrow’s game. That helped.

So, to my son, as well as all Bears’ fans out there, “Go Bears”!!!!!!!


  1. The Bears is my sons team too! He talks to me about the games much of the time.
    Great painting, Leslie!

    • I have had more fun frustrating my son over asking him why certain plays were made and learning about how a team actually moves a football down the field. I was actually quite a “dummy” when I first started watching. I hope he doesn’t mind teaching me these things. Thank-you Debbie. I’m bowled over that I could create a ferocious-looking image. Not my usual painting. Ha!

  2. This is terrific! I love the gleam from his fang. He looks unbeatable to me!

    • Thank-you, Kathleen! Had to add the burst off the tooth. He really looked too plain without.

  3. If the Chicago Bears have as much fight in them as your image, they are going to go all the way. Just love it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Grrrrrrreat painting! Go Bears! And I really like the way you used warm and cool colors – very exciting look. And I also love the gleam on the fang. And again – GO BEARS!

    • I know you like football because you are a loyal Colts’ fan. Thank-you for this! Thanks for the “GO BEARS”!

  5. “Hear me ROAR!!!” Totally great, expressive over the top!

    • Thank-you, Alex!!! What’s the “Windy City” like today? This is the day before some history with the Bears playing the Packers for the Conference. One time I wish I was there…..only I don’t think I could take this cold. How do they do it??????

      • Last night it was 30 below wind chill effect including :(. I don’t know how “they” do it because I don’t – I didn’t go outside for 2 days now. Hey, I am trying to re-acquaint myself with watercolor after the 5 months graphite marathon…

      • Oh, BTW, which end of the brush I am supposed to use?

      • The wind is, of course blowing harder off that lake! I don’t blame you for staying in! I know you have been working hard on something. I keep checking for a watercolor, almost daily over your way….. Brush????? You use a brush? If you want washes and such where you put color on the paper it is the side with the hair on it….. If you want to scratch into the paper randomly, the pointed end works pretty well! 🙂

      • 😆 😆 😆

      • 😆 Thanks for teaching me that emoticon, Alex!

  6. Great painting! I like how you got the ‘speckled’ look. How did you do that by the way? The little white dots throughout the painting? I feel like the bear was a constellation up in the sky and came to life to cheer for his team!

    • Hi Littlelynx! If you click on him and enlarge him and then click on him again to magnify him, you can see it real well. I used a pointed scratch tool and scratched into the paper. On the magnified view you can see the indents in the paper even. I wanted him to look a little more rough and tumble.
      Thank-you for that suggestion of the constellation aspect. I’ll remember that for the future! I see that now that you mention it. The technique is called Sgraffito and you can use different sharp objects to scratch into a painting. If you scratch the surface and then paint over it, the pigment settles darker in the scratch marks. Kind of fun to use.

      • The speckled look made me think of stars. I’ll have to remember Sgraffito, I like the technique. I’ll have to practice!

  7. URSA MAJOR!!!!! This is amazing. When I opened your site and saw the bear, the husband and the sister were with me and we all:
    1. gasped
    2. said simultaneously SHE IS SO TALENTED!

    I love this bear and the star burst off his tooth and the white “webbing” all around him is amazing. I love the purple in the back of his mouth.

    • You have just made my day!!!! All of you! Thank-you!
      He was too plain without the starburst and the scratched webbing. He just looked like a bunch of circles with a wide open mouth. That tongue was hard! I used a reference in that wildlife photo reference book for artists and the tongue was part pink and part purpley-black. I hoped by painting it that way, I’d draw the viewer’s attention to the mouth. The starburst was a last resort. Thanks, again. 🙂

  8. She IS so talented – right on, Carol! Love the snoot! And now, Leslie, I was just wondering: Regarding the technique called Sgraffito…is there one called “otiffargs” that reverses those indentations that I can use on my face?

    • Oh Amy, if there was such a thing I’d tell you because I would be using it! Once you start sgrafittoing, you just have to go with it. No turning back… 🙂
      Bear snoots look so different than a dog’s nose. No lie. They have a triangular indent between the nostrils. Just learned that on this painting. Thanks for the chuckle and the comment, Amy!

  9. What a great Bear, Leslie! All Bears fans will like this guy, with the gleam on his tooth. I am not a football fan (I know, I know) but I am empathetic with those who are. Good luck, tomorrow!

    • Thanks, Kate! I do hope they have that polish and gleam today! It is frigid, here, and how do they do what they do? I keep thinking that football must be frozen solid! Thanks for the LUCK!

  10. Wow! You’ve painted “The incarnation of INTIMIDATION!”

  11. Well I’m lost entirely on the football front, or at least American Football that is, as ours is an entirely different game… but I can certainly appreciate the painting if nothing else… Let’s just hope that the bears are as imposing on the field as yours is here… Wonderfully done..

    • Thank-you, Brian! Our football is different but the air is full of all that excitement surrounding any sport event, anywhere. Thank-you for the comment about imposing! I can’t think of another time I created an imposing painting. Just fun……all in fun. 🙂

  12. This is amazing. Just amazing!! He sure looks like one angry bear. I would NOT want to get in his way. Wow. Is that saliva coming from his mouth? Yikes!

    • Thanks, Amber! Those little dots on his lower lip are saliva. The white starburst is just a gleam. Unfortunately, he got tamed today. 😦 Thanks for the comment!

  13. I love your beautiful bear.
    I’m sorry about your Chicago Bears.
    I’m sorry how my Jets look right now.
    I hope all is well. Stay well.

    • Hi “The Husband”,

      I’m sorry about the Jets, too. I could hug you right now for thinking of me. I am working on an after-the-game painting while I watch your game. I watched the whole thing, though, ….and I’m watching this one, too. Thank-you, “BIG-TIME”!!

  14. Oh Leslie! I gasped and giggled with utter delight when this bear appeared on my monitor. It is so wonderful! The sparkle on the tooth, the great colors, and the somewhat violent splatters of white across it are awesome!!!

    I was a Bears fan for many years! Back when the refrigerator was on the team, they were so much fun to watch. I used to have football parties back then and we had a ball watching the Bears. I haven’t watched a football game in years, but I remember that time like it was yesterday. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

    • Thank-you, Beth. Oh, you are welcome for the reminder of the Bears! I don’t do it up so big, but I enjoy watching the games (most of the time).

  15. Wow, aggressive looking bear and it heading straight towards me.
    HELP. lol
    Just kidding, i think you already know i like it

  16. Fierce!

  17. Beautiful 🙂

  18. I can’t bear the thought of you loosing! Your fauna paintings are always stunning.

    • ): Oh, but we did. …and it wasn’t pretty. Thanks for the stunning, Keith! 🙂

  19. He looks ferocious! The fangs look real and nice choice of colours!

    • Ha! Thank-you, Earthianne! His ferocious went right down the tubes last Sunday. 🙂

  20. I can pass on Superbowl, but I am glad I didn’t miss your two bears. This and the other are delightful, though I must admit the teddy bear is a bit more engaging and a bit less intimadating. This bear reminds me of me before a.m. coffee. LOL! Both well done. Enjoyed much. Thanks for posting. Hugs!

    • Ha! Never thought of that. I suppose I look the same at that time of day and without the coffee. Thank-you!

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