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A sincere thank-you to friends and family who follow and give this blog life!!!


  1. Happy Turkey Day Les. This gobbler is beautiful and I love looking out for his back πŸ™‚

    • …and Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Thank-you for noticing that this turkey is looking back at us. This one lives on.

  2. This is fab Leslie! He would look great on a Christmas card πŸ™‚
    PS You’re the one who gives this blog its heartbeat πŸ™‚

    • Wow. Thank-you for that comment about using this as a Christmas card. Thankyou about the heartbeat, but I would look pretty sad over here without inspiration and reinforcement from other great bloggers like you. You have provided me with so many cool insights into the world of art on your Echostains:

  3. Thanks you for sharing Turkey with us today, Leslie πŸ˜†
    Your terrific and appreciated and I love that turkey.

    • Thank-you, Debbie! I posted him looking over his shoulder at us. πŸ™‚ You have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Love the foliage and the charming turkey. Just in time for Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving Leslie!

    • Thank-you, Raji, and I have you to thank for this technique! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. And thanks for all you give us, Leslie! Happy Turkey!

  6. Thank you too for enabling me to study your wonderful posts Leslie..Happy TG!

  7. Leslie, connecting with you through our blogs is one of the most magical experiences I have ever had in the blogosphere. Your heart is so big and open – you have taught me more than just painting. THANK YOU!

    • Oh wow. Talk about making my day, Kate! I’ll never forget my jaw dropping the first day I read a portion of your blog and learned about your special love for Big Sur and what goes on there. I was drawn by a posting of a watercolor and stayed to be thrilled by beautiful photography and the special community of Big Sur. You are dear!!! Thank-you!!

  8. Gobble gobble. Thank you for all you share with us. I truly enjoy it.

    • Hi Yousei! Thank-you and are you coming back to join us with your incredible writing? I have missed you!

  9. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Leslie! A special thank you from me for being my friend. Your turkey is absolutely charming. I love the colors and the “Girl with a Pearl Earring” pose. I suppose it was pardoned for being so cute :)!

    • Ha! I did not make a connection with the pose, but you are so right! This was from a reference from wet canvas. I changed the background because the turkey was in a pen. I wanted to give him his freedom. After looking at him for so long, it will be hard for me to eat turkey again, so I cooked something else and my sister said, “Well, you just cooked “Babe”!” Thank-you, Alex! Oh great portrait artist! πŸ™‚ I think it is an awesome community of supportive bloggers!

  10. Hey this is really good stuff Leslie – I love the colour in the turkey as well as the texture in the trees. Great work!

    • Thank-you, Stephen! I am really fascinated with this gouache resist technique. It makes me pay attention to what is happening on the paper instead of jumping ahead in my mind.

  11. Thank you for be-ing Leslie-so much more than She Who Paints!

    • Oh thank-you, Eva! What a nice thing to say! That is interesting that you say this. You have just made me consider Native American names that had “she who” and “he who”. There was significance with these names, right? They were given to them later in life, right? I have learned so much about Native Americans through your posts. …and your die for!

  12. By my reckoning we are the ones who should be thanking you.
    You have been supportive of my work for a very long time.
    And to paint this for your thanksgiving post, shows that you are willing to go that extra mile.
    Now onto the painting. lol.
    That angle must have been so difficult and as always you pulled it off.

    • I have to admit that I had a lovely photo reference from wet canvas for this. The challenge was in that lengthy resist procedure.
      Oh yes! You were one of the very first bloggers I visited and who returned the favor of commenting, Richard. That was way back when you were KOKOT! It was very hard for me when you switched names this past year. Your enthusiasm for all of the arts amazes me…I want, so much for you to get where you want to be. I, so much, want that for you!
      Thanks, Richard!

  13. He looks a bit worried… lol… You’ve captured him perfectly… What do you paint on to out of interest ??…

    • Oh I know, Brian. He needs to scuttle along over into the woods and stay safe. I paint on Arches 140lb watercolor paper for most all I do. It is tough enough to endure much of the beating of some of my techniques and it lends itself well to layering which I seem to want to do. I also like Saunders Waterford 140lb paper and Lanaquerelle 140lb paper, but they are more expensive in my neck of the woods. Thank-you for this comment!

  14. Happy Thanksgiving Leslie! This big guy looks like he is walking away from you REALLY FAST. I am glad you pardoned him. This is a beautiful painting. I did not realize you used the white gouache resist until I read through the comments. You are becoming expert at that tricky technique.

    • He is! The faster the better! I like this technique because of all the surprises and challenges. It is another one of those “I wonder if I can do it” paintings. Thank-you, Linda and Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! πŸ™‚

  15. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Leslie.. And thank you to you too, such wonderful paintings, something I cannot do even in my dreams!

  16. Leslie, I love this! I actually laughed when I first saw it thinking “only Leslie could paint a turkey with it’s backside facing us and have it work.”

    I love the feathers and the trees in the background. Great painting!

    • I searched wet canvas for a turkey reference and really liked several of wild turkeys and there was a beautiful one of a large male…….BUT, this one made me chuckle. Thank-you, Carol.

  17. And thank you for your always faithful encouragement to us!

    • I so enjoy viewing and learning from other’s work! Thanks, Cecily!

  18. What a wonderful painting!! It makes me happy, just looking at it! I hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving, Leslie!

    • I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. YOU had a PARTY!!!! Thanks for the comment, Beth!

  19. Well, you have a lovely blog – and you’re a lovely person.
    And that – is a lovely bird!!

    • Thank-you so much, Val. The bird….did I capture some of his character. Of all the bloggers I visit, I consider you and Al from : my bird enthusiasts that I learn from while reading about them in your posts.
      Do you have wild turkey near where you live?

  20. I love your art!

    Well done.

  21. Nice turkey Leslie!

  22. Happy belated Thanks Giving to you Leslie. The turkey is just increadible. I like the autume feel from the trees and the dark feathers of the turkey.

    • Thank-you, Francis! Are there turkeys in your country? I know our climates are quite different.

  23. Sorry, for being so late on commenting. You are an amazing person and artist and it’s been a blessing to have you as a blog friend and tutor.

    • You have been busy preparing for your show. Best of times with that! Shows are always exciting. I usually travel to yours and others’ blogs for more tutelage. I just like to share in case anyone else wants to try some of what I do. Thank-you, Ryan. πŸ™‚

  24. You’re never afraid to try something new and I’m always inspired by your work. I love the colour in the bird’s head and back, but it’s the trees I’m looking into. I’m drawn to the wood, the trunks imprison what exist beyond. I think the colour’s beautifully worked. You’re an inspiration to me.

    • Hi, Keith. A “happy accident” happened with the tree trunks. This was that gouache resist with the ink type of painting and the specs of black between the trees are where the ink got through. Some of that ink bled into the strips of gray and olive that I painted in with a small round brush and “voila” tree trunks! It has taken me so long to become patient with mistakes that happen on my paper that I can use in the painting. Always before, I’d hurriedly try to get rid of anything that happened that was not what I planned. Now? I search for things like what happened with the tree trunks, here. I agree with you that those woods look dense and mysterious because of them. Thank-you for this comment!

  25. Leslie, I am the one thankful to have your friendship ! You are such an inspiration and great support. You fill my life with beauty every day ! I love this bird, and I love that you painted it from above. What a clever idea; and what patience to do all the feathers.

    • Oh those feathers took forever it seems but this is one of those gouache resists that take forever, anyway. πŸ™‚ Thank-you, Isabelle. If it were not for your free spirit, I probably would not have ventured into trying some of the things I have…. Group effort, I think.

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