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The above images were created for a Halloween challenge offered by Beth Parker.  Other artists’ work, who have participated in this challenge,  may be viewed by clicking on the links posted in her comment section on Beth’s post, here.

I created both of these images by drawing in waterproof  black ink, either with an eye dropper or a nib. I spritzed the ink with water while it was still wet. I allowed for some dripping of ink on the devil. I painted each of them in watercolor after the ink had dried. The glitter was attached  using acrylic matte medium. The devil’s background was created by flooding the background area with water and brushing in ink around the outer  edges of the paper. While the paper was still wet, I brushed in fire engine red and alizarin crimson watercolor into the background. This created the flame-like effects there.




  1. Ooooh Trick I think Leslie! Love the inky colours, glitter and the foreshortened hand in that one! Treat – I like the flaming gown! These really were an unexpected treat – Thanks 😀

  2. these are great! Such bold vivid colors, which is a bit of a change for you. And GLITTER! I love Glitter. I guess, no matter what, I can’t get rid of my disco years! LOL!

    Trick or treat.

    • Ha! I guess I should have called her “Disco Witch”! It took me a long time to decide to use that glitter, fearing I’d make a mess of it. The matte medium did not let me down… Thank-you, Carol! 🙂

  3. No, the matte medium didn’t let you down!! That glitter is cool! These are so wonderful, Leslie!! I especially love the disco witch, as Carol calls her. She’s really amazing and I love her hand. So Cool!!! The ink is so perfect for Halloween, too!! Thanks for playing!

    • I made her look older. Sort of like us, late 50’s early 60’s-ish. 🙂 Thank-you for this neat challenge that got me outside my box and allowed for a little fun and creativity! Thank-you, also for the comment!

  4. I LOVE these, Leslie. The juxtaposition of the titles is fun and the devil’s green eyes are enticing! What a great challenge!

    • Thank-you, Kate! 🙂 A bit of fun, over here, with the Halloween weekend upon us.

  5. These are fantastic, Leslie!! I love the glitter with the witch. What a cool technique!

    • Thank-you, Karen. This was great fun. I had a photo reference book made for cartoonists and caricature artists that I had never used. I pulled it out and went to town arranging and re-arranging expressions to fit. Was great fun!

  6. Neat stuff! Spooky! Love the dripping and flowing ink effect! It really plays tricks with my brain. In fact, I could swear there was a different Devil painting here earlier and now he has disappeared – that is a really cool trick! I hope he hasn’t materialized in my blog… I better go check. :D!

    Happy and safe Halloween to ALL!

  7. Hey Leslie – You have some brilliant technique up the sleeves of your painting smock – these are really neat – I find your devil quite unnerving

    • Thank-you, Stephen. My students keep me inspired to search for more and more things to do with watercolor. I hoped the devil looked like how he always presents himself in our lives, with something to sway us his way….something we are tempted by? Had to balance him with a grandmotherly witch. 🙂

  8. aloha and awesome Halloween on you Leslie.

    wow. i like that witch a lot. both are great but that witch is outstanding. great technique choice and process for these images. way fun.

    P.S. thanks for keeping me in the loop with this challenge. i had fun with it. that’s the idea right, fun!

    • When I saw the other Halloween post, I thought maybe you would want to know. Thank-you for this comment, Wrick. The witch wishes you all things bright and sunny come Halloween, Wrick….and maybe one wee trick. 🙂

  9. You managed to make the scary look beautiful, lol. I had to take a 2nd look at the hand of the witch – it looks real.

  10. Quite a visual treat Leslie! I had no idea the devils could be so beautiful and adorable!

    • My take on devils is that there are as many different kinds of devils as there are people. 🙂 It is the part of ourselves we spend a lifetime learning to overcome as we grow into kindness. Thank-you for this thoughtful comment. That is why I try to ad a human element everytime I paint him.

  11. Your paintings make me smile. They express a looseness, an abandon to fun and playfulness and a strength in color. Very exciting!

    • Thank-you, Chris. You are so right in what you say. If the entire process is fun, I tend to surprise myself. I could not repeat many of these moments. They happen somewhere in the creation. Oh to be able to harness it!

  12. LOL–me blooped again–eegads where is my Brain? Oh I lent it to that guy in the white coat! Treats all around, Leslie! Merci.

  13. Their rosy cheeks make them look quite friendly indeed ! They are so colorful and up to lots of mischief !!

    • I think you are right. Some mischief on the proper day! Thanks, Isabelle! 🙂

  14. I have not seen a more sexy devil in my life.. !! And I will take anything he will give, forget just ‘kisses’.. 😉 Jeez, I can’t believe I wrote this down Leslie.. Ha ha.. One more treat to our eyes! Thanks!!

    • Ha! You make me chuckle, Rachana. 🙂 Thank-you for letting me know that I must have made him look convincing.

  15. Wow I’m a digging these! Really great effect on the inking, painting, glitter and of course sealed with a Kiss (a Hershey, Kiss) my favorite! Amazing job Leslie!

    • Welcome home from camping oh great “Zombie” artist! Thank-you for this comment. I am still finding glitter on my kitchen floor!

  16. I love the witch! I showed it my boys and they think she’s great. I now have request to paint them both a witch too! Her cheeks and lips sending that kiss really made me smile. Love that hat! You’re so clever.

    • Ha! I love it that the boys want a witch painting! You’ll do great! I had never tried making a caricature. The witch isn’t that different than her expression ut the devil’s face has been dramatically changed from the reference of that facial expression. All in fun. Thank-you, Keith!

  17. Seriously? You and Carol are just so much fun to visit. That witch has more personality than most, don’t you think?

    • I think the witch is Grandma with a pointy black hat! 🙂 Thanks, Pat!

  18. These are wonderful! Both expressions are evocative.

  19. I’m catching up too and missed these! Love the devil’s kiss!!

    • Thank-you, Al! I believe you just gave that piece its title: “Devil’s Kiss”. 🙂

  20. awesome…just oozing magickal flow here…

    • Thank-you, thank-you! A bit of fun with ourselves is never a bad thing. “oozing magic”, love that! 🙂

  21. Nice painting for the Halloween. I like the effect of the witch blowing off her kisses with star dust and the ink job on the both of them really fit the occasion. Hope you have lots of fun during Halloween.

    • Ha! You read that right, Francis! The witch is a good witch blowing stardust. Had to make the devil look dark, bright and convincing. My Grand daughters totally loved trick or treating this year!
      Thank-you, Francis.

  22. I really like what you did with the kiss concept. – comes across very well. The colors you chose for each (witch & devil) do it, too. Really Neat!

    • Thank-you, Kimmy!! The “kiss concept”. Great title for the pair of them! Thank-you!

  23. Love it!Loveit!Love it! Thanks for clearly explaining how you got the spread ink effect.

    • Thank-you, Raji! This is really fun and be careful! The ink goes everywhere! Ha! It is fun and I love drawing over a graphite drawing with an eye dropper and ink. You can even choose to leave the drawing as is and not spritz it if you want. So many choices, so little time. 🙂

  24. Is it too late to get that devil’s kiss? Nice pictures and process to read.

    • 🙂 Oh yes he will still give you a kiss…but beware the devil’s kiss, Yousei.

  25. Thank you for directing me to this Halloween Challenge Leslie,
    you have done a wonderful job of this one too, I think that your
    fine artistic talents are infinite, as if one puts one’s mind to doing
    something, more often than not there are some excellent results
    as you have clearly shown here in this challenge…

    Have a great rest of day and evening now Leslie

    Androgoth Xx

    • Hi Andro,
      This is about as goulish as I get. I did an ink drawing from a study of my Granddaughter’s Schleich toys and a griffin, but that’s about it. Thank you for your kind comments on these.

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