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Back to my new hideaway for a day! The scenery, here, is still the same if you just glance at it.  Quite different if you sit down and take it all in. The trees and the grass and the noises are all changing. There is not that summer buzz. I never noticed that before except when winter comes and all is so silent. There aren’t as many birds.  The air smells different. The shadows seem longer. I am learning that the changes leading to fall and winter start ever so subtly.  Thank-you, Al. No one was around the afternoon I started this painting. There was a little wind and I could hear the rustling of the leaves in the woods. There was a hawk that circled and left and came back to circle again. The one hawk and  the quiet made it feel like I was encased in a world of my own like a dream.

This is the view of the west edge of the pond and the entry to the bank that creates a long walkway between the towering trees of the woods and the pond. I just had to include the hawk. I was struck by the dark greens lower in the foliage to the burnt yellows of the topmost branches.  The early loss of leaves on some of the trees, no doubt due to the long dry spell we had.


  1. this is freaking awesome. I wish I could do water colors like this……

    • Love that comment “freaking” awesome, Noel. Thank-you! There is no doubt in my mind that you are well on your way to discovering watercolor and oil and all that you aspire to create! You have a fantastic and dedicated teacher, Noel, and WILL have a blast with all you create!!!

  2. That path that wanders under the trees is simply magical, Leslie! I also love the beautiful reds you have blended into your wood. This is a very beautiful painting! Oh, and I always love your little wispy leaves and twigs! Perfect!! 🙂

    • Thank heavens you can see the path. I wondered if it was clear enough, but that is pretty much what it looks like that time of day. Thank-you, Beth!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! The colors and the textures are wonderful. It is so sad to see the freshness of spring and early summer are coming to pass, and I’m not looking forward to winter at all, but excited about fall. The disappearance of the summer bugs, will be one thing that I won’t miss at all!
    Stunning Leslie, absolutely stunning!

    • After this summer, I am afraid to think of what winter may bring, Ryan. The seasons are different from when I was young. I like fall, also. The light is refreshing and the shadows seem longer and more dramatic. Thank-you for the visit and the comment.

  4. Wonderfully done, Leslie! I love the purple foliage and the white sparkles. Those white sparkles create the kind of magic that is only possible in watercolor I think. I also find the muted greens and dark purples combo extremely pleasing for the eye. The long shadows indeed make the whole scene dreamy. Did you finish it all on location?

    • Have to have the sparkles! I think blobby-dotted-texture is my favorite way to paint trees. …and not because I think it looks the best. It just looks better than any other way I paint them because I am attracted to that sparkle of white as they flicker in the breeze and sunlight. Thank-you! for noticing the mutedness to the greens. I actually worked hard at that. I can’t seem to finish anything on location. It is probably me. These paintings seem to talk to me and I’m done when they are quiet. It never happens out there. 🙂

  5. Such life and movement in those leaves! looks like you had great fun doing it too 🙂

    • Thank-you, Lynda. I do have fun. At first, it is being there and taking everything in….next comes the beginning washes and I get a little perplexed about then. This painting took off after I got that dark shadow placed and I knew just how I wanted to go with it.

  6. Really lovely scene. In Indianapolis everything is so dry and brown I just want to walk into your painting. I particularly like the dappled feel to the trees and the shadows moving across the foreground and linking the trees to the pond. Very nice!

    • Thank-you for mentioning that you liked those shadows. I debated, for along time, about making them warm like the trees, but they didn’t look warm. I daringly made cool shadows off a warm object. There was just that kind of contrast to them. Hope you get some rain from this front coming through tomorrow!. It may not save the color for this year but maybe could solve some of the DRY. Thank-you for the visit and comment, Linda.

  7. what beautiful colors in your painting!!

    • Thank-you! Tried to pick up on the warm/cool and light/dark while mixing my greens.

  8. I can almost feel Fall around the corner in this painting. I like the way you leave a lot of paper showing in your leaves, it gives a nice contrast to the solid colour of the pathway.

    • I don’t think I realised that as I was painting this, Richard. There is contrast between the texture and the smooth. Thank-you! 🙂 I was working so hard on reading the values and colors I was seeing that some of the rest just happened as I saw it. Still pretty new to painting outdoors. So much hits at once.

  9. Leslie , missed, how you arrived at this magical piece this time :-). spectacular! I am overwhelmed by the patience you have displayed with this creation!

  10. Making my rounds. I do love your landscapes. They always seem to have such light in them. This one looked even better when I clicked for enlarging. Thanks for being a faithful follower. Now that school has started, I hope to post much more often. 🙂

    • Thank-you, Yousei. I think this one looks better large because it really does have a lot going on even though it’s just trees.

  11. Almost like pointillism… it is beautiful, and so full of light ! You sure have a way with colors !

    • I would probably call this pointillism inspired. I have a hard time painting trees any other way. They look like gigantic bouquets to me. Thank-you for your comment about light and color! 🙂

  12. very beautiful Leslie – I love the description of the experience – painting in these places gives us an opportunity for reflection, solitude and an extraordinary kind of observation and you describe it so well in these short paragraphs. I hope you do more of these they really are very special.

  13. This is great.
    I do like windy paths.
    I think it’s the interesting shadows the trees create against it.
    You captured those shadows really well

    • Thank-you, Richard. The shadows were actually what drew me in to face this direction and paint the path. I went back last Monday and yesterday and have been working on one that is a field of purple flowers (weeds, I think) and those flowers are what drew me to paint it. I have my back up against the wall as to how to pull off the purples in the midground. Quite a challenge painting outdoors! 🙂

  14. Such a nice spot! Must be a source of inspiration because the painting is magnificent. Interesting you were drawn to the shadows. Definitely a “highlight” to the painting.

    • First of all, thank-you for the visit and the comment, Adam. Yes, 🙂 I liked how you turned that around and called the shadows the “highlights”! That is how it felt when I looked at the scene. Leave to a Master of Words to come up with that!

  15. Thanks Leslie for the mention! You see, my project is gaining a convert in you! Yes, our art is different, but you never know where the aspects of life you are noticing more…will lead you? You may pick up on a sound that has a certain rhythm that will correspond to a certain brushstroke or color. Gradually, signs of life that are not visual will filter in.

    • I am absorbing quite a bit from following your blog. It has helped me to become more observant in my outdoor painting. Something to be said for the pleasure of appreciating our environment, also. Thanks!

  16. Beautiful painting.

  17. Another gorgeous landscape!

    • Thanks, Jay. I have been enjoying your series of landscapes, also.

  18. I like all these treed landscapes you’ve been doing. OK,I know I like trees too! The previous one(with trees)made me think of Klimt with all the dotted patterning. They are delicate yet retain an underlying form with freshness. You’ve captured the light really well too.

    • The light is changing. I have never noticed it as strongly until painting outdoors during the change of a season. Also, I have noticed the trees are looking warmer green than before. All sort of that subtle getting ready for fall. Thank-you, Sonya!

  19. Beautiful, the trees are like a pointillist dream! Lovely shades of colour too.

  20. Nice scenery painting there Leslie, i just love how you describe the scene like a story behind a painting, while reading your write up and, at the same time, looking at the painting i start to slowly drift into your world. The effect is really incredible. Thanks Leslie.

    • Thank-you, Francis. What a beautiful thing to say. You have made my day, today. 🙂

  21. Leslie, this is like a visual definition of serenity. I want to go ‘work’ in that space of shade. The subtle changing of the seasons–enjoy.

    • After this summer, that cool spot of shade looks like a wonderful place to work. 🙂 Thank-you, Eva, especially for the serenity. That would make a nice title for this piece.

  22. Hi Leslie. I’m just trying to read a few blogs before I get told off by hubby. Your painting is beautiful. I can definitely smell autumn in the air. I’ve noticed a few leaves turning yellow. It’s getting darker earlier and the dread winter is coming.

    • These are some of the nicest days of the year, when the sun is out and it is not hot. The leaves are tinging to a different color in the tops of the trees. One thing that seems so different is the immediate loss of the migrating bird species. This seems to have happened earlier this year, for some reason. Hope it is not a forecast of a nasty winter. I am so sorry about your recent injury. Hope all will be back to normal FAST! Thanks for squeaking in a visit and a comment!

  23. Hi Leslie, I always love your foliage paintings. You manage to make the leaves on the trees sparkle. The path under the trees looks mystical. I would like to take a walk down that path.

    • I love this comment about taking a walk down that path. Sometime I want to sit on it and do a close-up of the patterns of the tree trunks and the light that filters through in the woods. I must get more brave! 🙂 Right now, it seems like an impossibility. Thank-you!

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