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This was my small sketch or value study for this painting.

The line drawing and first washes.

Too edgy and unfinished.

Darkened foreground and background. Softened edges around figures. Darkened shadows on Grandpa’s hair and shirt.

My Granddaughter loves going to the ocean with her Grandfather and I wanted to try and capture a moment of their time together in paint.


  1. What a wonderful painting, Leslie! The body language of both people is so real! I love the little girl watching her observer! πŸ™‚

    • πŸ™‚ I’m chuckling about your comment, Beth. She loves the camera and keeps close tabs on observing everything that goes on around her. Your comment helps me because that is something I wanted to capture in this, her air of alertness. Thank-you!

  2. Great painting Leslie! What a wonderful remembrance and keepsake for your grandaughter of her Grandpa.

    • Thank-you so much, Rob! My family is so supportive of my playing in watercolor that I cannot help but try to paint them and, hopefully, it will bring a smile or a chuckle. I hope you are feeling better. I so enjoy viewing your work, also. πŸ™‚

  3. I love that so many of your paintings are meaningful as well as beautiful….you have a very good soul….

    • Thank-you, friend. Your comments mean so much. I like that, “soul”.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous Leslie! I love the colours in this! I like the expression you have captured on the childs face and the gentleness and vulnerability of Granddads big toe:)

    • πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I am glad you caught that “toe” thing, Lynda. That foot and toe sticking out was very important for me to include….and the top of his foot was covered in white sand. I was laughing as I painted it. The other important part for me to capture was the “pate”. πŸ™‚ Good fun!

  5. Just beautiful, Leslie! I really love your “little people” And I also enjoy going to the beach with my granddaughters ( 3 and 4 years old )

    • Hi Jan! Thank-you for this comment. Someone needs to paint the three of you!!!! Grandfathers make GREAT subject material!! πŸ™‚

  6. Beautiful work Leslie, I just love the use of colour in your paintings, you’ve created a style all of your own and that’s what I admire most! Granddad and granddaughter look soul mates in this picture. Love it!


    • Thank-you, so much, Keith. The color had to come from my thinking, “If I’m going to use it, I better make it count.” I remember when I began watercolor being so unsure and my instructor had to encourage me to splash that color in there. Thinking back on that makes me chuckle.

  7. Nice progression of your development of the piece.

    • Thank-you, Sybil…sure wish you had a blog here on wordpress. You are such a loyal viewer and I appreciate your visits.

  8. This is delightful! I love the way you darkened the background and foreground, it has made an amazing difference and it’s great that you documented it. Also the green ocean works beautifully. This is one of my favourites. It is so intimate, and as you know I love the ocean.:)

    • Thank-you, Kirsty! I had problems with the ocean and am going to have to practice water like I did clouds and then keep practicing them both! The reason I darkened the foreground and background was kind of a last minute thought. It looks like the little girl is really looking at the viewer and I thought it would look kind of neat to try for the view through a camera lens.

  9. One of your best works. It is so personal. I love it! Your granddaughter will treasure this.

    • Thank-you, Jay. I think you are right about the personal. It does look so much like the two of them together and they are each other’s fans. I read, recently, that an artist should take some time out to have fun documenting some of their memories and family stories. I thought that was pretty cool advice.

  10. This is wonderful Leslie, I always enjoy when you show the stages of your art. My tag line on my business cards is β€œCapturing Memories in Art” and what a great capture of time you have painted on this memory.

    • Thank-you, Ryan. I really like your tag line. Were you the artist that talked about catching fireflies? Your tagline brings a picture to mind of a little kid chasing fireflies with a “Ball” jar.

  11. You have a great talent for people and animals
    I have at times found it necessary to put people in my paintings but very rarely as I find them hard to do.
    Love your base ball painting. I think I was there that day. lol

    • Thank-you, Richard! …and I admire your ability to paint a landscape complete with the sense of allowing the viewer to enter them. That said, I wish I was there with you that day! I haven’t taken the time to go to a baseball game in years and enjoyed it so when I used to. Baseball is so much a part of SUMMER!

  12. Great painting…u hav wonderful talent…:)

    • Thank-you for the visit and such a wonderful comment, Hoiden. Just checked out your blog. I’ll be back! You write very well.

  13. OH Leslie OH Leslie Oh Leslie!!! You just made me gasp outloud and brought tears to my eyes. I am COWRAZY in love with these journies You’re taking us on of the phases Your art goes through. I was scrolling slowly, absorbing, and I thought the third was the final. Then I scrolled a wee bit more and WOWEEKAZAAM. I gasped. The colours, the ocean, their relationship to one another and their environment. SOOO SWEET. You brought back my childhood and my son’s with this picture. Transported me (and I didn’t even have a grandfather…so the fact that You opened my heart so wide… Thank You! Going back to look again. Cheers and Namaste. πŸ™‚

  14. And that was cool because for the first time I clicked and learned that I can enlarge Your paintings. I love the glasses on grandpa. so sweet! Okay. I”m off! Thanks again!

    • πŸ™‚ Thank-you, Bliss. You are so kind. I would have thought the third one was done a few weeks ago. I think that workshop helped me a little. I’m so glad you found out you could cick on the art. That makes it more fun!

  15. I love the sense of easy camaraderie in this painting, Leslie! The old and the very young can relate of a different level somehow, and it shows in your painting. Also love the brilliant light on the figures – great work with that!

    • Wow. Thank-you, Alex. I think you are right about the old and the very young. My favorite person when I was little was my Great Aunt Em. She taught me so much.

  16. I like how you built this up and posted each stage,
    It provides a good insight

    • Thank-you, Richard. That third one helped me quite a bit. I was able to tell, from the digital image, that I was not finished.

  17. Beautiful painting, you have wonderful talent Leslie. Thanks for sharing with us your work πŸ™‚

  18. I like your willingness to explore what most artists would consider sentimental subject matter.

    • Thank-you, Al. It has always been fun for me to try and capture family members. I like looking at other artists’ work that do that, also. My sister gave me a book I absolutely treasure and page through, often. It is full of artist’s portraits of their Mothers.

  19. Leslie, not only are you a gifted artist, but you are a gifted teacher. I love seeing all the steps of your painting and your descriptions of what you are doing and why.

    This painting will be treasured by your grand-daughter in her adult years and will bring back wonderful memories for her. I’m sure of it.

    • Thank- you, Carol. I hope by sharing these things that we can all help each other find our way around all the cool things we can do with watercolor. Everytime I turn around there is something new. Maybe that is why we get hooked on it? πŸ™‚

  20. What a great scene to sketch and paint! I never thought to click on the paintings to enlarge them. (duh) Very nice detail. Think my favorite aspect of this one is the little girl facing the observer of the painting.

    • Thanks, Adam. You are a teacher aren’t you? ….as well as a writer/photographer. It doesn’t surprise me you like the inquisitive kid in this! She is so nosey!

  21. ooo…this is a lovely painting and so cool that you took us through the steps as well…

  22. Your grand-daughter is very lucky to have such a grandfather. And that beach looks very appealing right now, Leslie!

    • I think it is absolutely cool that they have the opportunity to do this together. Thank-you, Eva!

  23. i love the progression from value-study to fullness here…and now you’ve got me chomping at the bit to get to the beach…such a wealth…

    • Hi JRuth! I am honored that I inspired a beach visit! YAY! πŸ™‚ Thank-you!

  24. Another great art work, really inspiring love the blend of colors and how you shade in the skies with the green tone πŸ™‚

  25. wow nice art work there Leslie.I just love art with sentimental value. I like the dark colors of the sea and the light colors figure, they really compliment each other very well.

    • Thank-you, Francis. I think you have inspired me to do some family art. πŸ™‚

  26. I love this painting Leslie. I love the colours in it. I’m glad you changed the sky to darker colours. It adds something much more to the mood. I also like the vignetting around the edges. It reminds me of the old portrait photographs you used to get. It’s like looking through a lens and the periphery is blurred.

    • Thanks, Heather. That is exactly what I decided, the lens thing, because of the little girl’s attention riveted on the viewer. Thanks a bunch for picking up on that.

  27. Gorgeous! I am really impressed with the way you are applying what you learned from Don Andrews! Too often we go to a workshop and then don’t really use what we learned. GREEEEAT Painting!

    • Thank-you for mentioning about how we attend workshops and don’t use what we learn. I think the difference, for me with this one, is that I was able to see a lot of room for improvement in my work if I was able to capture what he was teaching. I hope I proceed on this path. It wasn’t like he was teaching us to be like him. It was more like he was explaining the creation of a two-dimensional watercolor painting in a way that I could understand and showing me what I did not include previously. Very eye-opening for me.

  28. what sweet memories perfectly captured!

  29. What a wonderful transition from a simple sketch to a piece of heart felt moment of art! I loved the gradation you have shown! Hope this kind of moment will be there in my life too πŸ™‚

    Thank you so much for your feed back on my Cherry blossoms.

  30. How simply beautiful ! The poses, the colors ! the sea!

  31. dear leslie,

    how would i not be drawn to the sheer joy of seeing this lovely watercolor painting. it has a profound impact to me as i imagine myself and grandpa on the beach. would i not care to shed tears of joy as this painting awakened me a distant memory? thank you, oh thank you for putting such a nice touch to my heart today. all the best to you.

    • Thank-you, Marvin. What a beautiful comment.I will savor this. If my artwork should remind a viewer of a time in their own life, I feel I have met one of my goals.

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