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                                   SHE LIFTS US UP!




  1. Hurrah! I made it as your first comment for the first time! Since I was your first sister this seems fair.

    Beautiful content and even better style. Color, softness and a slight haziness to it all makes it seem etheric. Like a memory. Which I guess for so many of us it now is.

    You lifted me up, beautiful!

    • Thank-you, Nancy! It seems special and fitting that you commented, first, on this. Sisters are treasures!

  2. AWWWWWW!!!!!! This is BEAUTIFUL! How wonderful and You captured, in that smile and the grace with which she’s carrying her little one, the sweet joy of mothering! You made me cry. Just precious. Thank You Wonderful Leslie!!! Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

    • Oh Bliss, your words do wonders for my soul. You practice lifting people up with every post…..Happy day to YOU!

  3. how happy to see a watercolor painting about a mother. quite strange a feeling for me, but inspite of it all, i thank my mother for letting me live and do my poetry. happy mother’s day to all mothers around the world!

    • Thank-you, Marvin, you bring to light another thing to be thankful for …and I am truly enjoying your poetry! And thank-you for your wish to Mothers around the World!

  4. Happy mother’s day to all moms! What man is truly happy with out a woman in his life? A great painting from a wonderful lady.

    • Thank-you, Ryan! You have spoken so much of your thankfulness for your wife and your children. This is high praise, indeed, and I thank-you ten-fold!

  5. Happy Mother’s Day Leslie to you! Ours was in March. What a lovely uplifting painting to celebrate it too!

    • I remember seeing your Mother’s Day post. It made me wonder if every country has selected different dates for this and how my world has steadily enlarged through this blogging we do. Thank-you, Lynda, for continuing to visit and Happy Mother’s Day to you! Ours is Sunday but chose to post today to cover the week-end! 🙂

  6. Beautiful painting, very well done 🙂

    • Thank-you Marinela for the comment and the visit. I just read some of your poetry and perused your blog. I really like how you have designed it. I will return to read!

  7. Happy Mother’s Day to you too! Love how soft and happy it is – truly relates mother’s tenderness through use of background texture, colors and approach. Really lovely!

    • And to you….a happy Mother’s Day! I believe your daughter has commented on your blog? This was truly difficult, for me, Alex, and the best I could do. It was from an “OLD” family photo and I believe I tried to make it a little too precious. LOL! Live and learn as they say….I thank you for your comment as I had a blast trying to work in a colorful but bland background and figure out what colors to use for their outfits as the old photo was black and white and teeny-tiny!

  8. It’s Mother’s Day in Australia tomorrow too. She looks really happy Leslie (the Mum) and extremely fit – must be all that lifting 🙂
    On a technical note, I love the way the background makes an edge around the foreground. You use that technique a bit, I think, and it’s very effective.
    Have a great weekend.

    • Thank-you for letting me know that Australia shares the same Mother’s Day. I believe I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day, also. Thank-you for mentioning something about those edges. I DO BELIEVE they are a trademark of mine in many of my paintings, especially this one as I could not concentrate on losing some edges due to how hard I was concentrating on the figures. I am slowly trying to incorporate lost edges and softened edges to improve on what I do. Had I been BRAVE (Smile) I could have drug some of those beautiful background colors into the shadowed areas of the Mother’s arms and across some of the shadows in the little girl. Wasn’t there this time. It may end up being a trademark of mine if I can’t get it solved. I appreciate you pointing it out as I am searching for what, if anything, says my work is mine. Your comment is a blessing!

  9. this is great.
    very, very nicely done

    • Thanks, Richard, of the “NEW” Artswebshow! TA-DA…and a drum roll please. 🙂 I saw you started re-posting but will check in, still, for new things.

  10. Such a great tribute for mother’s day! Great coloring of the entire image, but the detail I like best is how you painted the left side drop shadow—nice touch.

    • Thank-you, thank-you for noticing those shadows that I had to squint for, Adam!

  11. Happy mothers day to all mothers! Its such a nice idea to paint something like this for mothers! Great work !

  12. Just beautiful and HAPPY MOTHER”S DAY Leslie have a great Sunday just relax today no work. All great mums deserve that today 🙂

  13. Happy Mother’s Day, Leslie! Love and Hugs to all the mothers. Back in California, driving down the coast today – can’t wait to see my fur kids!

    • Happy Mother’s Day to you too, Kate!! Yay! You are riding down the road and visited my blog? I’m totally honored. 🙂

  14. What a wonderful painting, Leslie! I really love the details of the muscles in the arms and legs! 🙂

    • Thank-you, Beth! A visit on a Sunday! I get so used to you posting and visiting during the week. Yes, I’m glad it looks like muscle to you. Don’t know, tho, we seem to battle the pudge from time-to-time. 🙂 What was it we dubbed our thighs? I think we used to laugh about “thunder thighs”. I had forgotten that and your comment sparked it back!

  15. What happy faces on you and your mom! And what a lovely mother’s day present to give yourself and your family!

    Her eyes say everything! You’ve captured her happiness and joy in them.

    Great job! I hope you are enjoying your day!

    • Thank-you, Carol. She was a cool Mom. She was pretty good to us. My day has been good! ….except the CUBS lost again!

  16. Beautiful painting,dear friend!!! 🙂
    I like it a lot!!

    A little gift for you here:

    Have a nice day!! 🙂

    • Thank-you Alina for the comment, the visit and the friends post. You are special! 🙂

  17. What a fun and cute picture. Thanks Leslie!

  18. Mother and daughter with cheerful smile, that really make my day. Yesterday went to a restaurant with my family, saw a grown up daughter wearing same T shirt with her mom, very lovely. Happy Mothers day to you.

  19. …and so do you with your beautiful art!

    • What a nice surprise to wake up to your comment today. Thank-you, Kimmy! That means a lot!

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