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I have just added a new student page.You may access this page by clicking on the tab that says Student Page 2 or by clicking here.

These drawings and paintings were compiled from student work completed in the last twelve weeks of  art classes. Thank-you to all my students for contributing and for all the hard work this last session!  🙂 You are all very talented! See you in the fall!

Splattering can enhance the look of a painting that appears a little flat or just too plain. For other examples see here and Beth Parker’s Coconuts. It can sometimes make it look like light, movement or added texture.


  1. Thank you for sharing the work done by your talented students. Very generous.

    • Hi Linda! The thanks is all due the students as they give me permission to do this. Thank-you for taking a look at everything! 🙂

  2. This is so pretty, Leslie! It’s bursting with drama and color and it has so much excitement! I bet it was fun to do! 🙂

    • Thanks, Beth. The rose was fun. It took me two days to splatter it. Without the splatter, it looked very lonely and plain. It was fun to paint because I used that Cartiera Magnani rough I’ve spoken about that gives that bright and wet look.

  3. I love your student’s work! Thanks for showing it.

    And this rose! It’s bursting with personality.

    • Thank-you, Carol. That means a lot to me, about the rose, since your flowers are always so gorgeous. What a nice way to begin the day!

  4. You must be very proud of them! I love that each student has their own style – it shows what a great teacher they have 🙂

    • Proud of each and every one of them, Kirsty. I hope they all retain their own vision as they improve. They all share their work for the week at the beginning of every class in hopes that they see, right off, that they make their own individual choices. For beginners, it is a little more daunting but we talk about individual differences and stress value, line and placement a lot. Even when they learn techniques, they develop a “look” of their own. What fun!
      Thank-you for your wonderful comment!

  5. Interesting to see your students work… and it’s curious because I’d not realised that you taught any classes! I must’ve not been reading your blog properly.

    • Thank-you, Val. You have been reading it correctly.I think the only place it mentions where I teach is on my about page. I have shared some of the challenges we do, in class, on separate posts throughout the main blog.

  6. Great painting love the colors and patterns.

  7. It is amazing how talented your students are! I hope they continue with the passion.

  8. Wish i could be your student too. Must be great to learn all this first hand from a talented artist. I hope one day i could open an art classes and share all this wonderful experience too.

    • Thank-you, Francis. If I lived near you, I’d attend classes taught by you!

  9. Hi Leslie, Your pages are really interesting and you have talented students! 🙂

    Ahm, Can I ask you, I hope you dont mind, why do you make pages about creative drawing or figures, colored pencil and other pages except from the student art page when you can make it as part of your blog? I hope you don’t mind. I was just curious 🙂
    Have a nice day! And sorry for asking…

    • Thank-you, Martha for asking. I just thought people would like to have the creative drawing exercises we did in class in one spot. I put that in each week as we did each exercise. There is a track back to it from the main blog. The figures, colored pencil and drawings pages were things I did before I started this blog that are not in the main portion. I thought people might like to just see them. The student page I will be changing from time to time. I don’t mind you asking!

  10. I love this, Leslie! What a fun idea. I can’t wait to explore your students’s work!

    • Thank-you, Kate! They are a great group of people and wonderful artists. Welcome home!

  11. i LOVE this rose! the splatter makes it sing…and i do have a thing for dottiness. i’ve missed haunting your world here; the wealth of soulful color and expression is such a healing experience. hugs…

    • I have missed you, too! I assume your finals have ended? Phew! Thank-you for the visit and the nice comment on this rose. This begged to be splattered. It looked so plain and lonely, without.

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