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Meet my room mate, Lucy. You have met the other two already. They are Tucker found here and Payton found here. You might say I live in the dogs’ house most days.

Lucy found her way here by terrorizing her previous room mate by barking too much and convincing her that she needed more space to run and play and just be a dog. I didn’t know, at the time, that  Jack Russell was like no other breedof dog but an entity unto themselves.  I am sure that Lucy came to live with me because I needed to learn patience. She barked, jumped straight up and down like a spring, hid under the lowest couch or chair, chased the vacuum,  and was, literally, the opposite of my nature. However…..everyone who comes to visit LOVES LUCY!

I chose to paint her in one of her favorite positions.  I taught Lucy the regular sit, stay (maybe I taught her this as it never lasts long), and then added “sit up”. This is her favorite pose while I paint, most evenings. Painting is not something she likes me to do. She will sit like this and sometimes even wave her paws at me while she talks, in various tones, to get my attention. Most nights it gets my attention and I begin to talk to her. Her head tilts one way and then the other as she listens. One night I timed her at 22 minutes of this banter back and forth, never once touching the floor with her forelegs.  She has incredible balance. I love her, now. Through all these years she has made a place for herself with me. 🙂

I painted this on 140 lb Cartiera Magnani coldpress paper. Thank-you, Tracey, for adding this paper to your e-bay shop.  It has quickly become my second favorite paper!


  1. What a great show and what a cool name for a dog with what sounds like tons of personality. You do such a wonderful job of balancing colors and lines and yet keeping everything clean.

    • Thank-you, Ryan! You know I think this paper helps with the clean look in these Cartiera Magnani pieces. I can’t layer with it as the pigment lifts with every brush stroke. Paintings like this are done in one or two layers, only. Less time involved for sure!

  2. I love Lucy too! You’ve captured her strong features and I have the feeling that if I look long enough she will jump off the page!

    • Thanks Carol! You guessed right! You must have met a J. Russell before. See those legs underneath her haunches? Well, when I mow the lawn, she springs off of those three feet up to take glimpses out the bay window and give me what for! It’s like watching those little rubber balls they used to sell at the dimestores. The ones that bounce out of control and over our heads when we were kids. When was that!?!?

  3. A neighbor has multiple Jack Russells, and when they escape, they terrorize the whole block, peeing on everything they can and barking at people and blocking them from entering their homes. It’s really hilarious, then, to watch my neighbor and his friends chase the dogs all over the street. Jack Russells have so much energy and personality, and I think you captured that well.

    • 😯 You have to be kidding! More than one? If I had more than one, I wouldn’t be able to paint, blog, keep up my home and I’d be petrified of what my house might look like when I got home from work! I’ll bet it is funny watching them try to round them all up! Someone ought to catch the carnival on video. Thanks for the comment on Lucy. We are buddies and she does try her hardest to hear me and work at compromise.

  4. Lovely!

  5. I love your Lucy! Both the real one and the painting! She sounds like a wonderful roommate, you will never be bored :D.

    • Thank-you, Alex. I never thought of it quite like that. I can reassure you that I really have not been bored since Lucy moved in. I never thought of it that way. What a special gift Lucy offers in that department. 🙂

  6. what a delightful story Leslie. I have only recently discovered the joy and the learning that dogs bring us. Lucy looks like a sweetheart. I love the painting. I can feel the love in it.

    • Thank-you, Kirsty. I remember, now. You have a beautiful big dog! Lucy is a sweetheart, now, except when I vacuum!

  7. My sister and aunt have Jack Russells too – always jumping about! I prefer my cats. Lol. My little cat does the same thing balancing on her hind paws, and when she’s sitting at the window she looks like a meerkat as she sits there for ages without her front paws touching the sill. She even has the strips to go with it! Great work Leslie, and lovely story.

    • Thanks, Heather. Then you do know that J. Russells are not really just dogs. Lucy is afraid of cats. She went after my daughter’s cat while visiting and the cat said “NO” with that hiss and one swat. Besides, Lucy is only 11 pounds. The cat weighed more! Your cat that acts like a meerkat is special. 🙂

      • Cats can be pretty terrifying for a small dog, even a big one! When I was growing up I had a cat that I picked out as a kitten when I was 4 years old. She was my baby. My next door neighbour had a big dog (who I still have teeth marks in my foot from) who was terrified of my cat. Everytime my cat was sitting in the close (in a tenement block), the dog would lean as close to the wall when walking past, trying to stay as far as possible away from my cat because she would just take a swipe at him. He was much bigger than she was!

        I love the meerkat, look just like my cat on her hind paws!

  8. Awww. I love Lucy. Nice painting and an excellent likeness!

  9. what a wonderful story.
    And a delightful looking dog

    • Thanks, Kokot. She is pretty cool……now. It took us a few years to get it right for both of us.

  10. She does have a curious look on her face, and intent too. I can’t believe she stays in that position for that long !
    I also have a pet that paws me gently, constantly, especially in the morning, to get my attention. No need for alarm clock with my cat around !! Your painting is very delicate and just beautiful !

    • Oh she is curious alright. She’s intent on attention most of the time and very talky. 🙂 I need to find a picture of my cat that lived with me for 15 years. Saying good-bye to her was hard. She used to purr, laying on the bed next to me in the morning and staring at my face. As soon as my eyes opened she was mewing and petting my cheek with one paw. I still miss her. 😦 Sometimes I would keep my eyes closed. Never failed. Thank-you, Isabelle.

  11. You really are so talented! And Lucy is a darling!

  12. What a nice story – but I think you are kidding yourself… No-one teaches Jack-Russells anything. Lucy allowed you to think that for her own ends – heh heh

    This is such a cool painting

    • LOL! You are right, Stephen! Lucy did allow me to think that. How are your two?
      Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  13. The dog looks lovely and cute. Dogs are indeed smart, yours remind me of my friend dog named parky, i think have been with his family for as long i can remember. I think might be the same breed, long body short legs, very intelligent. I really love all the animals you drawn, they really do come to life.

    • Welcome back oh wayfaring friend! I like the name “Parky”. Thanks for the comment!

  14. I see Lucy! at last! and she’s beautiful! I love the character you have captured with your paintbrush – Jack Russells are very lively little dogs, all she needs is a little ruff around her neck and she would look like dog Toby(punch and Judy) very cute!

    • You are right! It has been so long since I saw Punch and Judy! Wasn’tthat in the 50’s? Puppets? Thank-you for your comment, Lynda. You made my day by saying I captured her character.

  15. Lucy looks like such a friendly dog and makes for a nice painting.

    • She is friendly. Thanks Dustus. It is somewhat challenging creating white anything.

  16. Hey Leslie! Oh, I just GUSHED over this painting, and Your other dogs, and what You wrote. I am SO not a dog person. I’m a cat person on every level, by FAR…but I’m renting a room in a dog’s home….and I’m falling in love. Hilarious. THANK YOU for this, and Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

    • Cats are cool room mates, too! They really allow them to live with you. Thanks, Bliss. 🙂

  17. She must have very strong stomach and back muscles – but then they are wiry little things JRs, aren’t they? lovely portrait of her, looking so serious and intense.

    • Thanks, Sarah. You are right. She is as tight as a drum and you can see every muscle as she moves. Lucy is intense alright! 🙂

  18. Ah, how sweet the portrait of this lil gal. You portrayed her wonderfully.

    You know I am a dog person (currently have 4) but I’ve never had the courage to own a Jack Russell. I have a friend who will own nothing but. My friend has her “Lucy” trained well, but it is still a Jack Russell! God love ’em!

    I’m going to be featuring your painting tomorrow, I think, with the story, and a link, my wonderfully creative and gifted friend!

    • Hi Kate. NO! you don’t want to share your pad with a J Russell unless someone talks you into it because the poor soul will end up at the pound and you’ve already seen her. 🙂 I know you are a dog person but I decided that a “Lucy” is really something else having to live in a dog’s body. Oh thank-you for posting something about the painting. I really feel it is ours as it was your reference photo. Thank-you!

  19. came back here to smile
    at your sitting furry friend
    talking at your side


  20. Leslie, Lucy is a beautiful painting. I love that face of hers! 🙂

    I knew a Jack Russell who came to work everyday in my sign shop with her mom, an employee. She chased my German Shepard around the shop all day. She (Bodhi) ended up living with a buffalo rancher, as her owner didn’t have all the time to spend with her that she needed. Bodhi became the best little buffalo herder! She wasn’t afraid of anything!

    If Bodhi was left alone too long, she would pull the curtains down, strip the beds, and tear up anything she could find. They are definitely their own special kind of critter. 🙂

    • LOL. You know this sounds about right except Lucy is afraid of cats and Tucker (one of the maltese). I really like the name Bodhi. My furnace man said one of his friends had a J Russell that scootched under the couch and chewed a hole through the bottom to get up inside. I guess they were trained to go after gophers and such in their burrows. Lucy likes getting under blankets and pillows to snooze. Thanks for the comment, Beth. You mention her face. I think her lines around her eyes make her look as if she’s wearing mascara. 🙂 That is soooooo not me!

  21. hehehe Me neither. 🙂

  22. And ‘we’ love Leslie’s paintings.

  23. What a delightful read! This painting looks so sharp and fresh to me. I am amazed at Lucy’s patience.

    • Hi Raji! Thank-you so much. I give credit to this paper for sharpness. Lucy is patient and persistent most days, now. Thank-you for the comment on the read. I so seldom know what to share so that means a lot.

  24. i love this one! It reminded me of my first doggie, she looked very much alike. I’ll get and send you a pic later so that you see… great job!!

  25. is so sweet little Lucy! 🙂
    Beautiful painting again,my friend!
    I like a lot the way you paint and how you see things,world…
    Through painting you show me a beautiful world and i like it a lot! 🙂

    Have fun!!! 😉

    • Thank-you, Alina, from Lucy and me! I do believe you are the one sharing the beautiful world with all of us. I appreciate the music I haven’t heard and the visions I have not seen until I visit your blog. 🙂

  26. It’s really kind of you,my dear friend 🙂
    I’m glad that you like my blog!

    Take care!!! 🙂

  27. Great painting I envy your talent…:) Thanks for sharing you have a wonderful body of art. Really talented.

  28. Love Lucy as you’ve portrayed her both in paint and verbally.
    I was first introduced to this breed by a neighbor who had two of them and referred to them as her
    ” Jack Russell Terrorists “.
    Made me laugh, it did.

    • Hi Bonnie! Thank-you for the comment. I have peeked into your site from time to time admiring your paintings. I’m secretly watching the horse one develop. You have quite the room mates, also. Didn’t the little white one need a home, was a stray or something? Yes….your neighbor referred to them correctly. 🙂 Why didn’t I think of that?!

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