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I was thinking, recently, of some of the wonderful things I have seen or read on some of the blogs that I visit. These are truly posts that I have remembered and are food for thought or inspirations for me to continue to learn and create and enjoy sharing what I do. Don’t think for one minute that I come to your blog to aimlessly spend time. I visit with an interest in what you are doing or sharing that enriches my life and knowledge or gives me pause to stop and chuckle a little. So here goes:

I have remembered a beautiful painting of architecture here. I was intrigued with the rendering of light here. I was impressed by a creative rendition of tree trunks in a sister’s yard here. I enjoyed a trip with Joshua here. I learned more about composition here. I am witnessing the journey of a student artist here and learning to look at art through a more abstract vision.  I am meeting new artist bloggers here and here and here. I have read a poem that touched me here and creative writing that moved me here. I found stunning realism here and carefree abstract painting here. I’ve learned about a storytelling visit here. I’ve viewed an incredible still life here and landscape here both rendered in oil which frightens me to no end. Good work guys and thank-you. I have seen the face of a zebra up close here. I found a collage that I looked at forever here and a post about a woman artist I had never heard of before here. I saw a basket of helping hands here and a jump for joy here. I witnessed a visit from Jonathan Livingston Seagull here and learned that things aren’t always what they seem here. I enjoyed an interview and demo with an artist here. I am learning about yoga for special needs children here.  Oh, oh, I almost forgot! The singing chef!

Thank-you, all of you, for your contribution to this world of blogging. Don’t think that I don’t learn from all of you and appreciate what I am seeing.  Thank-you for visiting me and assisting me with your encouragement, laughter and special visions.

To the above I offer this award titled “The Sunshine Award”. Feel free to post it on your site and pass it on to other bloggers who you have found helpful in your journey. I was supposed to limit my list to twelve and I can’t do that. Thank-you Yousei for sending this my way.

  The sunshine award


  1. Wow you have been very busy Leslie! I’m having a look at the sites you mention – great stuff, lots of creativity about. Thanks for the mention too – I’ll be back!

    • You are welcome, echostains and thank-you for the introduction to Alice Neel!

  2. How sweet, Leslie! Thank you for including me in your blog posts remembered. You are such an inspiration to us all! Blessings, always. And I will let you know the very moment I either pick up your package, or get it delivered to me. The weather is not cooperating at the moment!

    • Thanks, Kate! I have revisited Jonathon Livingston Seagull several times. I love your photos and especially the story behind that one.

  3. Leslie, what an inspiration you are! Thank you for including me in your excursions, and for opening the doors for me to see into other blogs. I’m receiving plenty of impetus to work on my art, thanks to you and other kindred spirits.

    • Well thank-you for bringing in fresh and beutiful watercolors for me to view and interesting posts about how you create them and stories of where you have found these sites.

  4. It’s a sunny day for all! 😀 Thank you, Leslie.

    • I was creating this post when you notified me of the sunshine on your blog. Is that coincidental or what? I love your writing about the lady washing dishes.

  5. Ooo thank you so much Leslie! My first blog award thingy, yay! It’s been on my mind to officially thank my fellow bloggers by linking to them in a post but haven’t got round to it as I’ve been so busy, but I will. I haven’t forgot about you, even though my commenting has been thin on the ground this past week or two. I massively appreciate your input into my blog and your creative output here, and long may it continue! x

    • Now you can use this award to honor them in the joy they bring you through their posts. I totally understand that you are pressured for time. I would never be able to produce on the schedule that is required of you right now! Happy painting!

  6. Thank you Leslie! I am so glad you posted this. Your help and support has given me encouragement as I begin my blogging career and I am also grateful.

    • You are welcome, Linda. Look what your new vision has offered to me. Thank-you for reminding me about color and its’ relationship to what is going on around us.

  7. I’m without words in this moment, my friend! The nude painting is just magnificent. I love to admire this kind of painting. When I was in High School I remember that the teacher told me to describe something that I like a lot when we talk about paintings. I described nude paintings and she was very touched about my work. I still admire this paintings 😉
    Thank you for share it with us 🙂
    And thank you for the great award too. I’m honored to receive it 🙂
    Congratulations all!

    Have a beautiful week-end, my friend! 🙂

    • Thank-you Alina for your comment on my thinker above. You are welcome for the award. I know you have bloggers you can pass it on to, also. Maybe we will be able to cover much of blogland this way! 🙂 Thank-you for introducing Jonas Gerard to me.

      • I’m glad that you like how he paints too,Leslie 😉
        Thank you too! 🙂

        Enjoy the moment,my friend!

  8. Leslie, thanks for the link. You have a very nicely designed blog and art display here!

    • I owe you a huge thank-you back for that, Bill. I have admired your wit and writing talents. You make me laugh about life and then post these landscapes in oil that I truly admire.

  9. OMG! I got an award! I never got an award before… What do I do now? What do I? OMG! 😀 LOL! 😀

    Thank you for the link, Leslie! You are a hub of inspiration for me and many others. I met so many wonderful artists with your introductions. What luck it was to have met you!

    • You are welcome, Alex ….and thank-you for your beautiful drawing of “Geb”. You may click this award and move it to your site and pass it on to other bloggers who have brought joy and learning to you. 🙂

  10. lol. the singing chef.
    it is the same award.
    Well, thankyou very much

    • You singing in the kitchen series totally entertained me and brought a smile to my face, Kokot. Loved your drawing you posted today. It is my favorite of yours!

  11. What a lovely way to discover new blogs. Thank you so much Leslie for creating this beautiful post. I am slowly working my way through them and enjoying it immensely!

    • Thank-you Kirsty. I had done this once before and will continue to do this every so often. Thank-you for your wonderful photography!

  12. Wow, Leslie! This must have taken you forever to compose! You are such a generous and thoughtful person to have taken the time to do this! I always get so much from you. Thank you!

    • Hi Beth. Much of what you all create sinks in like a sponge. I actually remembered all these posts so that made the composing go quicker. Thank-you again for sharing your painting of the basket and joined hands.

  13. By the way, I really love the painting, too!! Great colors!

    • Thank-you for noticing that! I had held this painting back as there are just some paintings that I like some of it and not other parts. I don’t like the pasted on look of the hard edges but I liked how the light hit him.

  14. PS I meant to add that I really like the new painting too! Love the expression and the cool tones!

    • Thank-you Echostains! Funny you should mention his expression. I did crop his head and hand for a handout for my watercolor portrait class so they see that a little attention to facial features goes a long way and that one doesn’t have to describe every tiny detail.

  15. Well thanks Leslie – you are a real connector – your tireless yet understated optimism and positive feedback is just so encouraging – you are a star

    • Thank-you, Stephen. You made my day. I guess I look at the pictures that people paint and draw as communication. Like you, for example. I get to see your view of South Africa, to the best of your ability, in watercolor. I like that about art. I also get to learn how you explore your medium and carry on a dialogue with someone working in a similar venue as me. You are a star too!

  16. Thank you Leslie I think I’m starting to get the hang of blogs. Now I need to start a blog roll. Love your work

    • YAY! Your wonderful watercolors will now be found by others! Thank-you for your comment, Richard. 🙂

  17. I love the painting, and your blog! That is why I am giving you another award. Here you go!


    • Thank-you so much Tacy. I enjoy your blog, too! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  18. Thank you Leslie, just like Alex i too have not get any award before. Wow..i just like to say thank you for all the inspiration and encouragement, you are really a wonderful person and also would like to thank all my friends who have come to visit my blog, your comment really means a lot to me. Should i continue? This is overwhelming it’s like the Oscar for me. Thanks again Leslie.

    • You are welcome, Francis. Your work is so good and I wish I could render landscapes like you. Your paintings are filled a sense of place and I like that! I owe you the thank-you for all you keep sharing with me.

  19. Hey Leslie, I like your watercolor of the thinking man. I recognize him. He had devil horns the last time I saw him. Love how you rendered the shadows of his ribcage (he’s thin!) and the shadow of his arm.

    Thank you so much for the award. I am so proud you thought of me.

    • Yes. This is Tom! At least I have a little likeness carried over in each one.He is very skinny, long torsoed and legs shorter. It took quite some time to get him right. You’re welcome for the award and thank-you for sharing those tree trunks. That was hard to pull off.

  20. Wonderful painting! A thinking man… my wife has told me all these years, that there were no such thing!
    And I’m honored to be recognized by a wonderful person and artist as yourself. Thank you so much!

    • Thanks Ryan! LOL You can tell your wife that you found one after all these years!
      Thank-you for the wonderful composition of stripes in that zebra you painted!

  21. i love this… well i love nudes… as you know… but the colors are amazing and the background colors just make it pop!!!

    • Thanks, Tristan. I was upset with all the granulation in the paint, at first. This one had to grow on me over time. So, I appreciate your comment.

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