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This is another pose of the Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Danny. The other can be found here. I rested heavily on my drawing as I painted this because I liked the line of it. Just as a side note:  See that patch of blue sky that looks like it has whispy white clouds in it?  I try to do that with skies in my landscape paintings and haven’t been able to get that look since. I think that’s why I love this medium so much. I get this feeling I can never know it all and I like that.


  1. Oh, so cool! I love your colors (I probably sound like a broken record here, but I do love your colors.) And I love the close crop composition. Close crop is such a powerful thing: cuts BS and zeroes in on important stuff, while engages the edges and solves that aspect at the same time.

    Beautifully done, Leslie!

    • Thank-you Alex. I try to achieve bright color by mixing my colors together on the paper rather than in my palette. Sometimes that doesn’t work and for small areas I do mix grays, blacks and browns. When I use the palette mixed color, I always drop another pure color into it on the paper while it is still wet so it doesn’t dry with a flat appearance. Thanks about the close-crop compliment. When I work on a portrait of a pet for someone I try to emphasize that pet and develop some area of the pet to act as a focal point.I hope the eyes are that in this piece and his paw nudges the viewer back to them and the ears frame them.

  2. Hi Leslie. Danny looks soooo peaceful and content that I’m envious of him.
    Also enjoyed your post about your Charlie Brown tree–good of you to help it keep living. Peace.

    • Thank-you Eva. I think Danny’s found a spot to be out of the way of all the hub-bub. 🙂 Thank-you also for saying something about the little tree!

  3. The dog looks very relaxed, nice composition with the straight line (i must try that in my painting), the dog chin edged over line really gives it a depth impression and really nice work on the dog hair.

    • Thank-you, Francis. Good eye on the overlapping chin causing an impression of depth. The other thing I tried to watch out for is making sure I don’t divide the space in half with a line. In this piece that was easy because the floor line was low, but in a landscape I always make sure I don’t divide my page in half.

  4. I can understand how that would be one of the joys and frustrations with watercolor. One could spend years mastering the medium and still not get what you planned on. Lovely work. Hope you had a wonderful holiday.

    • Thank-you Yousei. That is exactly why I like watercolor; the idea I will be happily occupied for years to come! 🙂

      • I feel the same way about haiku. And about watercolor, though I find it much more intimidating. Perhaps, if I get a few dishes washed and floors swept, I’ll treat myself to some art practice. 🙂

      • Thank-you for saying that. I recently became very interested in Haiku…maybe that is why!

  5. You are so prolific!

    Another wonderful animal portrait. I was reading what you wrote to Alex and I must try dropping in some pure color while the color is still wet on the paper.

    You’ve gotten that color that I absolutely love in the floor where the dog is resting. What colors do you use to get that green/brown color. I just love that.

    • Thanks, Carol. I first layed in a medium wash of quinachridone gold with a flat brush. That wash was very wet, so it would stay such. I then dropped in cerulean blue with a round brush in selective areas, which gave that green cast. While the area was still wet, I went across the top with a round brush loaded with a medium wash of diox violet and tilted my board so the pigment would flow downward. The last thing I did was to carefully drop in some burnt umber. Both the burnt umber and the cerulean blue caused some granulation that added a little texture in areas. I was lucky it didn’t turn to mud. If I had overworked these areas, that is exactly what I would have had.

  6. wonderful colour handling and attitude in this painting Leslie.
    wishing you all the best r.

  7. that looks like a very ambitious angle to draw a dog from.
    But once again you pulled it off

  8. What an excellent piece – I think this one is really very good indeed. I love the way you’ve handled the paint and I like his slight belligerence – I’m not a great lover of too much cuteness with animals (just my personal taste) – so I like seeing something a little different.

    • Hi Sarah! Thank-you for the comment about Danny’s bit of emotion showing through. I hope you have finally shed the grip of that nasty flu bug!

  9. My daughter has a King Cavalier, and it looks just like it!!! It is so well done! I must say, you draw very well.

    • Thank-you, Isabelle. I was sent very good reference photos for this project and that makes it easier for me to create a composition from and choices for my line-drawing.

  10. I like dogs even i was bite of one when i was little :))
    You surprise me with all this beautiful paintings!

    Take care! 🙂

    • Thank-you, Alina. Thank-you for liking them enough to continue to visit me!

  11. I love this, Leslie! His coat is one of my favorite colors in watercolor. (I love anything quinachridone.) It can be so rich and saturated. I love the shiny floor, too! 🙂

    • Thanks, Beth. I can always count on Qinachridone to help me out. I think because it is so strong and I can make so many shades with them.

  12. Great lines – as always. Everyone’s right, the colours are superb as is the dog’s reflection on the floor – I know what you mean about the blue sky – it’s so simple, yet so haphazard…we who paint with watercolours live nailbitingly on the edge!

    I so enjoy reading all your detailed responses to the questions asked in comments – and I agree with Sarah, he’s a real dog, dog.

    • Your comments always help me pick up on something new. I like that living “nailbitingly on the edge”. I think that is what keeps me intrigued by it.
      Thank-you for saying you like my detailed replies because I hope I can help others as they have helped me pick up on things.

  13. What a cutie, this is gorgeous.

    • Thank-you Paintedbrush. He was the family pet of a friend of my sister.

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