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Monthly Archives: November 2009


I used to think the “Pot of Gold” was found at journey’s end. As I age I learn it is everywhere. Today I went on a search for a pot of gold and this is what I found.

It is in a sunrise. It is in the leather of a pair of old boots. I found it in the light from a window and the toes of a tree frog. It was in a bush at the side of a church. I found it in durians in Malaysia and a dining room in the UK .  It was in Spout Cave in Africa. It was in a “Swallows Wing” and “Between Scylla and Charybdis 4”. It was in a little yellow bird and a highlight on a tomato. I found it in “Core Values” and the coat of a beloved pet. It was in a sunflower and in a journey. It was in a Haiku and the robe of an old friend. It was in the paintings of Remedios Varo. I found gold in “Araku Valley” and “Las Penas de Haya” . I found it in bricks. It was in a lily and a Ganesh. It was in the eyes of wildlife and in the setting sun of Big Sur.


In creative drawing this week we created drawings of a dream or memory by creating a collage of pictures to use as a photo reference. You can follow how I created this under the Illustrating a Dream or Memory on my Creative Drawing page here.