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 Royal Tern


This week,  in creative drawing, we masked off areas of our paper with torn and cut pieces of painters tape. We then drew into these with graphite. For an explanation of supplies and how we did this check week six on the creative drawing page.


  1. its a very clever effect.
    The bird shrine.
    Would make a nice pie.

    • I know. Am I ever going to tire of the birds, lately? They are not for cooking here. Sorry chef. But thanks for commenting. I liked your video today.

  2. Nice technique, really can learn a lot from your blog. Wish i had an art teacher like you before.

    • Thanks, Francis. I was lucky enough to attend a few drawing classes offered by a local art center during the 80’s. We had a teacher, there, who taught each of her students as accomplished artists from the very beginning. She would introduce the exercise and then teach us to see better and to express ourselves while we were absorbed in the exercise. In that way, she lessened our criticism of ourselves and allowed us to grow. I have never forgotten her ability to see and try new things and rejoice in the different ways we expressed ourselves.

  3. Very effective – the top one gets my vote. But you ARE teaching us – here, on your blog. I’ve learned so much since ‘meeting’ you Leslie. (PS I got that mrgreen wrong though, need to leave a space if doing more than one):mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    • You didn’t get :mrgreen: wrong. I fixed him in my editing option. lol Thanks to you, I’m learning some more about my computer. I love it that you like the top one. I am green with this technique as it is the first time I’ve tried it.It was either you or Carol that asked me to share how I do some of these things and I think it’s a good idea. I learn from all of you so I can help my self and my students. I just want to give back.

  4. Love this new concept on using tape resist. There is truly no end to creative possibilities if you explore it.Thanks Leslie for showing us how!

    • That is what is cool about this. You can lay it down and use it like a template for the rest of your drawing and it gives an interesting abstract-like image to begin with. Have you checked this artist in my blogroll section under drawing, Raji?
      He is experimenting with Scotch magic tape, does his drawing and then applies the tape, lifts it and puts it back down. It creates a neat image. It is not a resist technique but one that he likens to “sampling”. I want to try it eventually. I love the results. Scroll down till you get to his images that say graphite and tape on paper.
      Thank-you for the comment.

  5. Here’s a spontaneous reaction of – wow I really like these! They have such impact.

    • Hi Sonya. Thank-you. Will have to see how far I can take one of these someday in graphite. I think there is worlds more that can be done with them. I don’t know what age student you work with but my grand daughter (3 yrs) is loving doing tape resist and watercolor and then splattering. She likes drawing with a pencil so I thought maybe she’d like to do this. She loves tearing the tape and peeling it up afterwards. Check out the blog site I linked in the reply above. He is doing an experimental drawing technique that is really cool.

      • Hi Leslie
        It’s funny you should say that but when I saw these before I thought it ‘d be a good idea to try at school. I teach 200 children a week between the ages of 8 & 11 in classes of around 28(2 hour sessions). When they work well it’s amazing what they are able to produce. Of course at times it can be stressful painting with that many & the numbers aren’t ideal. The important thing is to try to be enthusiastic & positive towards them (& also retain sanity!)
        Will try to have a look at the above mentioned blog when I have more time!

      • I just meant, for me, I’d like to take one of these furthur. It’s a great idea for students! They will have a good time with this. It also makes a great lead up skill for studying collage as well as values. Thanks for continuing our discussion about this technique. I hope others try it also.

  6. Terrific Leslie. You kinda need to think about the “negative space” to be able to place the tape and then work around it.

    Interesting technique.

    • You are right….and shape and how to use the space and on and on. Thanks Carol!

  7. These are really striking. You seem to be getting into birds – I hope it continues!

    • Thanks Sarah. I don’t know what the bird-thing is with me lately.


  9. that’s an interesting technique. I like the look of the lines around the back of the heron.

    • Thanks, Otto. That picture was rendered exclusively with the shapes the tape created.

  10. These are fun!

    • Thanks Jay. It’s what got me thinking about collage and different ideas for them. Plus the grand daughter loves doing this because she gets to put tape down and then pull it off again.Oh to be young!

  11. Love this! I’ve never thought of just using graphite with masking tape – I tend to use everything else! Lol. Brilliant idea.

    • I think these drawings could be much furthur developed. It offers endless possibilities. Thanks for liking this and taking the time to comment.

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