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This week in Watercolor Plus class we started our paintings with tape resist. We taped a design or picture onto our watercolor paper using painter’s tape and washed some washes over it to begin our painting. I tore strips of painter’s tape to create the starburst pattern that you see in this abstract. I also splattered liquid frisket to act as a resist . After removing the tape I worked the trees at the bottom into the painting with shades of red, green, and sepia watercolor with texture medium. To enhance the effect of the starburst I worked iridescent medium into the yellows and golds.  After everything dried, I splattered with green, sepia and red.

Amber at Aswirly has also used painter’s tape as a resist here.


  1. You’ve created a lot of depth with these techniques and so much energy. I like the explosive effect very much.

    But if only more people would start taking global warming and climate change more seriously.

    • Thank-you, Sarah. I don’t know if we’ve really caused global warming or not. I think the point is to be aware of it and try not to make it worse. So I agree with you!

  2. How breathtaking!
    How stunning your painting is!

    With my best regards,
    Hidenori Hiruta

    • Thank-you Hidenori Hiruta. I felt I had to make this look hot and full of energy.

  3. Another technique! I am learning a lot from your blog. To me, it looks like a dandelion “puff” …err, I dunno what is the exact word to use.

    • Thank-you, Raji. That really makes me feel good that you think it looks like a dandelion clock which is what I had envisioned, at first. Then I thought it looked too sharp-edged and completely changed my approach.

  4. i really like this one. perhaps because it concentrates on a feeling rather than a study of something

    • Thank-you, Kokot. Everytime I’ve tried an abstract it has seemed a little less than whole, to me.This one is growing on me and I am wanting to do some more. Therefore, I really appreciate your comment.

  5. This is stunning Leslie, just beautiful. We also use masking tape a lot, although often I am painting over it. We also use masking fluid which is more precise I think, but boy does it stink! What is liquid frisket? I’ve never heard of it.

    • Thank-you, Heather. I truly believe that my looking at your work actually helped me to explore outside the box of realism. Now, if I can do something like this again, I’ll be a happy camper. liquid frisket is masking fluid. I use Pebeo drawing gum because I like it better than anything I’ve tried. When you splatter with it, it is anything but exacting.

      • Aww that’s so sweet Leslie, and a huge compliment, even if I don’t feel worthy. Well I think it’s great that your working outside of the box, as this is an amazing piece. I’m trying to soak up as much as I can to apply them to my college work.

      • Also, much delayed, sorry, I added you to blogroll. Your style is so bold and different that it gives another dimension to consider while creating.

      • Wow, thank you Leslie! I added you to my blogroll ages ago. 😀

  6. Hi Leslie, love this! reminds me of a dandelion. The colors are so vibrant and I’m glad you described the technique with the painter’s tape. I’m going to try that.

    I can’t believe it.. I’m gone a short time and look how busy you’ve been!!!!

    • Thank-you, Carol. You are the second person who says it looks like a dandelion. That is initially the direction I was going to take and decided it didn’t, but it’s cool that an abstract can bring out many different ideas about the same piece. YAY! Glad you are back!

  7. Me too – it’s too quiet when Carol’s not around :mrgreen:

    In the UK, every 5th November, we celebrate the Guy Fawkes 1605 gunpowder plot to blow up Parliament, by setting off fireworks – and this reminds me of a hot, bright, sparkly firework exploding…all that energy and sparkle. And another technique and product for me to try out – love the splodgy bits.

    • Thank-you, June. I can see fireworks! Uhm, you all celebrate someone who was going to blow up a political building? Was Parliament corrupt at the time?I’m going to have to look this up. Thanks for history short. I love them, too.

      • Heh! Isn’t Parliament always mostly corrupt?

      • I don’t know but I pulled up Wikipedia on Guy Fawkes so I could learn more about him later tonight!

  8. Wow … how vibrant … stunning. This really draws the viewer in. At first I thought it looked like a flower but then more like candy or a marble. The splatter gives it a look as if it is untouched by human hands. What a comforting image.

    • Jay, thank-you. I really like the candy idea. …and I like the idea of this being comforting….

  9. Leslie your blog is so informative to us that are, just kidding, started in watercolors, and so creative. I too thought of the dandelion at first glance. love the colors and the energy the painting gives off.

    • Thank-you Ryan. I hope I can keep exploring this abstract idea.

  10. Love the bright orange and the bursting of energy, it’s like a star is going supernova.

  11. I never thought I would say this but: I love global warming! :p

  12. Leslie, I’ve come back to this many times, as I’ve explored your path to the pot of Gold, and it just speaks to me on so many levels. It is rich, interesting, and developed — just like you!!

    Thank you for all your support with my photographic efforts. You are a gem.

    • Thank you so much, Kate. I like this one ,too. It sort of just demanded certain things and I just went with the flow. I guess what makes some art special over others is the idea that I don’t know how I did it or if it would look the same if I tried it again. This one would not. Your photography is wonderful. I guess that is what it is like with photography, as well; discovery.

  13. Such a fascinating technique. I had no idea painter’s tape was a thing to do, a resist! It works so well. This looks absolutely awesome. A very powerful image. Btw, what is liquid frisket?

    • Thank-you, Amber. I have also used this to resist graphite here:
      I need to re-visit this when I teach creative drawing in the spring. They can really become quite involved.
      Liquid frisket or masking fluid, as it is also called, is a liquid that dries into a rubbery substance. You use it to save areas in your paintings or drawings. It is used with other mediums also. I use it on tiny areas I don’t think I can save or I splatter with it for special effects. You can also apply it over dried washes to save shapes. There is also something called frisket paper to save larger areas in a painting. I use Pebeo Drawing Gum. It is a little more fluid and I find it easier to work with.

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